Traditional medicine against barley


    barley treatment Heat

    Many people recommend warm barley. It really helps to get rid of barley, but there is a caveat. If you start to warm barley Before will reveal an abscess, you run the risk only increase inflammation. Better start warming up when the barley is already opened, that is, there was purulent discharge. At home, the best heater for barley is boiled egg - wrap it with a soft cloth so as not to burn the skin of the century, and attach to the sore spot. Warms barley can be a long time, for a few hours.

    Folk remedies against barley

    Traditional medicine against barleyThere is also a folk remedy for treating wildestbarley - patient spit in the eye ... I think it is not necessary to explain that human saliva contains a number of microbes that benefit from it will not be, but infect the eyes of some other infection is possible. If, however, he found well-wishers and spit you in the eye, after the uh ... talk to this "Aesculapius" Wash your hands, rinse the eyes with boiled water drip and antibiotic.

    Less traumatic folk remedies: 1 tablespoon of calendula flowers per cup of boiling water. Brew, let it stand for half an hour and do lotions on the lower eyelid.

    For the treatment of barley can be made from aloe lotion: squeeze the juice from Aloe single sheet, top 10 parts of water (depending on how many got juice) and make lotions to 3 times a day.

    It may happen that will reveal not barley, andsimply disappear - this is normal. To barley did not arise again, take multivitamins, immune-boosting drugs. Try not to supercool. As long as you barley, you can be a source of infection for their loved ones, especially for children. Wash your hands frequently, towels and utensils should be strictly individual. While the barley is ripe, you will disturb unpleasant sensations: we always want to touch, rub the sore spot. Always wash your hands after touching the patient's eyes, so you will protect others.

    In no case does not advise to squeeze out the pus! This is no ordinary pimple. Forcing barley, you run the risk of spread to other bacteria of the eye, and the blood flow to the infection can get into the brain. Generally, it is undesirable to treat barley on their own, if possible, be sure to go to the optometrist.

    The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic, and not only the ointment, youYou can get a referral for physiotherapy, such as UHF. Visit the doctor is necessary, if the barley came again (one month after the first treatment of barley), or in the event of multiple simultaneous barleys. In this case, you will be assigned not only topical antibiotics, and injections, or oral antibiotics.

    Barley - a serious signal to the body's immunity problems. More fresh air, healthy food, less alcohol and cigarettes - that's the key to successful treatment of barley.

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