Innovative formula for safe protection of teeth and gums for 12 hours


& laquo; New pearls Total 12 + tender whitening & raquo; & minus; Innovative approach to the problems of the oral cavityTaking care of the health of your buyers, the company «Nevskaya cosmetics» released an innovative toothpaste «New pearl Total 12 + tender whitening», containing patented component Optafresh®. Functionally new development is an equivalent to the triclosane replacement: provides clinically proven twelve-hour defense From bacteria causing an unpleasant smell from the mouth, contributes to the preservation of freshness of breathing and protects the enamel from the effects of harmful acids. Fundamental difference of the Optafresh complex® It is that it has highly immortal antimicrobial activity and is not active against intestinal bacteria and other microorganisms. Efficiency of daily use of toothpaste «New pearl Total 12» confirmed more than 60 clinical studies (more than 15,000 subjects are tested). Analysis of the data obtained confirmed a significant reduction in the level of smell of the mouth compared with the level before the use of paste. In addition, a direct comparison of all tested products revealed a much greater decrease in the level of organoleptically distinguishable smell of mouth after the use of Optafresh concentrate® Compared to market productsone.

In addition to the unique component, toothpaste «New pearl Total 12» Contains a special bleaching complex that without peroxide and oxidizers polishes a toothpin. At the same time, in contrast to most whitening pastes, it has a low index of abrasiveness, so it does not injure enamel.

«New pearl Total 12» − This is a paste for the whole family that even children can use (starting from 12 years old). She struggles with twelve problems of teeth and adhesion, including the most common: the formation of a tooth stone and dental, inflammation of the dysen, caries. Toothpaste has a two-color (white-blue) helium base and has a mild and refreshing taste with the addition of cloves.

Nice bonus to buy «New pearl Total 12 + tender whitening» with a patented complex Optafresh® It will be its favorable price for you: the cost of this toothpaste is an average of 40% lower than the cost of a paste with identical functions.

oneClinically proven


& laquo; New pearls Total 12 + tender whitening & raquo; & minus; Innovative approach to the problems of the oral cavity«Nevskaya cosmetics», noted in 2012. your 173th anniversary, and today it remains the right mission «Carry beauty, harmony and health in this world». In assortment − 300 oral care products, face and body, as well as the goods for washing and cleaning at home, children's cosmetics. The company considers high quality products, not inferior to the best market analogs and available to the wide segments of the population. Price for products of daily demand.

«New pearl» − The popular brand with a 30-year history that won the confidence of consumers and dentists is represented by a large collection of high-quality toothpastes for adults and children, in terms of quality not inferior to the world's leading analogues. Products of the series are manufactured using modern ingredients and recipes based on advanced technology.

Toothpaste «New pearl» Could cope with any problems that can threaten teeth: protects from caries and gum diseases, will hold the prevention of dental stone and increased sensitivity of the teeth, give freshness of breathing, will provide an antibacterial and whitening effect. That is why toothpaste «New pearl» Choose millions of people today, she really became «People's brand».

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