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  • Mysterious tadpole

    And pancreatitis Pancreas
    The pancreas performs a number of importantbodily functions, one might even say - vital. This iron external and internal secretion. It allocates pancreatic (pancreatic) juice - one of the three components involved in the digestion of food entering the body. Of course, without the pancreatic juice are two other component (hydrochloric acid and bile) will not be able to cope with this difficult task.

    But most importantly - the pancreasIt produces hormones insulin and glucagon, which enter directly into the blood and regulate carbohydrate and fat exchanges in the body. Should I remind you that the violations of the processes responsible for the content of sugar in the blood, a person becomes a target for the terrible and yet incurable diabetes.

    Our heroine in appearance similar topretty tadpole - she has a head, body and tail. Its length is 20 cm, width and thickness of 3-4 sm. Resides it behind the back wall of the stomach at the level of the upper (first and second) of the lumbar vertebrae, nestled between the stomach, spleen and duodenum 12 on the sides and bottom of the kidney. Head 12 abuts the duodenum, and the tail rests on the spleen. And his name she received at the location - behind the rear wall of the stomach.

    Incidentally, the functions of the pancreasmedical scientists learned relatively recently - in the second half of the XIX century! Sam Academician Pavlov argued that the pancreas is not so simple. And, of course, he was absolutely right!

    Chemist pro

    This baby with a tail joke doing the work of an entire chemistry lab.

    Outside the pancreas isglandular organ whitish-gray color, resembling the appearance of boiled meat. It is covered by a thin capsule branches which penetrate deep into the gland and divide it into segments like an orange. The interlayers between slices hide the blood and lymph nodes, nerves and excretory ducts, which begin within the secretory cells, then larger and merge to flow into the main excretory ducts. He goes, expanding twice, along the entire breast - from the tail to the head.

    The length of the main excretory ducts 15-17 cm. Thanks to its smoothness pancreatic juice smoothly and quickly goes all the way to the Vater nipple 12 duodenum, where and merges with the common bile duct. At the confluence of the two ducts in the 12-duodenum smooth muscle is a hill - the sphincter of Oddi, which, like the dam of the reservoir, regulates the flow of bile and pancreatic juice.

    I work for two

    And pancreatitis Pancreas
    Isolation of pancreatic juice - definitelyan important function of the pancreas. But its main task is the production of insulin - a hormone most valuable coming from the pancreas directly into the bloodstream.

    So, the result of external secretorythe activities of our heroine is the juice of the pancreas - a colorless alkaline liquid, which consists of organic and inorganic substances. The most important part of the juice - enzymes. And each of these functions are indicated. Amylase, invertase and lactase are responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates, lipase breaks down fats, trypsin - proteins. The problem of internal secretion - production of hormones: glucagon and insulin affect carbohydrate balance from lipokaina depends on fat metabolism.

    So small but very workable pancreas successfully combines two advanced features: helps digestion and enriches the blood insulin.

    The danger around the corner: pancreatitis

    Pancreas appreciates the careful attitude,Otherwise, the character may show. Especially her gentle nature does not tolerate excesses which we occasionally potchuya body. Abuse of alcohol and overeating on a background of emotional overexcitement - are all factors contributing to the growth of disease pancreatitis.

    Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)It ranked third among diseases of the abdominal cavity (after appendicitis and cholecystitis). There are acute and chronic pancreatitis. Acute comes on suddenly, is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, frequent vomiting. One of the main reasons - disruption of the major duodenal papilla.

    By the way, isolated from chronic diseasepancreatitis without combination with other diseases of the digestive system is rare. Sometimes pancreatitis can cause injuries (bruised abdomen, complicated operations of the stomach and biliary tract), and infections: infectious disease, mumps, allergic conditions, and even appendicitis - all of which can cause the development of acute pancreatitis.

    Provocateur - no!

    Fatty, fried and spicy foods, alcohol,Overeating, lack of diet - all these provocateurs pancreatic diseases. During exacerbations of patients will have to erase from their menu products that contain fiber, rich in extractive substances that increase the secretion of digestive juices and cause flatulence. In the list of taboo foods during treatment include:

    • meat broth, mushroom and vegetable broths;
    • fatty fish and meat;
    • raw vegetables and fruits;
    • canned meats, sausages;
    • fresh pastries, bread Borodino;
    • ice cream, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, spices, confectionery.

    health pledge

    And pancreatitis PancreasHow much trouble can fall down on the pancreas by the patient's fault - do not count! So enjoy a prophylaxis immediately.

    In medical practice are two types of prevention: primary and secondary.

    Primary prevention aims to maintainthe health of healthy people to prevent the negative impacts of factors natural and social environment. Healthy lifestyle - this is the foundation on which is built the fortress that protects you from diseases. Eliminate unsystematic and irregular meals, not abuse of acute and fatty foods, and alcohol.

    Off stress, negative emotions, fatigue, a sedentary lifestyle!

    And if unpleasant ailment yet penetratedbody, then you will need a secondary prevention, ie prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases. As sad as it sounds, but the cure "chronicle" is not easy. So be prepared to have to co-exist with it indefinitely. And your main task - to make it a joint "accommodation" as amicable as possible. Suit medication, traditional methods, herbs and diet - all advise specialist gastroenterologist to tame the raging pancreas.

    Strictly following the prescriptions of doctors, notRemember to listen carefully to the needs of the organism. Be patience and tact - and then "the girl with character" finally cease to suffer from the disease and proceed to their immediate work tasks.


    The aggravation of diseases of the pancreas mayappear suddenly: a sharp girdle pain that starts in the epigastric region, gives the right half of the thorax. React to the exacerbation should be only one way - to call a doctor immediately!

    It is strictly forbidden to put to "acute abdomen" heating pad and use antispasmodics - not to lubricate the clinical picture.

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