The operation to remove gynecomastia


  • From the history...
  • Before surgery
  • During the operation,
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  • Postoperative complications

  • From the history...

    The history of breast reduction surgery began to reduce male
    breasts, which reminded her feminine copy in 1846, ie, with treatment
    It is gynecomastia. The term "gynecomastia" was introduced by Galen in the second
    century AD Galen identified gynecomastia as an unnatural
    accumulation of fat in the breast area in men.

    The operation to remove gynecomastia
    Currently, gynecomastia is called breast augmentation tissue in
    men. Gynecomastia can be true when breast augmentation
    It is due to the increase in the actual breast tissue or
    false, when the breast is increased due to fat. most often
    found mixed version - when the breast is increased by both the
    gland, and subcutaneous fat.

    In most cases, the cause of gynecomastia is increased
    production of estrogens (female sex hormones) and a decrease in the level of
    androgens (male sex hormones).

    Gynecomastia in adolescence can occur during sex
    maturation due to hormonal imbalance and often spontaneously passes in
    within 3 years after the first symptoms. In adults, gynecomastia can
    be associated with age-related changes or a decrease in testicular function,
    bringing the number of subcutaneous fat increases
    and increasing the ratio of estrogen / androgen. True gynecomastia
    almost always associated with androgen deficiency and excess
    estrogens. In some cases, the causes of gynecomastia can be
    medicines, tumors, chromosomal abnormalities, endocrine
    diseases and dob factors.

    Gynecomastia causes discomfort, leads to emotional experiences and violation of social adaptation.

    Classification of gynecomastia:
    • Gynecomastia I degree. Small breast enlargement with no excess skin.
    • Gynecomastia II degree. Average breast augmentation, without excess skin.
    • Gynecomastia III degree. The average increase in breast, with excess skin.
    • Gynecomastia grade IV. Expressed breast augmentation with excess skin.

    Before surgery

    In the presence of gynecomastia, the patient must consult
    endocrinologist may be tested for hormones and undergo
    ultrasound examination of the breast. During the consultation on the
    gynecomastia patient should receive objective information about what
    It can be expected by the operation. During the consultation for gynecomastia
    the surgeon usually examines the state of the tissues by analyzing what kind of volume share
    of glandular tissue, and which - the fat. When the surgery for
    gynecomastia, these two types of fabrics sometimes require different approaches. So
    patients with false gynecomastia for optimal results
    It is usually sufficient to perform liposuction breast. Patients with the true
    gynecomastia tissue must be removed through a small breast
    paraareolyarny cut.

    Before the surgery for gynecomastia appropriate to take
    vitamins, fully fed, eating a sufficient amount
    meat, fruit and vegetables. Unfavorable factor for healing after
    surgery for gynecomastia is smoking. T.O, at least
    Two weeks before surgery for gynecomastia is recommended for smokers
    do quit smoking.

    The operation to remove gynecomastia
    Before surgery to remove gynecomastia should stop
    receiving drugs that reduce blood clotting, such as
    acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) - a standard ingredient
    painkillers. Avoid taking these drugs
    14 days prior to and during the week after surgery gynecomastia.

    After surgery to remove gynecomastia necessary for at
    at least three weeks to wear a special compression garment that
    tight fit and pulls the operated area. Usually pick up him and
    can be purchased in the clinic.

    Since the operation to remove gynecomastia is performed under general anesthesia
    Patient vital that in the stomach was no food or fluid to
    that to-day operations, it is desirable not to eat anything or drink.

    On the day of surgery for gynecomastia, home, prior to entering the
    clinic, it is desirable to wash, using antibacterial soap.
    On admission to the hospital the day of surgery to remove gynecomastia,
    measured and photographed breast, the surgeon then applies it
    Required pattern marker is removed and the patient in the operating room.

    During the operation,

    The operation to remove gynecomastia is usually performed under general
    anesthesia and lasts for 1-1.5 hours. Operational field sterilized with alcohol and
    covered with sterile surgical linen. Then the surgeon makes one
    possible cuts, namely the one that they have agreed with the patient
    for consultations.

    There are several different methods of breast reduction at
    gynecomastia. In some of them it is sufficient that only
    Liposuction, which is performed through small pinholes (2-3 mm) and
    some - necessary to reduce excess skin and moving the nipple
    up, and therefore, it is hardly noticeable scar around the nipple.

    In one breast reduction techniques used for gynecomastia
    runs a small incision under the nipple - on the border of the pigmented
    of the areola and breast skin, the so-called paraareolyarny cut.

    Through this incision using special tools as the fabric is removed
    most breast and breast adipose tissue. After the cut
    sutured. Sometimes install the drain tube to remove blood,
    which may slightly leak from the incision. The method of suturing incisions
    varies, but usually thread stitches applied, which itself dissolves
    in body. This is only a scar under the areola. lack of
    horizontal scar under the breast or of the vertical scar on the side
    breast surface after surgery for gynecomastia is
    great advantage of this method of breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia.
    Once the incisions are closed, they bandage, clothes and
    on the patient's special compression garment.

    After operation

    After surgery for gynecomastia surgery area for
    hours will be sensitive and painful. However, after the pain
    breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia is usually weak. Many
    patients after the removal of gynecomastia cost light analgesics,
    and usually go home the next day.

    The operated area may swell, but the swelling is usually not severe,
    and it hurts and pulls only under certain movements. The first days after
    surgery for gynecomastia should not raise his hands high above
    head because it causes excessive tension in the seams. Stitches after
    operation to remove gynecomastia typically not removed, and they
    resolve. After breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia patients
    recommended to wear supportive compression garment day and night
    first three weeks. Within three weeks after surgery for
    gynecomastia should avoid exercise and physical activity, and then
    gradually resume them.

    About result of breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia can be seen after about six months after surgery.

    Postoperative complications

    The risk of complications during the healing after surgery for
    gynecomastia greater decreases really big in size
    breast, especially in the elderly and obese patients, especially if they
    smoking. The worst of these complications - lack of blood supply to the
    possible necrosis of the nipple. When you delete a large number of glandular
    breast tissue decreases with gynecomastia and nipple sensitivity
    the surrounding skin may be reduced. Many patients tell of
    reducing the sensitivity of the nipple after surgery for gynecomastia,
    but it rarely bothers.

    After surgery for gynecomastia breast may be slightly
    asymmetric. Small deviations in size and shape after surgery
    gynecomastia should be considered as normal, but large
    deviations should not be. Planning, measuring and markup before
    Breast reduction for gynecomastia - that's the most important steps to achieve
    more symmetric, natural-looking result.

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