Sexual development and prevention of gynecological diseases in girls


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  • The girl - the future woman

    Contrary to popular belief, sexualdevelopment of girls begins not with the onset of adolescence, but much earlier, and take care that it is successful, parents must, from an early age daughter.

    Generally speaking, the concept of sexualDevelopment should be included and gender identity of the child, that is more than a psychological questions than gynecological, and physical development of the girls, and she needed to develop hygienic habits.

    The newborn girl has a set of sexhormones - the truth, inherited from her mother during childbirth. Sometimes, in the first days of life of the baby she is a real hormonal crisis, during which the milk glands swell and of them can stand drops of white, resembling milk. There may be discharge from the vagina and girl: sometimes in the form of cables, and sometimes even in the form of droplets bleeding, surprising and frightening unprepared for this situation moms.

    Soon, however, maternal hormones stopact, and sexual development of girls takes place mostly in the psychological sphere. This is a very important point, which is defined by self-awareness and self-assertion of the child as a girl, the future of women.

    For preschool age are very important traditional girls games daughters and mothers and dolls, the desire to be beautiful, like a mother, associating himself with the female characters of fairy tales.

    Psychologists often describe romanticI love little girls in Pope, who in this age daughter plays the role of the perfect man - in fact long been no secret that the relationship with men grown up girl is going to build, based on the model of his relationship with his father.

    However, often there are preschool age andthe first being in love with boys, which, of course, there is no erotic overtones, but unmistakable sexual overtones - the little men and women are trying to master the roles that sooner or later they will have to perform in life.

    teenage problems

    Sexual development and prevention of gynecological diseases in girlsWith specific regard to the sexual periodmaturation, it was his turn comes around the age of 8-9 years. Puberty girls takes place in several stages and takes a time period equal to 9-10 years, ie from 8-9 to 17-18 years.

    It starts with puberty appearancesecondary sexual characteristics, and concludes with a full somatic and sexual maturity of girls. Of course, we can not say that puberty occurs equally and in the same age all girls: both mentally and physically sexual development can be individual.

    Puberty begins girl,usually with a sharp "jump" growth - up to 10 cm per year. Due to the fact that during puberty in girls starts earlier than boys, at the beginning the girls often outperform their peers in growth and development. Boys and girls are "aligned" as a rule, only to the last grade of the school, and the young man of 17-18 years is still growing, and the girl of the same age have long stood in the growth.

    With the sharp increase in growth in the early sexual periodmaturation is associated and the famous "awkwardness" of girls that age. In this awkwardness and disproportion there is nothing wrong, and it does not interfere with the girl at the end of puberty transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. And it caused by the fact that girls are different bones grow at different rates, but not simultaneously. The fastest way to grow the bones of the hands and feet, facial bones of the skull, and the least - the torso. Therefore, teenage girl often has a disproportionately long arms and legs, long "horse" face. Moreover, muscle growth lagged behind the growth of bones, which is why the girl seems awkward and angular. In turn, the development of nerve endings and blood vessels do not keep up with the growth of muscles and this causes poor coordination, clumsiness, awkwardness of a teenager.

    Due to the growth of the skeleton and the skin begins to changegirl: she does not have time to grow in proportion to the growth of bone and begins to stretch. This may cause cracks and other damage to the skin, and to avoid them, start to work actively sebaceous glands secreting lubricant. This makes both skin and hair more oily, acne appears on the skin, which bring the girl a lot of pain.

    Fight with all of these troubles can beOnly with the help of hygiene: wash your face no water, lotions or facial wash, do not use excessively cosmetics such as creams and powder, the plugging of skin pores. Just carefully follow the girl should and hair condition.

    Puberty: tips and advice to parents

    At the same time with all the changes related toaccelerated growth, typically 10 years, the girl begins thelarche phase - maturation and growth of the mammary glands. Breast development begins with the nipple and areola - nipple, and then begins to increase iron in general. Chest girl growing for a long time, and the final size of the breast is established only after breastfeeding. The penultimate stage breast growth up to about 16 years, some girls earlier, some later.

    Simultaneously thelarche, 10-11 years old,Most girls begin to develop body hair or pubic area pubarhe. However, the first pubic hair may appear before 10 years, and the last stage is reached pubarhe only 15-16 years. By the way there is body hair pubis, the girl can be judged on the ratio of male and female sex hormones (estrogens and androgens) in her body.

    The fact that the female sex hormones - estrogens - to contain the spread of hair, and the men - androgens - stimulate it. Therefore, as a rule, a strong body hair growth is not typical for women.

    Normally, the body hair pubic area is shaped like a triangle apex downwards. If pubarhe area takes the form of a rhombus, it is an occasion to address to the doctor-endocrinologist.

    In addition, approximately 13 years for girlsthere hair under the arms and legs. mother's task - time to explain to her daughter how to remove unwanted hair, and most importantly, make it clear to the young girl, that little hair growth in certain areas of the body - this is a normal and natural process that did not prevent the girl to be beautiful and feminine. But of course, that the mother should first pay attention to excessive body hair or legs pubis girls on the appearance of hair on her chest, abdomen, face.

    In all these cases, the consulting gynecologist andendocrinologist is required, since it is possible that the reason for this is ovoloseneniya hormonal failures, or simply a lack of female and an excess of male hormones.

