Treatment Enterobiosis

Enterobiosis is one of the most common gliscate invasions, especially common in children. This disease can deliver a lot of inconvenience, and in the absence of proper treatment - lead to unpleasant and dangerous complications. More about what enterobiosis is and how to get rid of it in this article.

Summary of Caudituer

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The reason for the occurrence of this disease is an edge called Enterobius vermicularis. This parasite reaches a length of 9-12 mm, lives mainly in the lower departments of thin, as well as in the thick intestine. The number of individuals in the human body can be quite large - 1000 or more. During the ripening of the female of the slicer, the eggs on the perianal folds begin to postpone the eggs, because of which such the most common symptom of invasion appears as a strong continuous itch. A few hours later, new individuals are getting out of the pending eggs, the lifetime of which is approximately 30 days.

Despite the fact that each individual sharpness lives at least a month, an infected person may suffer from enterobiosis for several years. The main reason for this is the constant self-effect. When the sick itchs itching place, the eggs of parasites fall into the hands, and from there - in the mouth during the food. In addition, the larvae of the pathogen remains on bed, dishes and other items of considerable.

Symptomatic disease

Helmintes, worms, treatment of enterobiosis, sharpness, parasites, enterobiasis

To appoint proper and effective treatment, a person with enterobiosis should go to the hospital. There, it is most likely to register the following drugs:

  1. PIRANTEL or COMBRANCE in the amount of 100 mg for every 10 kg of weight, contraindication is a period of pregnancy and lactation. Receiving tablets is made once.
  2. Medamin in the same dosage as PIRANTEL - once after meals.
  3. Pyrrhinium Pamoate Dosage 50 mg per 10 kg body weight. Use the medicine should also be 1 time.
  4. Vermoks take 100 mg twice a day. Re-treatment repeat after 2 weeks.

All of these funds should be taken in a complex with drugs aimed at restoring normal intestinal microflora, elimination of allergic manifestations, improving immunity.

Folk Methods to Combat Molds

Helmintes, worms, treatment of enterobiosis, sharpness, parasites, enterobiasis

In addition to traditional medicines, there are also some folk methods for the treatment of enterobiosis:

  1. Garlic water. This drug is prepared as follows:
    • Clean and crush 2 large garlic cloves;
    • Pour them 30 g of boiled water;
    • Before bedtime, take a mixture with a volley, not chewing;
    • write 100 grams of water;
    • Repeat all of the above 3 days, after a week, go back the same course.
  2. Pumpkin Maslenka. This recipe is not suitable for those who have problems with the stomach, intestine or individual intolerance to oil. Maslenka is done like this:
    • 100 g of raw purified seeds grind to a porridge state;
    • Add 100 g of natural olive oil to a mass, leave for the night;
    • 3 hours before breakfast, you use the mixture;
    • The reception rate lasts 3 days, after you need to make a two-day break and repeat everything again.
  3. Decoration of wormwood - a long-time way of fighting gloves. Prepared medicine as follows:
  • 1 Art.L. crushed wormwood in a bowl and fill 300 ml of just that boiling water;
  • Give the grass in 10-15 minutes;
  • straighten the decoction through a sieve or gauze, cool and drink before the departure to sleep. It is important that at least 2 hours have passed after dinner;
  • The second time makes wormwood in the morning and take before breakfast;
  • Repeat the course for 4 days.

Preventive measures

Helmintes, worms, treatment of enterobiosis, sharpness, parasites, enterobiasis

As you know, the prevention of the disease is more effective than any treatment. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, your child and the whole family from enterobiosis, follow these rules:

  1. From the earliest childhood, instill a child with personal hygiene observance skills. Teach it yourself wash your hands with soap, wash your face and keep clean intimate places clean.
  2. Stay the baby pull into the mouth various items, and also nail nails.
  3. Bathing or washing the child should not less than 2 times a day.
  4. Underwear should change daily.
  5. All family members should wash their hands as often as possible. Be sure to do it before meals, after the toilet, after arriving from the street.
  6. Best wearing short nails.
  7. If in the house is a chest kid, his clothes need to be washed at a temperature of at least 60 ° C, and then stroke the iron faith and irons.
  8. Wet cleaning of the apartment must be performed every week, and better more often. Bed linen, clothes and towels need to be kept clean.
  9. If the house lives the Enterobiosa carrier, all reversible things should be stroke carefully and from all sides. It is best to dry up the underwear on a bright sun or frost - so the eggs of the bells are fast dying.
  10. Children's toys must be maintained clean.
  11. As a preventive measure, you can use some foods: carrots, grenades, strawberries.

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