Symptoms of acute inflammation of the appendages


Symptoms of acute inflammation of the appendagesTo carry the uterus uterine (fallopian)pipes that communicate directly with the cavity of the uterus, and ovaries, which lie in the abdominal cavity and in contact with funnel-shaped ends of the pipes. Inflammation of the appendages called salpingo or adnexitis. The infection can get into the appendages by ascending from the vagina and uterus or hematogenous (through the blood) of the foci of chronic inflammation or generalized viral infection. In course of the disease is an inflammation of appendages acute and chronic.

Acute process begins with inflammationthe inner layer of the fallopian tube, then it goes on all the layers of the wall (salpingitis), fallopian tube thickening, tenderness on examination. Following the fallopian tube inflammation inevitably shifts to the ovary, as to divide the process into two states by symptoms virtually impossible.

About acute salpingo say the following complaints:

  • pain without clear localization in the iliac and inguinal areas, often right, may resemble the pain of appendicitis;
  • pain severe and permanent, to give back, rectum;
  • general weakness, fever, headache and muscle pain;
  • nausea, bloating;
  • difficulty urinating.

A common complication is acute adnexitistransition of inflammation in the peritoneum and peritonitis development. With timely and proper treatment, the process ends in complete recovery, in the absence thereof - chronic.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation of the appendages

Symptoms of chronic inflammation of the appendagesThere are primary chronic salpingo,which begins gradually and proceeds without any bright signs, and secondary chronic salpingo being undertreated outcome of acute inflammation of the appendages.

Pain in chronic adnexitis - dull, aching,occur after supercooling intercourse before menstruation. They are accompanied by watery and whitish vaginal discharge. Symptoms include, and menstrual irregularities. Along the way, there are problems in sexual life (pain during intercourse, decreased libido, anorgasmia). Often the only sign of chronic adnexitis becomes infertility, indicating that long-term course of the disease. Although flattening symptoms, chronic inflammation dangerous their outcomes. It may be adhesions in the abdominal cavity, preventing the normal maturation of follicles and oocytes exit violating mobility tubes, ovarian sclerosis, fraught with reduction in the production of hormones, imperforate lumen of the fallopian tube, which leads to infertility and ectopic pregnancy. In place of the diseased appendages formed tubo-ovarian inflammatory conglomerate in which the purulent cavity (tubo-ovarian abscess) may occur. Such a condition requires surgery to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes with a sore hand.

Treatment and prevention of inflammation of appendages

The main preventive measure ismaintenance of immunity, namely the treatment of chronic infections, nutrition, healthy sleep, avoidance of hypothermia. Remember that sexually transmitted infections are often the cause of salpingoophoritis. Abortion, scraping the uterine cavity, setting the intrauterine device increase the risk of ascending infection, so patients should be particularly careful in the period after the intervention.

Treatment of uncomplicated adneksita -medication. Assign a course antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory agents. When calming the symptoms of inflammation of the appendages used physiotherapy treatments.

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