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  • When not in order intestine
  • Celiac Disease "prefers" women and children
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  • When not in order intestine

    Who "prefers" celiac diseaseCeliac - intestinal disease caused by injury of the small intestine villi foods containing protein and gluten close thereto cereal proteins.

    The disease is not always easy to recognize. After all, its main symptoms - exhaustion and chronic diarrhea - are also characteristic of intestinal infections and ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the large intestine with ulceration).

    Most doctors believe that the basis of celiac diseaseIt is a genetic defect. It manifests itself in violation of the work of the small intestine, and it is in the small intestine and absorbed by the bulk of the food - hence the depletion.

    When celiac body can not digest proteingluten, which many in the grains wheat, rye, barley and, consequently, in the products of their processing, such as bread, that is a fundamental food Russians. The intestine is largely responsible for both our immunity. And what here the immune system, if the gut is wrong!

    In order to make an accurate diagnosis, to identify the disease with an unusual name celiac disease, biopsy is necessary - taking a small amount of tissue for microscopic examination.

    Celiac Disease "prefers" women and children

    Celiac disease is very insidious: it waits, when the body is weakened, and then attacked. For example, it can attack after birth, surgical operations, myocardial influenza stress.

    In developed countries, there are special shopsoffices in supermarkets where they sell a variety of gluten-free products. In Russia, they released until only one bakery plant in St Petersburg.

    It is proved that on the background of developing celiac diseasevarious types of anemia (anemia), gum disease, osteoporosis. In addition, the staff of the Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology, together with specialists of the Moscow Center for Human Reproduction found that celiac disease - one of the causes of infertility in women. By the way, the disease is more common in women and children.

    At the first sign of illness

    Main remedy - a lifelong diet: patient should be excluded from the diet foods containing gluten, in particular bread products. As well as pâtés and sausages. And replace them with gluten-free products. For example, bread and rolls made from corn flour (it does not have this protein). Subject to the gluten-free diet depleted patients begin to gain weight after 3 weeks. And after 2 years begin to disappear in the gut pathology.

    It is necessary to take vitamins, calcium supplements,iron, enzymes, massage and gym. But all this, of course, must appoint a specialist gastroenterologist. The prognosis for a diet and proper treatment is quite favorable.

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