    At this time you need to pay very closefocus image of a girl life, her habits and preferences. Keep in mind (mostly parents) that factors such as overeating and vice versa persistent malnutrition because of the following diets, lack of exercise, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle can adversely affect the formation of the sexual girl functions as provoke disorders of fat metabolism.

    If we recall that at this agehormonal explosion causes very difficult psychologically "awkward age", it becomes clear how difficult it is to live with the girl vulnerable fragile psyche, increased emotionality, suspiciousness, irritability in this new and unusual it does not suit her body.

    We need a lot of patience and understanding parentsall daughters of gravity position to be able to help her, to explain the timing of this situation and consider together what and how you can ease the symptoms of puberty.

    All of the features described above puberty girls are included in the first stage of puberty, which is completed in about 12-15 years, with the appearance of the first menses - menarche.

    Keep in mind that the appearance of the first menstrual period before the age of 10 years, as well as the further delay of 16 years should be an occasion for a visit to the doctor.

    Of course, for the unprepared girls firstmenstruation - is stressful. She may feel fear, afraid to tell her mother what had happened, even just to panic. Therefore, it is important for girls to learn about future menstruation before they come. Mom must advance calmly explain to his daughter that this is a normal stage of ripening of the female, and then became an adult happy for her and, of course, to teach her to use the necessary means of hygiene and talk about how to behave during menstruation.

    It must be said that the regular cycleIt sets immediately, but about a year after menarche. But after the first month, even with unsteady irregular cycle girl can get pregnant in the case of onset of sexual activity, and therefore need to have protection.

    After the onset of menstruation in women developmentIt begins the so-called puberty. It is characterized by the active development of the external and internal genital organs, as well as the establishment of a regular menstrual cycle.

    The normal duration of a cycle of steady -from 21 to 35 days. Recall that the cycle is counted from the first day of menstruation to and including the first day of the next menstruation only. Menstruation normally lasts 3 to 7 days. If the cycle time is much larger or smaller, or menstruation lasts a long time and at the same time she loses a large amount of blood, it is necessary to consult a doctor-gynecologist, as is likely, this indicates any disturbances in the sexual sphere.

    Sexual development and prevention of gynecological diseases in girlsIt should be remembered that the recently-establishedthe menstrual cycle is unstable, and it is easy to knock down: menstruation can not start on time due to climate change, due to stress, overwork and other reasons. This delay or, alternatively, delayed onset of menstruation does not prove any violations of reproductive function.

    Menstruating girls are not sexually active,It can be painful because of the hymen, which prevents normal blood output. Usually after the first sex tenderness monthly passes. However, with severe pain during menstruation is better to show a girl a gynecologist, who will be able to ascertain the cause of painful menstruation. Furthermore the hymen could be the reason and the immaturity of the body, and hormonal problems, and in the presence of inflammatory infectious process, and even in a fit of appendicitis. Determine the cause of pain, the gynecologist will appoint a suitable means for its relief.

    After the establishment of a regular menstrualCycle girl should be taught to conduct monthly calendar. This habit should stay with her for life, since such a calendar is needed, for example, when referring to a gynecologist, as well as when planning pregnancy.

    Equally unshakable habit should behygiene during menstruation: daily cleaning the warm water, non-bathing and swimming during menstruation. For the use of hygiene doctors still no consensus. Some believe that the tampons may be used even virgins, others argue that women tampons harmful. So just in case, especially during heavy menstruation, and especially in the first days of menstruation, the girl is better to use a lining.

    By 18 years of puberty asTypically finishes. Depending on the individual characteristics of the girls, some in this age group is already active are sexually active, and some do not show this increased interest in the field of life. But in any case, a girl 18 years - is no longer a teenager, and an adult woman, related to which of the parents should be appropriate.

    How to maintain women's health

    Talking about the preventive measures for the prevention of gynecological diseases, should, first of all, to recall the huge role of hygiene genitals girls.

    Before puberty the body girlsIt does not produce lactic acid bacteria to protect against infection vagina. Therefore, the only protection of the vagina is the right care for the girls genitals.

    Genitals girls need dailywash with clean warm water. Water can be boiled or add a string or infusion of chamomile. If there is a need for humidification genital slit, used sterilized in a water bath of olive oil or sunflower oil, baby cream, pre-heated in the palms, arnica ointment.

    While the girl is small, it is better to wash away with warmwater after every visit to the toilet, and when it starts to use toilet paper, to teach her to do it right: front to back to prevent bacteria entering the vagina.

    Needless to say, and that when my mother visits the genitals daughter, she herself should be freshly washed hands with clean close-cropped fingernails.

    Of course, compliance with the rules of hygiene - it isNot all. Very important are the conditions in which a girl grows. The girl's parents should monitor compliance with its regime of the day, alternation of work and rest, proper nutrition, physical activity.

    It should be remembered that over-intensivemental and physical stress, poor diet, long oppressed mental condition of the girls in connection with the inability to find a place in school, in society peers, conflicts in the family can be detrimental to the formation of her reproductive system.

    It is very dangerous for girls hypothermia, especially during the month - it is the main way to inflammation appendages, and cystitis. No less harmful to stay in wet panties or swimsuits.

    Negatively affect the reproductive system of all kinds of infectious and chronic diseases, especially chronic tonsillitis, sore throat, flu.

    And we must not forget that the visit to the gynecologist girl child - it's not an excessive precaution and a normal preventive measure necessary to protect the health of the child.

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