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  • Let's get acquainted with womendisease, as a parameter, which is an inflammation of parauterine fiber (loose tissue surrounding the uterus). The reason parametritis inflammation of the uterus is more often and / or appendages of which it spreads through the lymphatic vessels. It is part of the parameters develops after injuries of the female reproductive system. This operations on abortion, uterine surgery, including cesarean delivery, installation and removal of an intrauterine device.

    About parameters

    The defeat of the fiber can be single andtwo-way, as determined by means of a special survey. Parametritis is also of three types: front, rear and side. If we talk about the parameters of the front, when it affected mostly fiber, which is located
    between the front surface of the cervix and urinarybubble. In a side-form of the disease struck fiber, located on either side of the uterus, and at the back of the parameter is the fiber that fills the area between the back surface of the uterus and the rectum.

    First, the fiber becomes edematous, thengradually appear small pustules, merging with each other. As a result, they may be formed huge cavity with pus that can break. In this case, it may be peritonitis, and holes connecting the fiber to the bladder or rectum. Through these holes falls into pus, causing inflammation.

    Signs parametritis

    With the development of parametritis temperature increase is observed up to 38 degrees and above, lower abdominal pain, pale skin, poor appetite, headaches, etc.

    With the development of ulcers, pain in the abdomenthere is a feeling of pressure in the rectum, difficult bowel movement, which is accompanied by tenderness. Urination can also be very painful, especially in the development of inflammation of the bladder.

    Treatment and prevention parametritis

    Parameters: causes, symptoms, treatmentparametritis Treatment is carried out by a doctor. Self-medication in this situation is strictly prohibited, and no wonder - after all parameters can cause severe complications. Doctor prescribes antibiotics to stop the inflammation. When severe pain used analgesics. In severe cases, surgery is shown, in which the doctor reveals ulcers.

    In order to prevent regularly attendgynecologist, because statistics show that a sufficient number of women learn about gynecological diseases of varying severity only during the passage of these preventive examinations, and up to this point they feel fine and do not even know they exist. Any chronic inflammation can cause parametritis, it is better not to bring to this.

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