Dosage Allergy. Symptoms and treatment


One of
Extremely unfavorable complications of drug therapy are the development of symptoms of medicinal allergies,
Especially when the choice of drugs is small and the use of them inevitably. Not enough
The causes of the occurrence of drug allergies were studied, but it was established that
Some medicines cause allergies
more often than others. Some regularity seems to be
Total allergic reactions are developing in response to the use of the most
common in populations of drugs — Antibacterial agents,
hypotensive drugs, painkillers. Each medicament
Considered the so-called sensitization index, the frequency of the development of allergic
Replies for its use in percent. Absolute leader in this area
Penicillin is recognized, in second place aspirin.

Allergy symptoms

Symptoms of drug allergies are sometimes fuzzy, or there are
It is difficult to distinguish from other adverse medicinal effects.
However, their diversity and patterns can be submitted:

  • Dosage allergies. Symptoms and treatmentThe most frequent manifestation
    Medicinal allergies is the urban and swelling of quinics that develop in
    first minutes or hours after applying medication. If the first is about
    harmlessly, the development of angioedema edema can quickly complicate
    Choosing. However, skin manifestations have an extreme severity -
    Layella and Stevens-Johnson syndromes, who often do not leave the chance of
    a life.
  • Extreme degree of severity
    Allergic reaction to drugs is anaphylactic shock,
    accompanied by the oppression of consciousness, sometimes breathing and cardiac activity.
    Especially developing immediately after the use of the drug.
  • Special form of manifestation
    drug allergies is an attack of bronchial asthma that can
    develop both astmatics and a person who has never suffered
  • Close attention deserves
    manifestation of medicinal allergies in the operating period when the patient is not
    can warn doctor and sudden pressure reduction, long period
    Awakening, Change Certificate — All this may be wrong
    Diagnosed. Many drugs for anesthesia, as well as blood components,
    Applied with the substitution goal, possess a powerful allergenic action.
    That is why in many protocols of anesthesiological support enters
    Advanced antiallergic training.
  • Different drugs can cause
    identical symptoms and vice versa. That is, if for the first time allergic to the medicine
    manifested in the form of urticaria, then next time it can be
    anaphylactic shock.

allergy — treatment

Medicinal allergy treatment requires immediate termination
Applications caused her medication. If it was taken inside, then shown
Washing the stomach, cleansing enema and applying sorbents. Further
Antihistamines are prescribed in age dosages to full
disappearances of all allergy symptoms. When they are ineffective during the day
Hormonal agents are added in oral or, more often, in parenteral
form that, as a rule, leads to a significant decrease in manifestations
Allergies. When developing anaphylactic shock, a full complex is held
Anti-shock events in the conditions of the resuscitation department.

contraindicated contact with allergies drug, as well as with his
Chemical analogues. This is the only pathogenetic treatment of medicinal allergies
to date.

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