Good vision for excellent knowledge! Prevention of child myopia


  • Now the theory of the problem!
  • We turn to the practice!
  • Well, dear parents, draw your own conclusions!

  • Do you have children of preschool and school age?

    If yes, then inevitably there in front of youquestion - how to prepare preschoolers for class 1 and pupils for the new school year? And, of course, we understand that the acquisition of the right backpack and required textbooks this issue is not limited. The fact that a growing body of the child will face significant educational burden.

    Recall of any loads in question?

    As you know, most of the time the studentHe spends at his desk - in a static and not always the correct position. In addition, he has a lot to read, to write, to answer questions, take exams and tests, communicate with teachers and peers. Not surprisingly, the school life is not only a source of joy, but also stress. Of course, the modern child can make your life easier with a computer: relieve stress computer games or use the Internet search engine instead of tedious trips to the library. Of course, such a powerful technical device as a computer is able to make the learning process easier and more interesting. However, this same PC is becoming a real threat to the eye. To protect the child's vision, today it is not enough to properly organize educational space and observe basic rules of reading. For the correct formation of the visual system of the child require a comprehensive support.

    Now the theory of the problem!

    It is worth noting that in 4-7 years old children are differentage farsightedness that to 10-11 years is gradually disappearing. But even this is not enough stock to keep 100% of sight before graduation. Ruthless and early operation of the opposite effect - myopia. Not quite justified pride of parents whose child begins to read at preschool age. These records often lead to the development of myopia. That's when parents have to decide what is more important - the health or education? Of course, important, and more. We need a compromise that allows to minimize the risk of eye diseases with intensive learning process.

    Good vision for excellent knowledge! Prevention of child myopiaHere is one of the solutions to this problem. Danish scientists have developed a dietary supplement for the protection of children - Striks®Kids. In its basis - antioxidant complex,leveling the destructive action of active oxygen species and free radicals that are formed in the body of the child as a result of stress and strain. The balanced composition of the complex comprises: blueberry extract, beta-carotene, C and E vitamins and minerals selenium and zinc. Taking it in the age dosages, the child satisfies the daily need for these substances.

    Blueberry extract contains active substance,anthocyanosides, increasing speed vocctanovleniya visual pigment that is responsible for visual acuity in low light, as well as - for the removal of eye fatigue feeling. These substances strengthen blood vessels and improve blood flow to the retina eyes.

    Beta-carotene has an immunomodulatory effect and accelerates the regeneration of the visual pigment.

    Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of ATP (source of energy for all the metabolic processes in the body), but also strengthens the ligaments eyes, which is especially important in treatment progressive myopia.

    Vitamin E, selenium and zinc - important constituents of chemical processes in the tissues of the eye. They possess immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory action.

    We turn to the practice!

    To assess the positive impactantioxidant complex Striks® Kids medical scientists have conducted studies *. The study involved two groups of children with spasm of accommodation (temporary disturbance clearly see things eye power) and short-sightedness of varying severity. One of the groups was carried out comprehensive treatment, where in addition to drugs used dietary supplement for the protection of children - Striks® Kids In another group - without it. Babies Kids Striks® administered in a dosage appropriate to their age: 4-6 years - 1 tablet per day, from 7 years - 2 tablets per day during meals.

    After treatment was carried out completeophthalmologic examination in both groups, which confirmed the positive effect Striks® Kids. It confirmed that the antioxidant complex helps to improve visual function and reduce eye strain. Allergic reactions and other side effects were detected during the study.

    Well, dear parents, draw your own conclusions!

    Of course, preparing the child for school, you mustbegin long before 1 September. It is a process of daily and painstaking care of parents for their own children. It is necessary to ensure not only proper diet and daily routine of the child, but also to limit his stay at the computer screen or TV. And it would be nice to learn a set of gymnastics for the eyes and show it to your child. And that all these actions have brought real benefits, it is important to take care of the protection of children's eyes! The visual system is the student must have a sufficient margin of safety, and for that you need to feed it regularly with a strong antioxidant complex for eyes - Striks® Kids.

    Good vision for excellent knowledge! Prevention of child myopia

    And, in conclusion, I would like to remind you that any vitamins and medications recommended to agree with the doctor. However, it is you yourself know.

    *Sudovskaya TV Evaluation of the efficacy of antioxidant Strix KIDS in the treatment of myopia and spasm of accommodation. - Material of the journal "Clinical Ophthalmology" - Volume 7, №4, 2006, pp 2-3..

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