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  • Although tall today in fashion, there are limits to perfection. Too tall, but problems with the choice of clothes, brings serious health problems.

    tall Dangers

    High growth - everything is good in moderation"The critical growth is considered to be 2 meters - menand 190 cm - females. If the person above, it is a question of gigantism, which requires treatment, - says head physician of the Clinic of endocrinology MMA. Sechenov, the candidate honey. Sciences Vyacheslav S. Pronin. - The reason for the rapid growth - pituitary tumor, which stimulates the release of growth hormone excess. organ weight significantly increases, and this leads to serious violations. Pituitary tumor itself with indomitable development can lead to serious neurological complications.

    If excessive production of growth hormone occursuntil the completion of puberty (20 years), when the person is still visible growth zones in the bones, skeletal bones grow in length - developed gigantism. Such children are actively growing significantly different from classmates in the growth and physical development.

    If the disease develops when the growth zonealready closed, the man "grows in width": it has increased hand, foot, head circumference and appearance changes significantly - it's called "acromegaly" (literally - the increase in the extremities). The disease causes a lot of health problems, and in the absence of adequate treatment of these patients die early. The tallest man in the world of American Robert Wadlow growth of 272 cm died at the age of twenty-two years.

    If your child is significantly above their peersor you notice a change in his appearance described, it is necessary as soon as possible to address to the endocrinologist. The same applies to children who are stunted. The faster they send to pediatric endocrinologists, the more essential it can help. "

    Determine the normal growth

    The rate of increase in relation to the - the concept is veryrelative. The average growth of all inhabitants of the planet is 165 cm - for men and 154 cm - for women. So fashion models with their 180 cm and up to abut against humanity in the sky. Indicator "normal" growth has spread from 155 to 190 cm Men's growth rate is 175 plus or minus 7 cm, that is 168-182 cm, female -. 162, plus or minus 6 cm, that is 156-168 cm.

    The growth of the child, as a rule, an increaseparents. There is even a special formula that can calculate whether the child does not fall behind in growth or, conversely, whether the parents too rapidly ahead. Normal growth of the boy should be equal to: (father's height + mother's height + 12.5 cm) / 2. The growth of girls is calculated as follows: (father's height + mother's height - 12.5 cm) / 2. Thus, the normal growth of the child is plus or minus 8 cm from the average growth of the parents.

    In addition to the actual values ​​of growth, it is very important,exactly when the baby is pulled considerably. Growth rates should be maximized in the first months of life and during puberty. The final figure depends on when puberty is over. How does it faster than most increased levels of sex hormones, the earlier closing of growth zones of long bones of the skeleton, and thus stops the growth.

    The main role in how high willman plays a number of growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland - an endocrine gland in the brain. If he made a surplus, the child grows up under the eternal teasers "Get the little sparrow", if growth hormone is not enough to get it a matter of "when you start to eat porridge?".

    Tallest People

    The champion Robert considered among the giantsWadlow (USA) growth of 272 cm and a Chinese Zeng Tszinlyan that for 19 years has grown up to 248 cm The most famous couple of giants -. This Martin Bates (236 cm) and Anna Sven (220 cm), who were married in 1871 and gave birth to another one character from the Guinness Book of records as the birth weight of almost 11 kg. Poor baby had survived and turned into a museum exhibit health in Cleveland.

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