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    Even some 150 years ago, all lingerieconsisted of a long shirt undershirt, trousers were considered a luxury. And during the critical days of the weaker sex I used a prototype of the present tampons. In the course were a variety of materials - from wool and moss to papyrus and alder shavings. All this created in the female body ideal environment for breeding bacteria, including pathogens. However, while it is good to protect us today - soft, smooth, "superabsorbent" - laying?

    The problem is that all of the biological fluid (andnatural separation between the critical days, and even more so, menstrual blood) should leave a woman's body as soon as possible. Because the very nature provided, since the space between the seal body and immediately starts reproduction of microorganisms.

    It would seem to solve this problem is simple: you just need to soak a sanitary napkin with an antiseptic. However, under the influence of antibiotics kills only a portion of microorganisms - the rest mutate and adapt. In addition, antibiotics reduce the local immunity of the mucous - and he most women already not very high. Yield, as always, was prompted by the nature. Recently appeared in the Russian market of phyto-pads, which include the whole range of plant extracts, contributing not only to the best hygiene, freshness and cleanliness, but also helping in the prevention of a wide variety of gynecological diseases. Phyto-laying - the result of years of work of oriental herbal experts. Unique herbal paste, which has a number of additional properties, has provided them with the recognition in Europe, Asia and America. It is not surprising that these pads have today in everyday arsenal of any self-respecting woman.


    Phyto-layingWith the invention of phyto-insert a new roundthe evolution of women's hygiene products. Recently, some hygiene products manufacturers began to add in their products soft antiseptics - for example, the same daisy. But the influence of this medicinal plant for such a complex and delicate problem is not enough. In the East, herbal paste is used for a long time, constantly improving their technology and formulation. Eastern medicine has always been based on stimulating its own defenses, eastern healers for centuries searched for a means to best cope with this task. As a result, the usual sanitary napkin, which, in any event, used by most women at the same time is now used for the prevention and treatment of various ailments female. As they say, two - in one!

    In addition to the usual dry top layer,superabsorbent inside and wings such pads contain an insert soaked herbal extracts. Healing filling effectively retards the growth of microorganisms within the absorbent layer, without disturbing the natural microflora. Components herbal paste, standing slowly under the influence of body temperature, day after day, reduced local immunity of the external and internal genitalia. The herbal formula protects the mucous membrane and prevents odor up to 12 hours. It provides a reliable care and hygiene during menstruation, and between them.

    Today pads with herbal accents are not currentlyequal not only as a truly comfortable hygienic product, but also as an aid for the prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases of women. And that is why they are recommended every modern woman, regardless of age. A woman who wants to stay for a long time a mobile, young and healthy.

    All sorts of hygiene

    Modern women lucky: to meet all its needs, even a particularly intimate, global industry now manufactures such products, of which a couple of hundred years ago, our ancestors even could not dream!

    Looking at the range of all kinds of sanitarymeans, placed on the shelves, we do not think about the history of their origin. Young girls who are used to such diversity, it seems that it has always been. While those who are older, still perfectly remember the "Soviet" days when women treated with cotton wool wrapped in gauze. Or homemade spacers of rags that had to be washed by hand.

    Of course, all these beautiful and modern packagingadvanced materials - the result of technical progress and the introduction of new technologies. Nevertheless, all remained the same over the centuries are the same: first and foremost, is the protection of women during the critical days when her body is most vulnerable.

    The first industrial gaskets consist of a cover,which was within the absorbent layer of fluff pulp and located beneath the cellophane to prevent leakage. Today, such a liner has hardly anyone wants to use. Times have changed. And the idea of ​​comfort - in the first place. The modern ideal gasket must:

    • well absorb body fluids while maintaining a dry surface;
    • prevent the proliferation of microorganisms inside pads for the required time and still be safe for normal mucosal microflora;
    • protect against irritation and itching;
    • prevent undesirable smell;
    • strengthen local mucosal immunity.

    All presented in the domestic marketlast generation sanitary pads do a good job with paragraph №1. Their upper layer is arranged so that the liquid passing through the pores inside special gasket could not get back, so the surface remains dry. Dry the surface of the mucous membrane isolates from infested microorganisms inner liner - it reduces the risk of injury and the intensity of evaporation, helping to cope with an unpleasant odor. The appearance of the gaskets with antiseptic - Chamomile has taken a step in the direction of the second paragraph. But gaskets can adequately cope with all tasks that perform not only the barrier, but also therapeutic and preventive function did not exist until recently.

    But there are now present on thephyto-laying the Russian market, corresponding to absolutely all the requirements for a perfect seal. The inner layer contains phyto-pads in traditional oriental medicine herbs used for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases, as well as problems related to the violation of the menstrual cycle. Phyto-composition gives a feeling of dryness, has a strong antibacterial effect and absorbs odors. And this is exactly what is necessary for every woman.

    The healing properties of plants

    It has long been top aides in maintainingwomen's health and beauty were the plants. Knowledge about the benefits of the healing properties of plants passed down from generation to generation and used almost daily. This knowledge about the life-giving force and the effective action of plant components were taken as the basis for creating a line for fitosredstv for intimate area for daily care and hygiene.

    Phyto-layingChoosing for yourself phyto-laying, each womancan trust the centuries-old experience in the field of herbal medicine. And thanks to this choice to get away using conventional sanitary pads: such as discomfort and undesirable odor. Herbal ingredients included in the composition of phyto-insert pads, increase the protective capacity of the female body, have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, effectively protect and maintain a comfortable feeling in the critical days.

    Plants belonging to the extract of phyto-pads have a truly unique curative and preventive action.

    Thus, the root of Sophora (Sophorae Radix) ancientlyIt is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, preventing itching and irritation. In herbal medicine, this plant has long been used for the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of trichomoniasis, it is a good tonic.

    An extract from the bark of the Amur velvet (PhellodendronAmurense Ruprecht) antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and podsushivayuschee comprises fellavin used for making antiviral drugs active against herpes virus. In folk medicine, the bark extract is used to treat cervical cancer.

    Fruits torilisa Japanese (Torilis japonica) used in the Korean medicine as an astringent, anti-inflammatory, tonic. Fruit extract exhibits antitumor activity.

    Ink sumac spiced nuts (Cortex Rhois) have a calming effect; help incontinence.

    Alum has antibacterial properties, eliminate unpleasant odors.

    In the body, a problem? Change your pad soon!

    In the life of every woman there are special times,when the genital area is particularly vulnerable to the development of inflammatory diseases. These periods include the critical days, onset of sexual activity, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period and menopause. At this time, it is important to choose the necessary hygiene, prevent the development of inflammatory processes and maintaining the natural immune processes.

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