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  • Chalazion in the child: the signs and causes of illness
  • It is strictly forbidden
  • chalazion Treatment in Children

  • Chalazion in the child: the signs and causes of illness

    Chalazion children Inflammatory diseases of age in infants and school age often manifest themselves in the form of blepharitis, barley. Often, however, there are also cases of the disease chalazion. What is a chalazion?

    Colds, reduction of protective functionsthe child's body can also lead to inflammation of the meibomian gland century. In every age, there are about 30 glands opening on its rear edge. The secret of these glands is to lubricate the edges of the eyelids and the outer lipid layer of the tear film. When inflammation of the meibomian glands secret thicker century accumulates and it appears the formation of a pea - this is the chalazion.

    It is firm to the touch and has a view of ectropiongranulomas. If it is focused closer to the outer surface of the century, then immediately found the local convexity of the century, the skin is not soldered to the underlying tissues, and free-flowing. In cases where the chalazion is localized close to the cartilaginous part of the conjunctiva, it is best viewed with ectropion. Thus it is possible to establish not only its shape and size, but whitish-yellowish color content.

    There may be both single andmultiple chalazion. They tend to be located closer to the edge of the edge-century and is often caused by the closure of the excretory ducts of glands cartilage century. Chalazion can disperse, opened and emptied, but more often it grows. In the excretory ducts of the glands are formed cysts or cluster of grayish secretion.

    The emergence of chalazion can still be associated with oily skin of the child. Chalazion large sometimes puts pressure on the cornea is astigmatic, and even blurred vision.

    It is strictly forbidden

    Self chalazion a child is unacceptable. No compresses with herbs, baked potatoes and onions. The secondary infection can join a result of such procedures.

    chalazion Treatment in Children

    In the world practice the three main options for the treatment of chalazion.

    If the disease is diagnosed in the early stages, the various forms of conservative therapy. More often - application with yellow mercury ointment and disinfectant drops.

    A further embodiment - is treated withcorticosteroids. The cavity chalazion thin igolochkoj administered steroids, which promote the gradual resorption of the accumulated deep in the secret of the century.

    If a lot of time has passed and no pearesolves, then use a surgical method of treatment. Treatment operative, on an outpatient basis. Under local infiltration anesthesia and dropping is applied to the eyelid fenestrated forceps-clamp, incision of the conjunctiva century and cautiously husks chalazion preserving its walls. The bed further scrape sharp spoon and smeared cavity Lugol solution or any disinfecting liquid. Stitches are usually not applied. In the conjunctival sac (under the conjunctiva) is administered antibiotics. Impose monocular aseptic bandage for 1-2 days.

    Cosmetically such interference is not visible as it is carried by the mucosa. As a rule, such an operation takes place without complications.

    Children with weakened immune systems, suffering from diabetes, can be recurrent inflammation of meibomian gland.

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