Sore joints? Refer to the venereologist


  • Caution: chlamydia
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  • Caution: chlamydia

    Sore joints? Refer to the venereologist For the first time about the mysterious illness became known in1916, when the doctor hygienist Hans Reiter described the inflammation of the joints (arthritis) in patients who had dysentery. Arthritis is accompanied by redness of the eyes and urertritom (frequent and painful urination). The combination of this triad (conjunctivitis, urertrit and arthritis) disease called Reiter.

    Subsequently, it was found that the diseaseIt may be associated not only with dysentery. In most cases, it occurs in humans and non-intestinal disorders. Where most doctors have to deal with a completely different form of it - venereal, which are the source of the infamous intracellular parasite Chlamydia trachomatis.

    Lever chlamydia simple. Most often, the infection enters the body through sexual contact, but you can catch a stranger and wiping towel, or use someone else's washcloth (4-5 days live in a humid environment pathogens Hla-midioza).

    Initially, the infection does not manifest itself. A person may not feel sick for as long as supercooled or do not survive the severe stress.

    There is another factor that increases ourvulnerability - the presence of a particular antigen in the blood under the label HLA.B27, which is Rhesus factor is inherited. Installs: his media risk of developing so-called seronegative arthritis (which include and Reiter's disease) is 40 times higher than that of other people.

    The sad scenario

    Progression of the disease can occur in severalscenarios. When postenterokolicheskoy its form may first come upon the banal intestinal disorder. After about a week or two to diarrhea joins urethritis: a person becomes a painful and unpleasant to urinate. And after about another two weeks begin to ache and swelling of the joints.

    In another scenario, a person suddenly startDisturb unpleasant sensations in the eyes (feeling of sand, pruritus), which, however, are rapidly giving way to arthritis. In Reiter's disease he is special, unlike other forms of joint disease. First of all affected joints of the leg (knee, ankle). Generally, asymmetrical: not both joint and one. Often, the process involved and the joints of the toes (they acquire a particular kind of "sausage"), the skin becomes cyanotic. Often fever (up to 38? C) and lasts for several months.

    Furthermore leg joints with Reiter's disease may suffer and the spine, especially during long-term course of the disease. Learn about this possible by making an X-ray of the pelvis.

    And characteristic skin lesions. In this case, particularly affected males. In 40% of cases have been Balanitis - inflammation of the glans penis - or balanoprostit when suffering with head and foreskin. Less common keratoderma - specific lesions of the skin stop. And very rarely - the so-called rupiroidnye lesions: annular areas of the skin orooveniya rising above its surface, and resembling the crater.

    Generally, at Reiter's disease can affect almost all organs and tissues. From dangerous eye injuries to serious problems in the cardiovascular system and pneumonia.

    Fight to the finish

    Starting treatment is necessary in both the earlier you cantime. Catch Reiter's disease in its beginning - an ideal option. The main task - the fight against chlamydia, which will require major antibiotic therapy. Dermatologic be long, at least a month. And to protect the immune system of the patient, should be to influence it immunomodulators. Do not do without painkillers. Coupled with hormonal ointments and injections are greatly facilitate the life of such patients.

    Alas, to achieve the final victory in diseaseReiter's very difficult. After the first month course of antibiotics cured only about 50-60% of patients. The fact that the chlamydia in a human body can be transformed into a special form. They are located inside cells, but as it were frozen in their development, are preserved, having hidden for the time being. And even analysis can not show anything. "Awake" they are about a month. This re-analysis shall at this time. A month later - another.

    And only if the third analysis will againnegative, it is believed that the disease is defeated. However, about a quarter of the patients did not manage to get rid of chlamydia. Reiter's disease becomes chronic them, doomed to constant supervision by a rheumatologist.

    accident prevention

    • If you still dangerous contact occurs, do not be lazy, get tested for chlamydia. Make it better in a specialized institution and as quickly as possible.
    • Prevent infectious disease arthritispretty simple. Suffice it to observe good personal and intimate hygiene. The first is the rejection of casual sex or use a condom.
    • If you already grab (frequent urination, discomfort in urertre), immediately go to the doctor-urologist or dermatologist.

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