How to improve circulation

Poor circulation in the human bodyfraught with the emergence of many serious diseases. The first to suffer the brain, then the cardiovascular system and gradually issue covers all human organs. So to protect yourself, you need to know how to improve circulation.

Causes of circulatory disorders

hemoglobin, blood flow, blood vessels, thrombus

The blood circulation in the human body canbroken as a result of a malfunction of any body, as blood flows into every cell of our body. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to determine exactly what the impetus of the disease. But you can still highlight some of the most common causes:

  • bad habits;
  • diabetes;
  • advanced age (after 70 years of problems with the arteries found in one of the three persons);
  • high blood pressure;
  • high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine;
  • overweight (30% above normal);
  • atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease - Causes circulatory disorders in the brain;
  • thrombosis, arterial stenosis, phlebeurysm - Causes circulatory disorders of the lower extremities.

Symptoms of circulatory disorders

hemoglobin, blood flow, blood vessels, thrombus

For every person who has a breachcirculation is needed in the treatment of an individual approach. Yet doctors distinguish some of the recommendations that will be useful to all people, not only with explicit issue, but also for the prevention of disease:

  1. Exercise daily. Without them it is impossible to establish the normal circulation. If you can not do in the gym, then there is always a way out - a regular walking. If you pay only a half hour walk a day, you can forget about this problem. Also good swimming improves circulation, it also strengthens the entire human body. At the pool, it is desirable to go twice a week to swim at least 45 minutes. Do not forget about the charge that it is desirable to do every day after sleep.
  2. Healthy lifestyle. Excessive intake of alcohol, smoking and over-eating have a negative impact on the state of the cardiovascular system. Doctors recommend eating only healthy foods and in any case not to overeat. It is desirable to eliminate fatty write, pastries, canned food, strong tea and coffee. Give preference to the dishes of meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Cold and hot shower. The procedure is best to start with hot water, then steam the skin well, you need to rub her washcloth, and then turn on the cool water. It is not necessary the first time the reception contrast shower abruptly switched the water from hot to cold, the body has to get used to. Douches can be replaced by water treatments in the bath and sauna.
  4. Deep sleep. I need to sleep at least six hours, but in this case, you can help in your circulatory system. In addition it will thank you and your hair, skin, muscles and internal organs, which as a complex mechanism related to each other.

Exercises for circulation

hemoglobin, blood flow, blood vessels, thrombus

One of the simplest and most affordable way, forcing the blood run through his veins faster still exercise. They can be performed even without leaving your workplace.

  1. Starting position: sitting on a chair:
    • slowly lift one leg and rotate the foot, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Lower the leg and repeat on the other;
    • tighten both legs as if you want to wipe the floor in the two holes, and the legs themselves spontaneously rise up on your toes;
    • further squeeze the toes, as if you want to pick up a pencil from the floor with your fingers;
    • lift your feet to legs in a horizontal position relative to the floor, shake them up and down.
  2. Exercises for those who spends most of the day standing on his feet:
    • climb the stage on tiptoes, repeat the exercise 20 times for each foot;
    • bringing together the heel and toes is thus stretched inner and outer edge of the foot;
    • stand up straight, arms along the body, stretch the crown to the ceiling, and feel like you have straightened the seventh vertebra. Look at her hands, if they turn red, it means that the exercise was successful.
  3. Exercises that make lying:
    • lift both legs at a right angle and gently pull the socks themselves, until you feel the pain in the calves;
    • two straight legs in the air, write your name;
    • do the exercise "scissors" and "bicycle", "birch".

    All the exercises to be performed very slowly, if you doubt their abilities, then ask someone to insure. After charging, it is desirable to take a contrast shower.

Treatment of circulatory problems

hemoglobin, blood flow, blood vessels, thrombus

After the diagnosis, the doctor will determine the extent of the disease and prescribe medication. Most often it is:

  • Aescusan, which is prescribed for violation of venous circulation;
  • Venza - a complex homeopathic remedy;
  • Ascorutin - vitamins;
  • drugs that slow down blood clotting and dilates blood vessels.

You can make tea, which improve performancecirculatory system. In principle, for this purpose any suitable natural green tea, but if prepare herbal drink, the effect is much greater. So, for the preparation of healing tea you need to take 20 grams of leaves and flowers of hawthorn, raspberry leaf, rosemary, above-ground part of Leonurus, flowers, marigold, rose hips and orange peel. Brew with boiling water, to insist 10 minutes and you can drink three times a day between meals. In the tea add sugar is not necessary. Due to the fact that the drink contains rosemary, it can not be used for pregnant women.

Despite the fact that the coffee is not recommended for cliniciansproblems of the circulatory system, but dark chocolate with high content of cocoa prescribed. It affects the production of hormones responsible for a good mood and stress. Try to eat more correctly and fully, because of what one eats depends on how he feels.

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