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  • The causes of ulcers.</ H2>

    Spring and autumn - the traditional peak of manydiseases. We were bombarded gastritis and depression, insomnia and allergies. The aggravation of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer - probably one of the most physically painful and psychologically painful ailments spring.

    Ulcer could stoically endure severe painand even the kind of get used to it, but deny myself the pleasure of gluttony, he sometimes can not. For which he pays immediately. And the biggest stage in gastroenterology offices grow just after the May holidays with their picnics, barbecues, parties and other "holiday tummy".

    It seemed that the cause of the ulcer knownphysicians for a long time. Patients say, blame yourself: addicted suhomyatku, ate bad, forget about dinner, overeat pickles, smoked on an empty stomach for this ... that's paying the price. However, not so long ago, scientists discovered something else: first, an infectious origin of peptic ulcer disease, and secondly - a genetic predisposition to it.

    Those who zaimeli ulcer, being "innocent"especially offensively. But doing nothing - would have to follow a diet to propitiate a painful sore, and bring back to normal the rest of the body. After all, in the pathological process at a stomach ulcer is usually involved and adjacent organs - liver, intestine, gall bladder, pancreas, the metabolism in the whole organism.

    One of the main tasks of ulcer - permanentdecrease in acidity. The acidic gastric juice - a normal environment for expansion of food necessary for the body to chemical elements. However, the plague (in fact - an open wound) refers to acid quite painful. That not only causes severe pain sores, but it erodes, increasing the area, the depth of tissue damage and reducing the chances of healing.

    proper behavior strategy</ H2>

    Diet for a "lady's finger" What to do? First, to reduce (ideally - nullify) the products of digestion for which the body releases a corrosive acid. Second, to adjust the hormonal balance in the body. The secretion of gastric acid - a process controlled by hormones in our body. A hormonal balance - a fragile thing. It depends not only on the momentary status of the endocrine system, and in particular has a hereditary origin. If your parents have awarded you this feature (which affects themselves), as increased gastric acidity, you have to fight with her, inhibiting release of certain hormones is very complex drugs under the supervision of an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist.

    However, interference with the hormonal system -a delicate matter, ambiguous, unpredictable side effects. That is why sometimes it is better not to eradicate the acidity and protect themselves from it. So, in the third place: the acidity is neutralized all sorts of drugs - from elementary teaspoon soda, stir in a glass of warm water, to complex and expensive emulsion, enveloping gastric mucosal injury impermeable film.

    If you - an opponent of drugintervention, can not afford a permanent very tangible costs of quality drugs, or at least do not want to lose the rest of his life a feast of joy, have to do their plague decisively and ... get rid of it. After all, like any wound, it is with good care will heal quickly. Especially if you are in the depths of the soul realize that earned her an ulcer themselves unjust way of life.

    Diet for a "lady's finger '</ H2>

    Health food capable without medicationtreatment of peptic ulcer disease completely defeat lasts depending on the size of the ulcer, general health (hence - its capacity for rapid tissue regeneration) related diseases. For complete healing you have to be patient and sit on the diet for at least a month. However, if you just want to escape the seasonal crisis and quickly remove the aggravation of pain, it takes a few days.

    This is the most standard light diet, capablerelieve symptoms of severe exacerbations. The energy value of the diet is reduced to 1,800 kcals. The amount of sugar - total 25 g per day. All products are boiled, wipe or steamed. Food - a liquid or pasty consistency. The proportion of vegetable fats in their total number - only a quarter. It is necessary to completely eliminate the bread and bakery products, as well as vegetable side dishes, dishes of wheat. Here is a sample daily menu:

    First breakfast: two boiled eggs, a glass of milk.
    Second breakfast: a glass of non-acidic fruit jelly, a glass of milk.
    Lunch: rice milk soup, meat steam soufflé, lemon jelly.
    Snack: a glass of rose hips broth and a glass of milk.
    Dinner: boiled egg, semolina.
    At night: milk.

    As you can see, there often appears milk, andfat, whole. It has a neutralizing and protective action, as it contains oils in an emulsified state. Therefore, even for the removal of pain attacks it is recommended to drink a glass of warm whole milk.

    This diet should be followed for 10-12 days,when they start to improve. Ulcer, do not provoke any rough or spicy food, begins zarubtsovyvatsya. During the next 10-12 days, you can increase the total energy value of the diet up to 2600 kcal. Increasing to one-third share of vegetable fats. With milk or broth hips can snack white breadcrumbs, ensuring their adequate chewing and moistening.

    After passing this course, diet is necessary (incase, the visible improvement) gradually come closer to a normal diet, increasing the energy value of the diet to 3000 calories, but observing the granularity of power and sparing the three conditions are met: mechanical, chemical and thermal.
    If you could only remove the aggravation, but complete healing of the ulcer, doctors will not promise certain restrictions in diet would have to comply with virtually all the time.
    You are not harmful:

    • wheat bread baking yesterday, a dry biscuit, biscuits, little muffins or baked (not fried in fat!) with fresh cakes, low-fat and non-acidic filling;
    • dairy, vegetables, pureed soups;
    • chopped and steamed or boiled beef, chicken, perch, pike perch, cod without tendons, cartilage and skin;
    • dairy pureed porridge, steamed puddings, boiled vermicelli;
    • side dishes of potatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini, pumpkin pureed;
    • soft-boiled eggs or omelettes steam;
    • natural milk, cream, cheese, freshly prepared fresh as a souffle, baked, lazy dumplings with sour cream;
    • milk and fruit sauces, parsley and dill;
    • not sharp cheeses, butter and virgin olive oil;
    • ripe sour fruits and berries boiled, boiled or mashed form.

    But even sweet berry juices (raspberry andstrawberry) is better to plant mixed with water. Honey, jams, marmalades and sweet berries ready desirable sweetness without aromatics, preservatives and coloring agents, which are also irritants.

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