Treatment of peptic ulcer


    In the complex treatment of peptic ulcer disease is useddiet therapy, medication and physical therapy. Physical factors help to improve blood and lymph circulation, stimulate regeneration processes regulate the secretory function, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Individually (only a doctor) addressed the issue of the appointment of fiziobalneolecheniya methods.


    Physiotherapy treatment is contraindicated for complications of peptic ulcer disease and suspected malignancy ulcers.

    Among physiotherapy used following the most frequently used in the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

    Treatment of peptic ulcerDiadynamic (DDT) was one ofeffective physical therapy techniques used in complex treatment of patients. DDT has a strong analgesic effect in patients with acute exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease and a normalizing effect on the basic functions of the stomach.

    Ultrasound therapy produces microtissue, strengthens them in metabolism, has anti-inflammatory action. As a result of this therapy quickly passes pain, decreased gastric secretion, but does not change significantly acid production.

    Magnetic therapy. As a result of the magnetic field passes faster pain and dyspeptic disorders, there is a tendency to reduce the acidity of gastric juice, the normalization of motor function of the stomach, ulcer healing.

    Electro - modern method of impulse electrotherapy. As a result of the treatment normalizes functional state of the central and autonomic nervous system, accelerates the healing of ulcers.

    The effectiveness of anti-ulcer therapy depends on the timing of its implementation, the right combination of diet, pharmacological agents and physical therapy.

    One of the leading places, especially insanatorium conditions, takes mud. Dirt and peat treatment shown in the phase of fading exacerbation. Mud low temperatures reduce hypersecretion, normalize motor function, improve blood circulation, normalize decreased activity simpatoadrenalinovoy system.

    drug therapy

    Drug therapy of peptic ulcer disease remains one of the most important components of an integrated medical treatment.

    Drugs used in the complex therapy antiulcer:

    Anticholinergic agents (M-holinoblokatoryperipheral and central) - atropine, litatsin, platifillin, gastrotsepin, Peritol, amizil, metamizil, eglonil (sulpiride), gastroballat, bekarbon, bellastezin, bishpan, stomach pills with extract of belladonna, etc .;

    Antacid and antipepsinovye means (antacids, adsorbents) - Aluminium phosphate gel, allyugel, atsidrin, aluminum hydroxide, de-nol, vikalin, vikaler (Rother), sucralfate, etc .;

    Means of enhancing the reparative regeneration andhave anti-inflammatory effects (reparants) - sodium carbenoxolone (biogastron, duogastron), sodium oksiferriskorbon, metiluratsil etad, metranidazol, vitamin U (metilmetioninsulfonilhlorid), Doxa, anaboliticheskie steroids (Nerobolum, metilandrostendiol, retabolil, silabolin) solkoseril, sea buckthorn oil , Vinylinum, biogenic stimulators (aloe extract, FiBS et al.), gastrofarm, mukostobil, vitamins, etc .;

    Various symptomatic drugs (antispasmodics, analgesics, sedatives, etc.) - Papaverine, no-spa, Halidorum, metoclopramide (primperan, maksalon, raglan, Reglan, and others.).

    Spa treatment has a positive effect on the course of peptic ulcer, it helps to reduce the frequency and severity of exacerbations duration and lengthening of the disease remission.

    Apply mineral water Essentuki number 4, Smirnoff and Slavic, Borjomi, Truskavets. Mineral water is heated to 38-40 aboutC, which increases its antiseptic effect and reduces the carbon dioxide content. Apply for 1.5 hours before eating.

    Treatment of peptic ulcerAt a stomach ulcer in the complex treatmentuse as therapeutic exercise. Physical exercise is prescribed for acute attenuation phenomena - the disappearance or significant reduction of pain in the epigastric region. This condition usually occurs 5-7 days after admission. In the first lessons taught to the patient's abdominal breathing at low oscillation amplitude of the abdominal wall. These exercises contribute to the improvement of blood circulation and gently massage the abdominal organs, a decrease of spastic phenomena and normalization of peristalsis. Sport physiotherapy held in the starting position, lying down, sitting or standing for 15-20 minutes. After the disappearance of pain and other symptoms of exacerbation during class physiotherapy exercises can be used with dumbbells weighing 1-2 kg are also used gymnastic exercises on the wall and bench. Exercises with the sharp and fast movements, intensifying fluctuations in intra-abdominal pressure, are contraindicated. In the mode of the day these patients required components are morning exercises and walks.

    Plantain juice is recommended because herbal remedies, chamomile, its drug romazulan, flaxseed, peppermint, sea buckthorn oil, and others.

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