Synecode syrup, instructions for use

In recent years, we have a lot of winter in recent years - then a thaw, then frost, then rain, then a squalid wind ... And if a person has a reduced immunity, then it is no loss in such circumstances. Many agree with me, it is difficult to quickly get rid of cough attacks, especially dry. Today our site will tell readers about the preparation in bright packaging called «Synecode».

Total Medicine Information

Bronchi, cough, cold, synecode, cough syrup

The production of syncode is engaged «NOVARTIS CONTHUMER HELS C.BUT.» - Swiss pharmaceutical company, which has been included in the famous concern since 1996 «NOVARTIS». In the pharmacy you can see three forms of drug release:

  • drops intended for receiving inside (most often they take to children whose age is from two months);
  • Syrup (it can be given to children, starting from three years, as well as adults);
  • Dragee (for adults and adolescents).

The active component of all listed forms is a substance butamirat, only its quantitative content differs. Synecode is included in the group of non-nucleic anti-flame remedies. It is mainly used to eliminate (relieving) painful attacks dry (unproductive) cough. This kind of cough is painful, sometimes exhausted, it is not necessary to do without suppressing a cough reflex, which is subject to sync. Consider in more detail the species of the syccline:

  1. Drops are a colorless (or slightly yellowish) solution, nicely smelling vanilla. It is packaged in small bottles of dark glass at 20 and 10 ml. On the bottle there is a dropper-dispenser. In one millilitra there is 5 mg of active ingredient in the form of a bumps of citrate and auxiliary components: sorbitol solution, sodium saccharinate, glycerol, vanillin, benzoic acid, sodium hydroxide, ethanol 96%, water.
  2. Syrup is a transparent liquid that also smells a vanilla. Bottles made of dark glass poured 200 or 100 ml of syrup. One millilitra contains only 1.5 mg of active substance and everything else is represented by auxiliary components, such as: sorbitol solution, glycerol, sodium saccharinate, benzoic acid, water, vanillin, ethanol 96%, sodium hydroxide.
  3. Dragee - they have red, rounded shape with flat sides. Packaging is 10 dragee. Each Dragee contains 20 mg of butamirate and additional ingredients - talc, macrogol, lactose, Titanium titanium dioxide.

If the package is written «Dragee-Forte», This means that butamirate in one dragee is not 20, but 50 mg.

Sycken action

Bronchi, cough, cold, synecode, cough syrup

Synecode makes sense to prescribe in respiratory infections whose satellite is unproductive (without sputum separation), exhausting cough.

Doctors recommend this drug under the following pathologies:

A synecode can be used to prevent the cough reflex at the time of diagnostic surveys of the broncho-light system (for example, bronchoscopy) or conducting operations on the organs of the respiratory system.

How to take medicine?

Bronchi, cough, cold, synecode, cough syrup

It is best to make the reception of the sycode 30 minutes before meals. The dosage is determined by the doctor and depends on the age of the patient.

Synecode drops diverged into water (its number is about 50 ml). Pre-closed bottler Shake. The dosage may be as follows:

  • adults and adolescents (which are over 12 years old) - three times a day at 25 droplets;
  • Children, whose age in the range from 3 to 12 years old - twice a day 25 drops;
  • Children, whose age in the interval from the year to three - four times a day 15 droplets;
  • kids from two to 12 months - four times a day at 10 droplets (it is possible not only to water, but also in breast milk).

To conveniently measured the number of syrup, the packaging is placed specially intended for this measuring cap. Now we'll deal with the dosage:

  • adults and children whose age is more than 12 years - three times a day at 15 ml;
  • Children, the age of which in the range from 6 to 12 years old - three times a day in 10 ml;
  • Children whose age in the range from 3 to 6 years is enough to give three times a day at 5 ml.

Do not forget to wash the cap thoroughly after each reception and dry.

The dragee is simply drowned with water, not lazy and not riser. Children whose age from 6 to 12 years per day give one dragee. Adolescents from 12 to 15 years old are also taken by one dragee, but three times a day. Adults and adolescents over 15 years old can be taken two dragee twice or three times a day.

Dragee-forte are designed for adults, enough one dragee is two or three times a day.

Simultaneously with expectorant means and mulitics Synecode is not accepted. In syrup and drops there are Sakharin and sorbitol, they are normal tolerated by those who suffer diabetes. These patients can be treated with cough data.

On side effects and contraindications

Bronchi, cough, cold, synecode, cough syrup

Usually synecode is well tolerated by patients. But sometimes such unwanted (side) effects were recorded during treatment:

Some people have a skewer causes drowsiness, so it is desirable to refrain from driving vehicles in the treatment of this drug.

If an overdose of this product has occurred, it is necessary to wash the stomach, and then take any enterosorbent (polysorb, enterosgel, Activated carbon).

Our site warns that the drug is contraindicated:

  • with light bleeding;
  • in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • If a person has an individual intolerance to at least one of the substances specified in the composition.

If the cough is tormented by a woman who feeds his baby breasts, then you need to prescribe a sycken. In the days of reception of the drug, it is recommended to temporarily interrupt breastfeeding.

Once again, pay attention to readers to the fact that syrup gives those children whose age for more than three years. Drops can be given to the baby, starting from two months. Dragee can offer a child starting from six years when he is already able to swallow him.

If the cough is dry, is associated with irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract, during the attack does not distinguish the wet, then in this case it is advisable to take a sync. He will block the work of a cough center in the brain, resulting in a dry cough relief. If there is a sputum in the respiratory tract, the antitussive tools are canceled, and expectorant drugs are prescribed to remove exudate from the bronchial tree. Be sure to consult a doctor, what medicine to take. After all, only a specialist will help to figure out whether it is necessary to suppress cough, or it is necessary to free the respiratory tract from sputum.

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