Features fractional power

Most of us do not think about theirfood, especially when there is a dependence on work and study conditions, schedules and rules are not set by us. Supper is usually tight, at lunch eat irregularly, and sometimes did not have lunch. The consequences of such a diet are known, of course - is overweight, a health problem, and spoiled the mood on this background. Fortunately, nutritionists found

Description Power System

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Specificity of fractional power isto eat small amounts, but often. The fact that reducing the half portion, while increasing the number of receptions to 6 times, the hormone responsible for the sense of hunger will not disturb so much.

If your weakness - is the portion that is notfits in the palm, then it must be overcome by reducing the amount of food. This may be the usual half portion of third or even. cup size or capacity of the palm of your hand - this is the most amount of food that can be eaten at one time under the scheme fractional power.

Over time, the body will adapt to the newmode, thereby cease to starve and stock up with fat. Psychologically, you will also become easier because you'll know that after 3 hours to eat again.

Terms of fractional power

The main advantage of this system - decreasethe daily amount of calories consumed. If you have just started to suffer the method of fractional power, here are a few important rules to be aware of:

dietetics, split meals, food, nutrition

Such a diet has many positive features, however, there are also disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • the absence of hunger, and due to the fact that over time the body gets used to this system, and decreases appetite. There is a habit of eating small portions;
  • metabolism improves. It becomes faster, which means that you can lose weight faster. Excess weight goes slowly, but then does not come back again;
  • improved sleep, waking up too easily in the morning;
  • split meals promotes normal insulin production, so this supply system is useful in cases of suspected diabetes;
  • frequent meals in small portions are a good prevention of failures in the process of metabolism that often occur in the gastrointestinal tract is overloaded;
  • the absence of an imbalance of nutrients, as all is well absorbed.

Cons fractional power

As such, the obvious disadvantages of sucheating habits not, or rather, one main - a mismatch of modern life rhythm to schedule a meal. People who every day from morning to night work, it is difficult to comply with such a regime, not to mention the water regime.

To cope with such an inconvenience as possible to determine the list of products that may be appropriate in different circumstances.

If you decide to try out for yourself fractional power system, the start is on vacation. During this period, you do not hurt to get used to the new rhythm.

Sample menu for the program of fractional power

dietetics, split meals, food, nutrition

To start the process of losing weight, only one division of their daily menu on a few small servings will not be enough. It is important to selectively treat the quality of food consumed.

As with any diet, this diet involves restriction of such products:

  • high fat;
  • fried in oil, meat, potatoes;
  • products from the category of fast food;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces;
  • frozen foods;
  • smoked and fried food too;
  • flour and sweet;
  • soft drinks and juices.

In the morning you can eat carbohydrates: porridge, muesli, wholemeal bread sandwiches with cheese. If we add to an egg dish (or other protein product), then even longer, you will not feel hunger. The fact is that the processing of protein the body needs more time.

After two or three hours after the first breakfast cook omelets or eat a pack of cottage cheese.

At lunchtime soup cook yourself, and at lunch and dinner, enjoy fresh salad and fruit. Try to give preference to vegetables without starch.

Before going to bed drink kefir or yogurt.

It is to underline one of the main features of the fractional power - is the stabilization of blood glucose level. Because of this you feel that craving for sweets decreased.

Adhering to a fractional diet, do not forget to drink plain water, green tea without sugar or herbal infusions. Coffee recommended limit.

Tips for losing weight fractional power system

dietetics, split meals, food, nutrition

"Fractional" diet is so good, you do not need to limit yourself to food. On the contrary, there is a must, but in small portions. Weight loss is achieved with the following route:

  • the absence of overeating due to short pauses food;
  • stomach does not stretch and become smaller, so saturation occurs rapidly;
  • shorter intervals between meals, the less likely it would be delayed fat;
  • metabolic processes are accelerated, the body is cleaned, weight loss occurs, and the lost kilos do not come back again.

It is well-established metabolic and gastrointestinal good jobat a fractional power help cleanse the body. To accelerate this process, as well as further improve the body will help a special medical procedure - hydro.

In combination with a fractional power to lose weight quickly will help some exercise.

There are also certain difficultiesfaced by people who have to imagine the power of a fractional program. The main problem is precisely the division portions, because it is difficult to overcome the habit feels full "to dump". It is important to limit the amount of eaten portions and wait for the moment has not yet formed a new food habit.

MirSovetov recommended to eat slowly, wellchewing food. In this case, the end of the meal, the brain receives a signal about saturation and you just do not want to eat up his "big" portion. So you do not overload your digestive system and get more benefit from a new, healthy lifestyle.

This is the main advantage of the useful power of the fractional system.

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