Thrush mouth in children


  • Thrush mouth in children
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  • Thrush mouth in children

    Thrush mouth in childrenThrush oral mucosa (stomatitis kandidomikozny) often
    common in newborns and infants. In this age
    Thrush can lead to child abandonment and serious chest
    eating disorders, so the treatment of thrush in children of this age
    should pay a lot of attention.

    The mucous membrane of the mouth of the baby is very delicate and easily vulnerable.
    It is recommended that when a thrush, wet oral mucosa 2%
    solution of baking soda (to 1 cup of boiled water at room
    temperature 1 teaspoon baking soda). You press your thumb on
    baby's chin, so that he opened his mouth, and the entire oral cavity
    process the swab dipped in a solution of soda. Repeat this
    procedure, every 2-3 hours. Sometimes, areas of thrush
    nystatin powder treated with a solution of borax and glycerol.

    For the treatment of thrush apply various topical preparations
    actions. Basically, to cure yeast infection and achieving good
    therapeutic results, prescribe medications that contain
    antifungal components. One of the most common
    drugs whose effectiveness is proven by clinical
    research, this "Candide" (on the basis of clotrimazole). issuance
    various drugs (solutions, creams).

    Prevention of thrush

    In order to prevent thrush,
    baby bottles and teats should be thoroughly processed (preferably
    boil). Sterile pacifiers should be five or six pieces, as
    they should be changed several times a day. Keep pacifiers in need
    sterile, closed container (jar). Often thrush in the child,
    as a consequence of non-compliance with basic standards of hygiene parents (before
    feeding not wipe the nipple). But usually, a principal cause
    candidiasis in children - a weakened immune system and dysfunctions
    gastrointestinal tract.

    The main symptom of infant thrush - a whitish spots on the oral mucosa (inner cheek surface
    gums), redness and inflammation of the gums, sometimes bleeding. If
    time does not reveal candida and start treatment - the infection can
    hit the mucous eye. This, in turn, promotes

    The girls, even in grudnichkovom age can develop vulvitis.
    And it can cause anything, up to the bathroom, where
    bathe the baby, and that in this case uses the whole family. dangerous vulvitis
    the fact that the girls, who at this age are extremely delicate mucous,
    may be fusion of the vagina or labia. Solve this problem
    only surgically. That is why the mother should regularly
    check the condition of the genitals of the child: Is there redness,
    selections. Moreover, against the background of thrush often can develop
    the other, much more serious and dangerous infections.

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