The use of Antistax

Approximately 40% of Russia's population suffer fromVaricose veins. In developed countries, statistics is as follows: 89% of women and 66% of men show signs of problems with the veins of the lower extremities. Treatment of these diseases should be carried out in a timely and comprehensive manner. One of the tools that can improve the condition of the feet is phytopreparation Antistax.

On the creation of Antistax

Antistax, varicose veins, blood circulation, leg

It turns out that the planters are much less likely to complaindoctors to symptoms suggestive of venous disease. This phenomenon once interested in the French doctors. It turned out that the farmers of the Mediterranean regions regularly use vine leaves for the preparation of tinctures and poultices. These home remedies rather help them to care for their feet, who are tired after long hours of repetitive work. Then pharmacologists have made the analysis of leaves of red grapes. They found a whole range of elements, abounding antioxidants. Complex gave the name Flavio. He became, after clinical trials as a basis for creating a Antistax, improves venous circulation, The state of the veins, relieve swelling and fatigue. The production process is unique. Deal with them in Italy. A special technique, explaining when and what kind of leaves should be collected, how the processed (washed, dried). Then they can get the maximum number of Flavio. Interesting fact: two capsules medicine is as much Flavio, how much of it is present in three bottles of wine (red). In using these capsules can help your overworked feet. Moreover, no morning hangover will not occur!

On the composition and the form of

Antistax, varicose veins, blood circulation, leg

Phlebology recommend the use of Antistax in the following cases:

  • as a prophylactic to preventswelling occurring in the lower limbs, to relieve the feeling of heaviness, tiredness, pain, sensitivity disorders withdrawal, giving itself felt as a paresthesia (numbness, tingling);
  • for the symptomatic treatment of chronic venous insufficiency (its initial stages);
  • before operations on the veins;
  • for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency after operations carried out;
  • when flebopaticheskom syndrome (when there is no evidence of impaired functioning of the venous system, but clearly observed symptoms indicating venous stasis).

How to use the Antistax?

Antistax, varicose veins, blood circulation, leg

, Do not use inside capsules is entirely of theirchew. Dosage: In the morning, before eating 2 capsules. If the doctor deems it necessary, instead of receiving one day appoint two. The treatment lasts three months. Then, your doctor may prescribe a second course. If you diligently taking the capsules for six weeks, but the improvements do not notice, inform your doctor. You may need more tests to find and identify the true causes of edema. suffering diabetes Also keep in mind that in one capsuleAntistax present 7.5 mg glucose. For prophylactic purposes Antistax capsules drink 2 units once a day (morning) for 30 days. Such preventive courses per year, it is desirable to have two.

To enhance the therapeutic effect in parallel withcapsules, it is recommended to apply externally gel. It should be applied twice a day to clean skin with massage movements, starting from the ankles to the hips. It is best to carry out such rubbing in the mornings and evenings.

During the day, as an adjunct cosmeticIt means you can use the Antistax spray. First, a few times, shake the can, spray spend vertically, keeping the vial at a distance of ten centimeters from his feet. After applying gently rub it from the ankles to the hips. After applying the gel or spray, be sure to wash your hands to avoid contact with the eyes of these funds, mucous membranes. All forms of release of a long shelf life - three years. Special conditions for storage are required. The main thing that the place was inaccessible to small children. The gel is preferably stored in a refrigerator.

Adverse events and contraindications

Antistax, varicose veins, blood circulation, leg

Side-effects in the treatment of Antistax extremely rare (0.5-1% of cases). And yet, our site will alert readers about them.

  1. The emergence of allergic reactions, such as small itchy rash, hives (Large blisters, also accompanied by itching). In such cases, discontinue treatment immediately. It happens that these phenomena have to shoot pesky taking anti-allergic agents.
  2. When used inside the capsules sometimes patients complain of discomfort in the stomach, nausea.

It is not recommended to use in children's Antistax(before age eighteen years), you are hypersensitive to the components that are contained in the composition. From the use of capsules inside should refrain women during pregnancy (or breast-feeding a baby) as well as studies showing the effect of the drug on the development of the fetus, whether it is a child, were not carried out their mother's milk is transferred.

Antistax as a spray or gel should not be used if the places of their application has open sores.

Course application helps Antistax capsulesnormalize blood circulation in the legs, swelling and relieves pain. Convenient, compact spray can be taken with you to work, to travel, especially in the summer, it will have a cooling, soothing effect on the tire the legs. Return legs lightness, comfort, relieve pain quickly is able to comfort, cooling gel.

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