Women's disease - due to non-union labor


  • Outmunction of the uterus: the underage work
  • Need to take measures
  • For help - to surgeon
  • If the operation is not possible

  • Clear criteria for this disease does not exist. However, it is
    One of the most serious problems of gynecology. Outmunction of the uterus,
    The failure of the muscles of the pelvic bottom is not a disease. One
    gynecologist when examining will say a woman that there is a omission, another
    It will argue that everything is normal. And a woman lives itself, as before, nor
    what's not changing the usual rhythm of life, considering yourself healthy… And to the doctor
    comes when the disease does not live already give - when the omission goes into
    Loss, the functions of neighboring organs are disturbed. We are talking about this problem with the head of the Department of Reproduction ENZ RAMN,
    Dr. Medical Sciences by Elena Nikolaevna Andreva.

    Outmunction of the uterus: the underage work

    - It is believed that omission is a consequence of severe physical labor. As during the war, when young women, girls worked on heavy work - the trenches were digging, the land was plowed…

    - Undoubtedly, lifting weights and generally severe physical work for the health of a woman at any age is very harmful. It is especially dangerous for those who have already gone.

    - And they also say that childbirth is healing a woman, strengthen her forces…

    - This is true, if the pregnancy is normal and childbirth prosperity. But if the childbirth was heavy, and especially if there were complications after them, the relaxation of the pelvic bottom muscles may occur. This happens in cases of traumatic childbirth, with breaks, at the birth of a large fetus, at birth twins, when additional obstetric efforts are used during childbirth. Such kinds must be accompanied by sufficient correction of the muscles of the pelvic bottom (crotch sewing, cervix, vaginal walls).

    Need to take measures

    Women's disease - due to non-union labor- One doctor says - there is a omission, the other believes that everything is within normal. What to do - go to the third?

    - It is necessary to go to the doctor who specializes. No woman will not make a face suspender to a surgeon that operates internal organs. So here is the most real plastic surgery. Today medicine makes it possible to women «Refresh» not only face, but also improve the condition of the internal organs.

    40 and 50 is a blooming age for a woman! Children grew up to a pension far, it's time to live, so why a woman should feel flawed? In addition, the strengthening of the muscles of the pelvic bottom is not only the possibility of normal life, including a full sexual life, is also the prevention of many complications. When weakening the muscles of the pelvic bottom can form hernias of the bladder and intestines.

    - If all the same omit is, what measures can be taken by a woman?

    - The first and simplest - if, of course, the omit is small - it is necessary to do therapeutic physical education. It is worth trying to make sure that it will not be harm. To strengthen the pelvic bottom muscles, all exercises aimed at strengthening the abdominal press are useful, they train and the muscles of the bladder, crotch. There are special exercise complexes. But in this matter, the main thing is to do them regularly and not throw in a week. In some cases, this allows a woman to preserve health, stop the progression of the disease. If the situation is running, then the exercises will not save, operation is necessary.

    For help - to surgeon

    - What operation is done when omitting?

    - Plastic. All surgical interventions about falling out or omission of uterus are accompanied by an operation to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic bottom. The volume of the operation depends on the degree of loss, the causes of this, as well as the age of the patient.

    Young women who have omitting and falling out after difficult kinders are carried out operations with the conservation of the uterus, and today you can carry out such operations to carry out endoscopically. They can be done and women aged 35-40 years - strengthen the muscles, cervix. But if there is a complete diploma of the uterus, then a woman who has children, remove the uterus - without stripe cuts, vaginal access. At the same time, absolutely complete reconstruction of the muscles of the pelvic bottom. Woman «inside» It becomes like young.

    - And what is the indication to such an operation?

    - Availability of pronounced symptoms that interfere with a woman to live normally. The main symptom of omission of the front wall of the vagina - rapid urination. Often in such cases a woman comes first of all to the urologist, suspecting that it cystitis… And then begins to walk from one specialist to another while the gynecologist will not determine the true reason… In addition to the rapid urination, the woman is worried about the violation of defecation, in addition, sexual disorders often arise: the inferiority of sexual life due to pain, as a result, the libido is reduced, there is no orgasm. Yes, and man also feels that »Something woman is wrong».

    - How quickly progresses this disease - from omitting to loss?

    - Yes it can happen in one moment! And no one will tell when. Raised heavy bag, took the child's hands, fell, got sick and strongly cough… Everything in the body has a limit, because the elasticity of tissues is reduced over the years…

    - Is it true that only older women suffer omitting?

    - No, it's not so. Omission and even the fallout of the uterus may happen in young women. And at 18, and in 20 years. Hard childbirth, big fruit, rupture of the perineum, which was not very successful… And a young mother for all days with the child who will grow up and weighs no longer three kilograms, and go to the doctor at the very first signs of malaise, she simply does not have time. As a result, by the end of the breastfeeding period, a woman already has omission.

    In addition, the omission at any age can be a consequence of a gynecological operation if it was carried out without taking into account the state of the ligament apparatus and its strengthening.

    And with age to omit, chronic inflammatory processes can lead. By themselves age-related changes in the hormonal status of a woman - background for the omission of the uterus. The lack of estrogen affects the elasticity of the tissues, it is disturbed not only on the face with age, but in the whole body, including in the perineum. In addition, not even gynecological, but any disease that leads to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure (strong cough, bronchitis, which are particularly hard to carry smokers), but at a young age it may not affect the age of menopause, by fifty years, makes itself felt.

    If the operation is not possible

    - Are there any cases when the operation is impossible? What to do then?

    - Of course, this operation also has contraindications, like any surgical intervention. Usually do not operate older women - over 70 years old, besides, suffering from many serious diseases (hypertension, diabetes), who have undergone infarction, strokes. They are contraindicated anesthesia, and the operation itself is more dangerous than life without her. In these cases, vaginal pussy is recommended. These are rings from elastic materials that contribute to maintaining the uterus at a certain level. They are forced to use constantly. They have their own very significant drawbacks with which you have to put up: like any foreign body, these rings can cause irritation of fabrics, violating their trophic, erosion, etc. complications. In the presence of trophic ulcers and falling, oil tampons are used, which simultaneously create additional support for the uterus. Sometimes combine pussy and tampons. But, unfortunately, this is not a treatment method, it is from powerlessness to at least somehow ease life life…

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