How to get pregnant fast

At some point, we feel a strong desire tobecome parents. For some, this happens immediately after the wedding, there are also those who are planning to procreation for a certain period of life. And so, and others want to conceive quickly - well, not the first, so the second time. It is for you to our site talks about how to get pregnant fast.

How to get pregnant fast
At some point in life, we feel a strongthe desire to become parents. For some, this happens immediately after the wedding, there are also those who are planning to procreation for a certain period of life. And so, and others want to conceive quickly - well, not the first, so the second time. It is for you to our site talks about how to get pregnant fast.

I think that this article will be readmostly women. But, nevertheless, in the process of new life involves two people - a man and a woman, and because, they say, need to try both. And who knows more ...

Just to clarify that the probability of getting pregnant quicklyhealthy couples is much higher than in couples with poor health. Therefore, it is useful to both prospective parents pass some tests. What exactly will determine your gynecologist.

When I planned the pregnancy, my doctor advised me to pass these tests - blood for HIV and syphilisAnalysis for infection, sexually transmitted infectionsand pelvic ultrasound (better vaginal ultrasound sensor). Fortunately, it turned out that no deviations I did not, and my husband and I started with peace of mind in the process.

As you can see, the first step in a rapid fertility is to check the health of expectant parents.

Ovulation and sperm quality - all you need!

Ovulation and sperm quality - everything you need to quickly get pregnant
Yes Yes! That's exactly what doctors say. From a future mother, in addition to a healthy body, the ability to clearly determine the day of ovulation is also required. In women with a regular menstrual cycle, ovulation is very simple to determine. To do this, subtract 14 days from the duration of your cycle (for example, 30-14 = 16). It is on the 16th day of the cycle (count from the first day of menstruation) that is most likely to happen conception. But do not wait for this particular day! Given that the sperm can live up to 5 days after intercourse, attempts should be made 6 days before and continue 5 days after ovulation. Well, if you have an irregular cycle, of course, you can make a schedule of basal temperature (without getting out of bed every morning) and calculate day X. Or you can buy an ovulation test determinant in a pharmacy and not be tormented.

But the pope has to provide for a processquality sperm. What do I need to do? It is proved that the semen men is updated every two months. Thus, our site encourages future father all these 2 months to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, do not drink alcohol, eat right and make daily walks with a future mother. And he should not wear tight clothes, and take hot baths.

But that is not all. It turns out that the quality of sperm depends on the frequency of sexual intercourse. British scientists have found that daily sex improves sperm quality, which guarantees the birth of a healthy baby. On the other hand, frequent ejaculation reduced amount of seminal fluid, which somewhat reduces the likelihood of conception. So what to do? Scientists recommend to make love every two to three days, rather than weeks to abstain, as previously thought.

What do you need and do not need to do in order to get pregnant fast

How to get pregnant fast
In addition to the above, there are some factors that affect the ability to conceive. So, what to do to get pregnant quickly.

  • conception time. It is believed that the easiest way to get pregnant at the end ofthe fall or early spring. That fall the human body is at the peak of health thanks eaten in summer fruits and vegetables, summer sun and relaxation. A spring - time of awakening of a new life, and then to the birth of the baby is the time. And yet, the best time of day for conception is the morning, so have sex in the morning!
  • Ideal weight. Dear future moms, forget about diets - youstill have time to stay beautiful. Now you have an incredibly important task - to conceive and bear a child. Therefore, a couple of months before the planned conception reconcile their weight. There are too thin or too curvy women may have problems conceiving. And this rule applies to men. They at weight loss or weight gain produced less sperm. Strong physical activity also have a negative impact on sperm quality.
  • No bad habits. This, of course, smoking and drinkingalcoholic beverages. Women who smoke are reduced by 30% the chances of getting pregnant. A male smokers "weaker" sperm. Even coffee, or rather caffeine negatively affects conception, and so get rid of this habit. Although it is possible in advance to switch to decaf. Men should stop taking steroids ahead of time that the body used to the absence of these hormones.
  • Balanced diet. It is known that there is a special for pregnant womendiet. But planning for couples too, has its own rules, and for both men and women are different. Moms our site advises to lean on the green and leafy vegetables, cereals and breads are rich in folic acid, because it is a very important vitamin. Women who have problems with ovulation, you need every day to eat the meat and beans and other iron products. Well, and dairy products, of course, calcium is useful to you in the future. His men are feeding fish, nuts and meat. These products increase sperm motility. Well, the general recommendation - to remove from the diet of sweet and flour.

Forget about fast food! Hot dogs and hamburgers, you not only a coffin your stomach, but also to supply the body preservatives, dyes and even carcinogens (especially foods cooked in vegetable oil - French fries, belyashi). Neither you nor the unborn child a "set" to anything!

  • "Correct" posture. In quotes the word "right" is not in vain. Nobody can guarantee that you are in a certain position in 100% of cases will be able to get pregnant. However, experts recommend the traditional missionary position. When a woman lies on her back with her hips raised, sperm moves as quickly as possible. Women with a uterus bend more suitable posture, in which the partner is behind.
  • After completion of sexual intercourse is not necessaryjump and run on his own business. Put a pillow under your hips and relax for ten minutes. You can still stand on the blades, at school in gym class. I remember how my husband laughed when he saw me in a pose of birch trees ... but we did it right the first time!

    And further. Avoid oral sex, because saliva negatively affects the quality of sperm. I think this recommendation is not like the future popes, but no one does not ask such sacrifices forever. Endure a couple of weeks!
    How to get pregnant fast

  • No drugs and chemicals! Avoid all drugs, especiallyantibiotics. Everyone knows that the use of drugs is, but also harm too. So watch out health at least in the run-up to conception. By the way, household chemicals also have a negative effect on health. Nobody says that to begin with soda to wash the dishes, but from the intimate cosmetics should refuse. Try not to be in places where there are a pair of paints, varnishes and other toxic substances. Some experts even recommend eliminate filler for cat pots. Have a bit like a cat in the sand.
  • Do not use any grease! They create an environment that adversely affects the sperm. If we can not do without lubrication, use egg white - naturally and safely!

  • No stress. It is proved that there is a direct relationshipbetween the mental state of the woman and the likelihood of getting pregnant. Therefore, say "no" stress, feelings and even negative thoughts. Define a method of relaxation that is right for you. Many makes outdoor recreation, bath foam or aromatherapy. With the latest you can even adjust the menstrual cycle.
  • I work in an institution where not without stresspass any day. But when I started to think about the baby, give yourself installation - even though the whole world was falling apart, I do not care! In my world should be quiet and comfortable. And I, surprisingly easily able to handle stress. In addition, almost every day after work I took a bath with fragrant lavender foam. And on weekends we went on nature necessarily. Fortunately autumn was wonderful, and had the opportunity to go into the forest to pick mushrooms, roast barbecue and soak up the sun lounger. Do not believe such simple actions really created a special unique world in which there was only room for me, my husband and our toddler long-awaited. And everything else, even not taken seriously.

    That's all the basic tips for those wishing to quicklybecome pregnant. No, not all. Most imagine your baby, talk to him, sincerely wait for his appearance. It's no wonder the ancients said, "afraid of their desires." And do not be afraid, and dream all you must succeed!

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