What is a training bout

While still in the womb, the child makes itselfknow various ways. Initially, this light perturbations in the stomach, then it is noticeable tremors in the later stages of the expectant mother can already see how the baby puts out the elbow or knee. Some women in the second half of pregnancy are experiencing another kind of sensation, called false contractions.

What is false labor pains and their causes

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our site tried to look into the matter andfound that a similar phenomenon in medicine is called "Braxton-Hicks" because after the English doctor who first described them in 1872. This process begins to take place in the body of the pregnant woman has a period of 1.5 months, but feel the first manifestation of the woman begins no earlier than 20 weeks. It is said that some of the ladies do not feel them at all.

There are certain factors that contribute to the appearance of the false contractions:

  • excessive physical activity of the expectant mother, and too strong fetal movements in the womb;
  • adverse mental states: stress, worry, anxiety;
  • rough sex, during which a woman experiences an orgasm bright;
  • lack of fluid in the body of the pregnant woman;
  • external physical impact, for example, pressing a hand to her stomach.

How come Braxton-Hicks

As stated above, this phenomenon occurs atquite early, however, the woman simply did not notice any physical discomfort. In the course of pregnancy training contractions become stronger and more and more manifest. Usually, they do not come in the evening before going to sleep, when the body is relaxed and relaxing after a day's worries. At such a time, lying in bed, the woman can catch rare and is not painful uterine contractions, which lasted less than a minute. There are times when training bout occur after exhausting exercise, such as long distance.

Differences Braxton-Hicks contractions from the usual

pregnancy false contractions, preparation for childbirth, the harbingers of labor, contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions training

If such a satellite pregnancy gives you discomfort, read some tips:

  1. Try not to provoke the attack of falsecontractions. It is not necessary to abuse physically demanding, less worry and worry. As for the sex life - here, too, need to be careful.
  2. If the pain came, try to get rid of them with the help of a leisurely walk.
  3. You can stand under the shower, only to watch, that the water was not too hot. Pleasant for the body warm jets help relieve muscle spasm.
  4. In the event that Braxton Hicks contractions occur during lying, change the position of the body. It so happens that the contractions of the uterus caused by a failure pose expectant mother.
  5. Try to go to the toilet and pee, maybe discomfort exacerbated by the fullness of the bladder.
  6. As mentioned earlier, lack of fluid can also trigger false contractions. Therefore, have a drink of warm tea, water or anything else.
  7. If you feel the tension of the uterus during physical activity, such as walking or cleaning, you should stop all actions, take a comfortable reclining position and relax.

In some cases, worry

pregnancy false contractions, preparation for childbirth, the harbingers of labor, contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions training

The nearer the time of labor, the more intense andcan become painful training bout and sensations begin to appear in the lower part of the pelvis. These symptoms indicate that after 2-4 weeks will the main event - the birth of the baby. If you transfer training bout is normal, then take them for granted and do not worry unnecessarily. We'll show the presence of what can be considered a manifestation of the reason for immediate treatment to the doctor:

  1. Do you feel that the uterus is tense for a long time - more than 3 minutes.
  2. Symptoms begin to appear regularly, ie. E. At least 4-5 times per hour.
  3. Feelings are not just uncomfortable or a little painful, and cause quite a lot of pain.
  4. Have you noticed that there were vaginal discharge. They may be completely transparent, and bloody.
  5. You feel pretty strong nagging pains in the lumbar region.

If none of the above you will notworried, then worry about. Note one more thing: to gain and increased frequency of false contractions in late pregnancy becomes quite difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Try to solve this problem by acquiring for themselves a special comfortable pillows and cushions.

Breathing exercises in false labor

pregnancy false contractions, preparation for childbirth, the harbingers of labor, contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions training

Training Braxton-Hicks - a great way to practice proper breathing, Which is taught at all future mothersprenatal courses. Some scientists believe that one of the functions of the described process is to ensure that the air flow to the placenta and fetus. A pregnant woman can improve the oxygen supply of the kid, doing simple breathing exercises. Knowing these techniques will not be superfluous and during delivery - the most challenging part of the pregnancy, when the proper breathing is considered to be one of the main conditions for successful delivery. So, here is a list of exercises:

  1. "Doggy breath" is a complexfrequent superficial breaths, made at a rapid pace. This process is called by analogy with the dog's breathing, which animals use to intense heat to cool. Begin to perform this exercise should be directly during the battle, but not more than 30 seconds, or you may get dizzy from the oxygen saturation of the brain.
  2. "Economical breathing" is performed as follows: at the beginning of the fight makes the woman very slow, deep breath, and then the same breath. When uterine spasm passed, the exercise is repeated again.
  3. Type of breathing "Candle" is a deep breath through the nose early in the fight, and then a short sharp exhalation.

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