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Many people use the drug for weight lossElkar, following the advice of friends or work colleagues. Athletes take it to increase physical activity. Write out and his kids to score a missing weight, become stronger. our site offers a deal - what Elkar has the same properties as it can be used and how.

Overview and pharmacological properties

anorexia, exhaustion, lack of mass Elkar

Available Elkar more than six years of domesticcompany "PIK-PHARMA." This oral solution (that is used for oral administration) is packaged in dark bottles of 100 ml or 50, is equipped with a measured glass or spoon; Dropper vials of 25 ml. Its concentration - 30%. It is colorless, transparent (or slightly colored), at the opening can be felt a peculiar smell.

The active ingredient - L-carnitine (secondthe name of the L-carnitine). This is analogous to the natural substance in our body, the presence of which is necessary for the normal course of some physiological processes.

Auxiliary components: water and sorbic acid. Or another option: citric acid, purified water, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate.

To start to define what kind of functions are assigned to L-carnitine?

The compound is produced in the kidney and liverthen it is transported through the bloodstream to other tissues: fat, muscles and so on. It belongs to the group of amino acids, and structurally similar to the representatives from the group of vitamin B.

For the first time, it was possible to isolate L-carnitine in 1905 from an extract of muscle tissue. Translated from Latin, "carnis" means "meat", so the substance was given such a name.

  1. L-carnitine takes part in metabolism as a carrier (transporter) fatty acidslong chain from the cytoplasm through the cell membrane into the mitochondria, which are the power stations. There fatty acids are broken down, while there is a release of energy.
  2. Output from the mitochondria accumulated toxins.
  3. Promotes normalization of lipid and protein metabolism, reduces the lipid content in muscle.
  4. Increased secretion (production) and the enzymatic activity of digestive juices, thus improving the absorption of the incoming food.
  5. It inhibits synthesis of keto acids.
  6. Glycogen in his presence, consumed more economically, is deposited in the reserve in the muscles and liver.
  7. It stimulates the anabolic processes, ie,provides a build-up of muscle (muscle) mass, basal metabolic rate slows elevated thyroid pathologies, its hyperfunction, acting as an antagonist of the hormone thyroxine.
  8. It is the feeling of hunger with sluggish appetite.
  9. It reduces fatigue, increases stamina and performance.


anorexia, exhaustion, lack of mass Elkar

Taking the drug should be half an hour before eating food, after a little diluted liquid. Adults diluted with water, and children - juice, kiselёm, compote.

Adults with anorexia nervosa need to use the drug twice a day for 1 teaspoon for 30-60 days.

To increase body mass, stimulate appetite, means should be taken twice a day, but the dose for half teaspoon. The course is 30 to 45 days.

When skin ailments reception is carried out twice a day for half a teaspoon, duration of treatment - from two to four weeks.

In hyperthyroidism, the drug stunting drink250 mg (is thirteen drops) three times a day for three months, or for a different scheme: 20 days to drink, then rest for 30 days, then the course is repeated again.

Athletes drink Elkar two or three times daily for one or two teaspoons.

In other cases, the dosage is calculated, taking into account the weight of the patient and his condition.

Infants given the drug for 2-6weeks, drops or metered diluted in glucose solution and then metered under doctor recommendations children, the dosage is dependent upon the disease, the weight of the baby's age.

whether adverse effects are possible?

Sometimes there are pains in the receptionepigastrium, indigestion, muscle weakness, allergic reactions. The only contraindication to reception - individual intolerance to the drug.

Exposure means for pregnant women and the fetus has not been studied, so pregnant women and nursing mothers it is not assigned.

If there are epigastric pain, the dose should be reduced.

Elkar slimming

anorexia, exhaustion, lack of mass Elkar

A drug was created in order to establish metabolism. And only then those who want to lose weight began to use it.

In a healthy body regulates thyroid gland itselfthe amount produced by L-carnitine, so take it further is not necessary. In humans, having overweight, often identified and problems in the thyroid gland, lipid and protein metabolism.

When a person takes Elkar, the fat betterburned, so the weight is gradually reduced. But at the same time, be sure to stick to your diet, engage in active physical exercise to achieve the desired result. Drugs for weight loss should be drunk twice a day, in the morning, two teaspoons. After the 30-day use of a break. Then again, you can repeat the course. Many women say that they have lifted the mood, added strength, you want to exercise in order to achieve the desired goal when they use Elkar.

However, studies show that about10% of people taking the drug to lose weight, the effect is negligible or non-existent. Perhaps these people do not limit themselves in power, were passive during the drug is not complied with the reception scheme. But there are times when obesity is associated with serious dysfunction of the endocrine glands, in which the run-resistant mechanisms in delaying the stock of fat cells.

The closed vials are stored in a dark place, temperature in the room from 15 to 25 ° C. If you have already opened the bottle, it is necessary to store it in the refrigerator no more than two months.

Although harmless, non-toxicity and efficacythe drug is confirmed by numerous studies, be sure to consult prior to its use in neonatologist, pediatrician, general practitioner or nutritionist.

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