Treatment vulvitis

Vulvitis gynecological practice callsinflammation of the external genitalia. This is an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition for a woman - Urinating movement and natural needs are accompanied by severe pain.

Most of all to vulvity prone elderly women and girls: the mucosa in the intimate zone is very vulnerable and sensitive to irritation.

What every woman should know

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If vulvitis inflammatory process is very extensive - it affects the area of ​​the clitoris, large and small labia, is localized in the vestibule, on the mucous membrane of the hymen.

Inflammation is initiated by representativesconditionally pathogenic flora: streptococcal and staphylococcal bacteria, yeast, E. coli. Less vulvitis provoked by the presence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas and chlamydia in the microflora of the mucous membrane. Sometimes the disease develops in the background TB or diphtheria. The most fertile ground for the growth and reproduction of bacteria - reducing local body's defenses and microcracks on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes.

Factors onset

vulva, gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health, treatment of vulvitis, genital organs

The acute form of the disease characterized by:

  • severe swelling, intense redness of the external genitalia, the presence of small ulcers and erosions that affect the groin folds and inner thighs;
  • unbearable itching and burning, pain, which intensified when urinating, touch or movement;
  • in some cases, enlarged lymph nodes in the groin, fever;
  • serous or purulent secretions ichor. In E. coli indicate watery yellowish-green leucorrhea with a bad smell for staph - thick, yellowish discharge, and candida manifest themselves "cheesy" belyami and bloom;
  • girls acute form of the disease causes increased nervousness and poor sleep.

If time does not pay due attention to the problem and to follow all the rules of the treatment is only partly, vulva becomes chronic with frequent exacerbations.

Chronic disease characterized by:

  • mild swelling;
  • soreness and mild redness only in some areas of the vulva;
  • mild burning sensation and itching;
  • minor secretions.

After a hard and long-term trendsdisease, genital structure may be slightly deformed, which significantly complicate sex life in the future. In girls, as a complication of the disease is sometimes observed fusion of the labia minora, the so-called adhesions.

Diagnosis of the disease

For assistance, contact a gynecologist. A doctor familiar with the peculiarities of the general medical history, listen to the complaints of the patient, examine the patient, assess the colposcopy data, examine the bacterial inoculation test results from the laboratory.

Treatment vulvitis

vulva, gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health, treatment of vulvitis, genital organs

During the treatment of the acute form of the disease is better for children to be in bed, and women should not have sexual contact, even if there is a significant improvement.

Antibacterial drugs are prescribed, given the type of pathogen and its susceptibility to a particular antibiotic. Since the majority of disease in girlscases provoked by representatives of conditionally pathogenic flora, antibiotics, they are shown in the form of creams and ointments. Vulva, developed as an allergic reaction to something, are treated with antihistamines.

Today pharmacotherapeutic practiceIt has an impressive arsenal of drugs in the form of tablets, ointments, suppositories to treat vulvitis different origin. The most commonly used: Polizhinaks, Meratin-combi, Mikozhinaks, Betadine, Ginalgin, Terzhinan, pimafukort, Ginezol, Gyno-Pevara.

Apart from the main combat vulvity treat associated diseases (tonsillitis, pyelonephritis), Undermining the body's defenses.

Very carefully during treatment should be locallyhandle external genitalia. You also need to use lotions and compresses, based on the solution furatsillina or herbal decoction. Assist calendula, series, chamomile, eucalyptus.

Treatment vulvitis - one of those occasions when a faithful ally for the official medicine became popular medicine. Here are some effective recipes:

  1. Sitz bath with a decoction of oak bark. At 2 liters of cold water add 2 tbsp. l. pharmacy oak bark and boil for 10 minutes over medium heat.
  2. Calendula has a marked anti-inflammatory effect. 1 tbsp. l. marigold pour cup of boiling water, cover and wait for half an hour. From the resulting drugs make compresses in the intimate area.
  3. Nettles will eliminate the burning and itching. Prepare infusion as well as by means of marigold flowers.
  4. Great healing power of juice has flowers acacia - they need to chew and swallow useful liquid.

Prevention vulvitis

vulva, gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health, treatment of vulvitis, genital organs

To avoid problems with the most delicatearea of ​​the female body, you need to react quickly to the slightest negative changes in the overall state of health, in a timely manner to deal with foci of chronic infectious inflammation.

Carefully observe the rules of personal hygiene should every self-respecting woman. The question of underwear is better to decide in favor of shorts made of cotton fabrics.

our site reminds parents of the girls, it is importantteach your child the basics of personal hygiene, because the inflammatory processes in the genital organs in childhood can become the basis for problems with conception and pregnancy in the future.

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