How to call the monthly

The problem of irregular menstrual cycle earlyor later faces every woman. The reasons may be different, but sometimes you want to cause menstruation to restore a normal cycle or "endure" it quickly before an important event. In this article, our website will introduce you to a few effective methods to induce menstruation.

The reasons for the delay

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There are many reasons for the delay menstruationBut they can be grouped, divided into physiological (natural) and abnormal (unnatural).

Physiological causes:

  1. Pregnancy It is the most obvious and natural reason for the delay. Generally, delayed menstruation accompanied by a worsening of taste, frequent nausea and vomiting, chest pain.
  2. Lactation - During lactation in womenproduced by excessive amounts of prolactin, blocking the natural ovulation. Once breastfeeding is over, the cycle is normalized after 1-2 months.
  3. pubescence - During the delay adjustment bodyThey are a natural phenomenon and does not require intervention or treatment. As a rule, delays occur during the first couple of years after the first month. This is a purely individual phenomenon, after which the normal cycle.
  4. premenopause - The state before the onset of menopause in women older than 45 years. Delays each time becoming longer, there is a reorganization of the organism.

cause menstruation, women's health, delay menstruation, menstrual cycle, menstruation, monthly

Before you resort to call menstruation, recommended to make sure that you are not pregnant. Otherwise possible miscarriage.

Methods of inducing menstruation house:

  1. Vitamin C in large quantitiespromotes early onset of menstruation. This vitamin is involved in the development of the female hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the structure of the inner layer of the mother. Large doses cause uterine compression layers and provoke menstruation. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, parsley, currants, ginger. You can use as a raw foods or teas, and vitamins with a high content of vitamin.
  2. Aspirin. When a one-day delay crush 2 tablets aspirin and diluted with 100 ml of water. Add Article 0.5. l. sugar and 0.5 st. l. honey. Stir until complete dissolution of the ingredients and have a drink in one gulp.
  3. Eating celery. In its structure there apiol stimulating uterine layer. In addition, it stimulates the blood circulation of the pelvic and uterine region, contributing to the early onset of menstruation.
  4. If once a day for a week to eatone fruit papaya, menstruation will come due. Carotene in its composition helps to improve blood circulation of the mother. If you can not eat papaya, you can replace it with a conventional carrot or raw pumpkin.
  5. Reheating using compresses. It is necessary to put a warm compress on the abdomen or taking a bath goryachevatuyu several days for 15-20 minutes. The drink boiled warm water all the time.

How to call a month with the help of herbs:

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  1. Angelica - one of the most popular herbs forinduce menstruation. Natural components of angelica activate blood circulation in the uterus and pelvic area. Infusion or decoction of angelica can not only cause a month, but also to normalize the cycle.
  2. Black cohosh - used since ancient times to improve uterine circulation. Restores cycle and contributes to the stimulation of the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium).
  3. Motherwort - motherwort decoction of acceptance or diluted in water drops pharmacy Motherwort promotes uterine stimulation soft.
  4. White Peony - eliminates uterine stagnation in the absence of menstruation.
  5. Chaste tree (Vitex) - normalizes the female hormonal balance. It can be taken for any violations of the menstrual cycle. As a general rule, receive a course lasting several months.

Vitamins and minerals that affect the health of the female body

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Iron - A lack of iron in the body causes serioushealth problems. Depends on ovulation, the functioning of the ovaries, cycle regularity. To maintain the level of iron, you need to eat animal foods (meat, poultry, fish) and vegetable (sunflower seeds, lettuce, parsley, celery).

Vitamin C - It affects the production of estrogen, which is directly involved in the formation of the inner layer of the uterus. Found in citrus fruits, red peppers, strawberry, hibiscus tea.

B vitamins - Normalize the hormonal balance. Contained in kale, seaweed, vegetables, basil, spirulina.

Essential fatty acids - Produce female hormones. Contained in flax seed, walnuts, meat, salmon, sardines, halibut, scallops, cod liver in.

Cholesterol - It is also involved in the production of hormones. Cholesterol is needed female body in small amounts, so that strict low-fat diet may have detrimental effects on health. Maintain the level of cholesterol can be, using olive oil, coconut oil, whole yogurt and kefir.

Cellulose - Stabilizes the hormonal imbalance, eliminating excessive amounts of hormones. Contained in fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, legumes.

Zinc - Regulates the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance stabilizes. Contained in oysters, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds.

Before using any means necessarily consult your doctor!

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