How to lower blood sugar


How to lower blood sugarA very popular question today: "How to reduce blood sugar?" Cares a great number of people. It would be much better if this question is asked a lot less often, and not because the answer is known, and due to the fact that eliminated or reduced the need for such information. Indicators blood sugar levels indicate the status of carbohydrate metabolism.

Blood sugar rises for several reasons:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • after surgery on the stomach and duodenum;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver;
  • toxicosis third trimester - preeclampsia - gestozny can cause diabetes;
  • Pathology of the pancreas and adrenal glands;
  • after the meal;
  • mental stress;
  • after receiving a sufficient number of sweet or flour;
  • organism with a predisposition to diabetes.

Intensively to reduce blood sugar levels should bein the case when there is a good reason, and there is a vital need, such as at a probability hyperglycemic coma in diabetics. In other cases, an independent reduction in blood sugar levels without any reason can be fraught with metabolic disorders, the artificial introduction of the organism in hypoglycemic coma and lead to irreversible reactions. Information on how to lower blood sugar is relevant only for patients with diabetes and those who care for them, or is in the inner circle. Those who decided to lose weight, it is not necessary to resort to such drastic methods. For the body more gentle way - strict adherence to a diet or counting calories.

How can we reduce the level of glucose

Dramatically helps reduce glucose levels in the bodystarvation, intense exercise or stay for some time in a cold room: douche and frosty walk coped well with the increased index. Also not very intense exercise after a meal will help reduce the incidence of blood sugar.

We are treated from the refrigerator - products that reduce blood sugar

We are treated from the refrigeratorThe man who faced the problem of diabetesdiabetes naturally adhere to a special diet that excludes all sugar products. However, the diet is not always effective, and to diversify the diet of all would be desirable. Among the products that reduce blood sugar, most can be found in any store, and, in consultation with an endocrinologist, safely include them in your diet. Patients with diabetes as natural medicines are suitable: grapefruit, eggplant, zucchini, beans, horseradish, bell pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, any cabbage, blueberries, cucumbers, radishes, asparagus, turnips, pumpkin. They are good in any form: raw, steamed, stewed or fried. All the sour taste of fruits and berries, juice, sauerkraut, fermented low-fat products.

Is a popular seven dishes that normalize sugar. If at least one of them have in their daily menu, for 2 months, the blood sugar level becomes normal:

  • Oatmeal on the water;
  • freshly brewed green tea;
  • rosehips;
  • raw and braised Jerusalem artichoke;
  • cabbage in any form;
  • baked or boiled cod;
  • cinnamon.

Folk remedies for lowering blood sugar

It has long been herbalists, healers have the knowledge about theplants and products that have medicinal properties, and successfully used them for healing the afflicted. A list of some folk remedies that reduce blood sugar:

  • onion aqueous extract or onion juice - taken 30 minutes before a meal, a third of the glass;
  • blueberry juice;
  • garlic - the infusion of water - take in the same way;
  • decoction of the cortex (mulberry), mulberry, rose and green beans;
  • yogurt with cinnamon - very quickly lowers the level of glucose in the body;
  • watermelon juice with pulp;
  • of fresh new potatoes;
  • the infusion of oats;
  • Baked Onion - one of the most effective hypoglycemic agents, consume on an empty stomach medium-sized baked onion;
  • infusion of spices and herbs, such as bay leaf tree, linden blossom, blueberry leaves, nettles, bean leaf clover - with regular use (2-3 months) blood sugar to normal;
  • decoction of the leaves of the plantain
  • burdock root and dandelion - another healing properties of these plants: they contain inulin substance is a plant analogue of human insulin;
  • fresh mix of raspberry, pear, dogwood;
  • tea with hawthorn, black currant leaves and rosehip successfully reduced blood sugar;
  • infusion of the dried leaves of blueberries and burdock root with royal jelly;
  • drinks from chicory root contain large amounts of inulin;
  • infusion mix of lemon, garlic and parsley is very popular in patients with unstable sugar level.

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