Preparing to conceive a child

How to start a pregnancy? Naive question, it seems at first glance ... Of course, with conception. Conception - is the emergence of a new life, thanks to the fusion of sperm and egg. It was conceived as the beginning of pregnancy.

Preparing to conceive a child, the child's birth
How to start a pregnancy? Naive question, it seems at first glance ... Of course, with conception. Conception - is the emergence of a new life, thanks to the fusion of sperm and egg. It was conceived as the beginning of pregnancy. The period of preparation for conception called perikontseptsionnoy prevention. With it created the best conditions for the emergence of a new life. But in order to give birth to a healthy baby, which will please their parents, need to prepare for this important event of your life. And the factors that can overshadow all further your life and your child's life, quite a lot. If a woman is put off having a child, doing studies, career, respectively, accumulating different diseases stimulated by the presence of bad habits, it is difficult to rely on the birth of a healthy baby.

And we are still opened to think about the child's health only From the first weeks of pregnancyAnd even after a few months. Prepare to conceive should be long before the long-awaited event. Very pleased that in our country there are training courses for parents. Here come a few months before conception and not only women, but also their husbands. In special classes prospective parents undergo theoretical training to conceive, which includes various programs of healing the body.

How does the conception, to putin medical terms? During ejaculation tens of millions of sperm are directed towards the egg. They can be stored in the body of a woman more than a week, waiting for the egg matures. And then passes them to merge, after which the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus and begins the formation of the fetus.

Health before conception

It is necessary to take care of the health status for the year before conception, but pace yourself exercise
At least one year prior to conception and manwoman should take care of their health and pay particular attention to the eradication of bad habits. If you still smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, and even worse - have tried drugs, it's time to give up all this. The first thing to do - is to pass all the tests, which will give a complete picture of your health and help reveal the hidden presence of disease and various infections in the body. It is necessary to work out, spend more time in the fresh air, swimming pool or swim in the summer time in open water, where swimming is permitted by health standards.

Sports activities does not mean that you shouldpace yourself exercise to sweat, it is quite enough to be a daily light jogging on the streets where no cars and exhaust fumes. If you follow all these simple rules, there is a high probability of successfully conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

Let this period of your life will become a doctora true friend to your family, a friend, who will help to overcome the difficulties and doubts that detects hidden problems that are not immediately visible to the future parents. After all, looks completely healthy people, it may be the presence of a disease gene, which may result in the birth of a sick child. Very often, in healthy parent child is born with congenital malformations, and it becomes a misfortune throughout their lives. Especially need to be afraid of those womenWho had gathered to give birth after 35 years. The older the age of the expectant mother, the more likely the patient's birth. This is not mandatory, but these women to consult with a doctor is necessary before conception long desired child. And in the future be under the constant supervision of a gynecologist and a physician-geneticist.

The higher the level of human independentlymen or women, the closer he refers to his unborn child of its health and the health. These women and men before they conceive a new life, necessarily examined for the presence of a variety of chronic diseases, which are not always easy to recognize, not having passed the relevant tests. These diseases include such infections as a ureaplasmosis and chlamydia. These diseases must be cured prior to conception, and after the treatment is finished, it will take some time, so the body can recover and get stronger.

Do not think that the preparation for conception -the prerogative of only caring about the physical health is of great importance, and peace of mind, knowing that any stressful situation in your life brings great damage to your body and can affect not even conceive a child. Stress excreted from the body much more complicated than any infection and destroys its ability an order of magnitude higher than any physical illness.

Power and sleep before conception

The diet should include female fresh fruit and vegetables
Of great importance is the correct power toconceiving. After all, what kind of vitamins and minerals gets a woman in many respects depends on the child's future health, depends on how it will be shaped and how organs will work the cardiovascular and nervous system in the future. Improper diet can not only undermine the health of women, but also cause her miscarriage.

What is the full and proper nutrition? First of all, women in the diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, it is desirable to eliminate from the diet fatty foods, semi-finished products and various chemical seasonings. It is necessary to forget about the different diets, which can be one-sided, and by helping to keep the figure of women, damage to her health. Fully and must eat at least 4-5 times a day, giving sufficient time food intake without biting on the move and suhomyatku. Drink freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables, do not eat spicy food and canned.

With regard to the mode of the day, you should know thatat least a third day a woman must spend in a dream. It is necessary to make a night's rest the most comfortable and quiet. Before going to bed it is necessary to take a walk in the fresh air, preferably not in those places where a lot of cars, and where a lot of greenery.

Myths about sex per child before conception

Plan the sex of the child can only be artificial insemination
It is no secret that in most cases, parents andespecially the future Pope, want the first child was a boy. And after the birth of his son dreams of her daughter. That just does not come up with the parents to "calculate" the sex of the child. Some sit on a special diet, which supposedly provides the necessary birth sex of the child, while others calculate the day of ovulation, sexual intercourse before it or after, depending on the desired sex of the child. All these methods did not work, although those who advocate them, give almost 100% guarantee.

In fact, planning the sex of the child - process is quite serious and rests on a scientific basis. Planning a baby's gender and to be sure 100% but in the birth of a girl or boy can be only in one single case - by artificial insemination, when the sex of the child is put in a test tube.

Many men sincerely believe still thatsex of the child depends entirely on the woman. This is the most confusing of all Intense errors relating to the birth of children. Science has long been proven that the sex of the baby depends entirely on the men, from the sperm to fertilize an egg a chromosome.

Under all of the above, our site will draw a line. In order to have a full and healthy baby, you need to decide for themselves in advance that you more - your old life, full of unhealthy addictions, or the future of human health, which is now entirely dependent on your decision. We do not think that you can make the wrong decision and to cross out their lives and the future of your child.

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