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  • What «Unshair diabetes»
  • Nutrition for Nonachar Diabetes

  • What «Unshair diabetes»

    Nonachar diabetes. - This form of diabetes is differently called «Unshair diabetes».
    The disease is characterized by highlighting a large amount of almost colorless
    Sugar urine. The reason is the violation of the functions of the rear share
    pituitary and brain sites regulating water exchange in the body.

    Nonachar diabetes may be a consequence of inflammatory
    and infectious diseases, head injuries. Signs of the disease
    are: severe thirst (at first dry mouth), headache,
    decay of forces. The disease continues for many years, and
    recovery comes rarely, but, as a rule, it does not threaten his life.
    The diagnosis is made on the basis of blood tests and urine.

    Diagnosis of non-soldering diabetes usually does not cause difficulties, t.To. manifestations of illness (thirst and diabetes) are very characteristic. A sample with liquid restriction, urine specific gravity.

    A favorable forecast for recovery - dubious. People suffering from unsax diabetes, it is necessary to avoid the conditions under which it is possible to make difficulties in water supply (for example, work in the steppe, desert).

    Nutrition for Nonachar Diabetes

    Diet with Nonachiary DiabetesTherapeutic nutrition with non-car diabetes is to reduce the sharply pronounced polyuria and thirst.
    Restriction of proteins is recommended; Carbohydrates and fats include in a food diet in sufficient quantities. The content of the cooking salt is limited to 5-6g (issued a patient to the hands, and food is prepared without salt).
    The diet is recommended widerly turn on vegetables, fruits, their juices, milk, lactic acid drinks. Good quenching thirst fruit drinks, compotes, chilled apple mousse.
    There are more lean meat (source of animal protein), fish,
    Seafood, egg yolks. During the exacerbation of the disease, it is useful to drink
    Fish fat (on a tablespoon per day).
    In the food of patients with unsax diabetes should be greater than phosphorus required for normal brain activity.

    Here is an approximate one-day menu during non-car diabetes.

    First breakfast

    • Omelet steam from 1.5 eggs without salt
    • Vegaire with vegetable oil
    • Tea with lemon


    • Apples baked
    • Kissel from jam


    • Vegetarian soup from prefabricated vegetables, without salt
    • Boiled meat without salt
    • Beets stew
    • Lemon drink

    Afternoon person

    • Decoration of Ryshovnika
    • Jam


    • Boiled fish without salt
    • Boiled potatoes with vegetable oil, without salt
    • Sour cream
    • Tea with lemon

    On the night you can drink chest of grape juice. During the day, you can eat some white bread, sugar and butter.

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