nausea Causes

About the feelings associated with the word, he knowsalmost everyone. And despite this, few people can call it a sense of enjoyable. However, nausea is a symptom of a number of pathological conditions and require timely relief. Let's talk about the main reasons that provoke nausea development, and reliable way to temporarily alleviate the condition.

About the feelings associated with the word, he knowsalmost everyone. And despite their subjectivity, few people can call it a sense of enjoyable. However, nausea is a symptom of a number of pathological conditions and require timely relief.

Our site will tell not only about the main reasons that provoke the development of nausea, but also prompt reliable ways to temporarily alleviate the condition.

What are the symptoms nausea

The trigger in the formation reaction of such an organism to a stimulus, not only are the abdominal organs and the brain. And it was he who launches special feeling:

  • throat feeling of "lump";
  • tightness in the chest;
  • surges "of the heat in the cold";
  • urge to vomit;
  • numbness;
  • dizziness.

nausea Causes

nausea Causes
I think that everyone is capable of, do not hesitate to call at least three states in which the nausea as a symptom is of great importance. Systematizing knowledge for better visibility.

  1. In the first place, of course, poisoningdifferent nature. And not only foodborne diseases, poisoning and toxic fumes, drugs, heavy metal ions, and so on. D. Nausea in all these cases, it will be far from the most important symptom, but there almost every disease
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - gastritis (Not necessarily ulcerative), peptic ulcer diseasestomach and duodenum. It also includes liver disease, gall bladder, pancreas and intestines. Again - nausea is not acting as a leading symptom, but often - as collateral.
  3. Neurological disorders. This group of dangerous diseases in the first stage of development is accompanied by nausea central origin because of the direct involvement of the brain. This can include both migraine headaches of unknown origin, and various closed trauma of the cranium and brain. A separate group are infectious diseases (meningitis and encephalitis).
  4. Pregnancy. That's where the encounter all sorts of myths about the perversion of taste preferences and morning sickness. Meanwhile, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are symptoms toxicosis and preeclampsia - Dangerous and difficult to treat diseases directly related to gestation.
  5. "Intolerance of public transport," asIt called the people nausea and vomiting developing while traveling in a minibus or bus, trolley or subway. This condition has several causes both the central (from brain) origin and from imperfect operation of the digestive tract.

Means, relieves nausea

nausea Causes
To judge about the true causes of disturbing humannausea to be a doctor. First - district physician or pediatrician, and then later more specialized. We are based on knowledge of nausea mechanisms, consider some simple and effective ways to quickly arrest threatens to suffocate "com".

The inflow of fresh air. This point is especially true intolerancetravel on public transport. Nausea is often worried about small children and gradually "izrastaetsya". If the need for commuting justified and indispensable, it should be remembered that the pure air and mint in your mouth can in the short term will save the baby from the painful sensations. Instead of candy suitable even chewing gum that you want to offer to suck, not chew. Relief of nausea in this situation is due to the banal switching attention. Only the focus is not the child, and his body. Peppermint, lemon balm as contained in many products, excellent relieve nausea.

A word of advice moms. Knowing the occurrence of nausea and vomiting in a child when traveling by public transport, do not feed it milk products and cereals with milk. Due to the protein contained in them increases the production of enzymes that stimulate the activity of the stomach and intestinal peristalsis. And in any case, do not overfeed. Better bring a green apple and a bottle of clean drinking water.

Medications several groups depending on the cause nausea and vomiting. Conditional injuries headache, Loss of consciousness, nausea and vomiting at home (andeven more so in the street) conditions are not cropped. In an effort to alleviate the condition, some people are willing to swallow any pill, so in such cases, the lack of skilled care is fraught with the most serious consequences.

In moderately severe poisoning (without lossorientation and a high degree of dehydration) chelators can help, along with sufficient drinking regime. Not to get involved in this case should be different antidiarrheal drugs. Otherwise, the recovery will take much longer.

Features food. At this point, it is worth mention that untilwe consider normal, relatively healthy (not diagnosed until otherwise) people. Over time, in adults there is a number of changes in the structure and operation of the internal organs: reduced production of digestive enzymes, is developing atherosclerosis, may impair the operation of the cardiovascular system, because of what subsequently suffers brain. Therefore, a single nausea can be attributed to errors in the diet - drank too much milk, eating any shellfish, treated too fat meat.

If nausea becomes permanent andaccompanied by other symptoms, you should first pay attention to lifestyle and diet. Exclusion of acute and fatty foods, lack of temptation to try exotic dishes, consumption of fruit growing in our band, can help reduce symptoms of nausea, but not get rid of visits to the doctor.

A few tips for pregnant women. Taste and smell distortion characteristicfor pregnant women today do not surprise anyone. However, around (and even permanent whims) is a logical and medical explanation. As the growth of the fetus female internal organs are oppressed. Aperture rises uterus presses on the intestines, the stomach, and to some extent, the liver. Therefore, nausea can be caused by an insufficient number of incoming bile or pancreatic juice. In such situations should be to reduce the time in the diet of fatty foods and have a choleretic effect.

If nausea appears in the morning and lastsshort, it helps all the same toothpaste with mint. But barely noticing that your condition worsens, nausea accompanied by vomiting and relief comes not soon see an obstetrician-gynecologist immediately. Sufficient drinking regime is crucial for the entire period of pregnancy, so avoid such an outcome can not be sick.

No matter how much there was a way to stopnausea, you should understand that this is primarily a symptom, not an unpleasant accompaniment. So, without any professional assistance to get rid of it is unlikely to succeed.

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