Preparation for the conception of a child

How does pregnancy begins? The naive question seems to be at first glance ... Naturally, with conception. The conception is the birth of a new life, thanks to the merging of the sperm and egg. It is the conception that is considered the beginning of pregnancy.

Preparation for the conception of a child, the conception of a child
How does pregnancy begins? The naive question seems to be at first glance ... Naturally, with conception. The conception is the birth of a new life, thanks to the merging of the sperm and egg. It is the conception that is considered the beginning of pregnancy. The period of preparation for conception is called pericchessic prophylaxis. With it, it creates the best conditions for the birth of a new life. But in order to give birth to a healthy child who will delight his parents, it is necessary to prepare for this responsible event of your life. And factors capable of overshadowing all the further life of your life and the life of your child, quite a lot. If the woman has postponed the birth of a child, studying studying, career, respectively, accumulating various diseases stimulated by the presence of bad habits, it is difficult to count on the birth of a healthy child.

And we still have to think about the health of the child only From the first week of pregnancy, And then after a few months. Prepare for conception is required long before the long-awaited event. It is very pleased with the fact that preparatory courses for future parents appear in our country. Here come a few months before conception and not only women, but also their husbands. In special occupations, future parents pass the theoretical course of preparation for conception, which includes various organism recovery programs.

How is conception, if expressed by the medical language? During the ejaculation, tens of millions of spermatozoa are sent towards egg cell. They are able to persist in the body of a woman more than a week, waiting for the egg to ripen. Then their merger passes, after which the fertilized egg is attached to the uterus and the formation of the fetus begins.

Health before conception

It is necessary to take care of the state of health a year before conception, but not to reduce yourself with exercise
At least a year before conception, a man and a woman needs to take care of the state of their health and pay special attention to the eradication of bad habits. If you still smoked, used alcoholic drinks, and even worse - tried narcotic substances, it's time to abandon all this. The first thing to do is to pass all the tests that will give a complete picture of your health status and will help identify hidden diseases and the presence of various infections in the body. You need to play sports, to spend more time in the fresh air, to visit the pool or swim in the summer period of time in open reservoirs in which bathing on sanitary standards is allowed.

Sport comes at all means that you have to exercise yourself with exercise to the seventh sweat, it is enough will be enough will be a daily easy jogging on the streets on which there are no cars and exhaust gases. If you comply with all these uncomplicated rules, there is a high probability to conceive and safely give birth to a healthy child.

Let your life for this period of your life become a true friend for your family, a friend who will help overcome difficulties and doubts, recognizes hidden problems that are not immediately noticeable to future parents. After all, the externally completely healthy people may have a painful gene that may entail the birth of a sick child. Very often, healthy parents are born a child with congenital defects and it becomes misfortune of all their lives. Especially needful to fear Those women, who gathered to give birth to a child after 35 years. The older the age of the future mother, the greater the likelihood of the birth of a sick child. It is not mandatory, but to consult such women with a doctor long before the conception of the desired child. And in the future be under the constant supervision of a gynecologist and genetics doctor.

The higher the level of human development, independently a woman or a man, the more attentive it refers to his health and health of his future child. Such women and men before the reasons for a new life are necessarily examined for various chronic diseases that do not always simply recognize without passing the appropriate analyzes. These diseases include such infections as ureaplasmosis and chlamydia. These diseases need to be cured before conception, and after the treatment is over, there must be some time for the body to recover and strengthen.

It is not necessary to think that the preparation for conception is the prerogative of care only about physical health, and spiritual equilibrium has great importance, because any stressful situation in life brings great damage to your body and can affect even without conceit. Stress is made from the body much more complicated than any infection, and its destructive ability to make an order of magnitude higher than any physical disease.

Food and sleep before conception

In the diet of women should include fresh fruits and vegetables
Of great importance is powerful power before conception. After all, from what vitamins and minerals receive a woman, the future of the child depends largely, it depends on how its organs will be formed and how the cardiovascular and nervous system will work in the future. Incorrect nutrition can not only undermine the health of the woman, but also to cause a miscarriage.

What is the full and proper nutrition? First of all, in the diet of women should include fresh fruits and vegetables, it is desirable to exclude fatty food, semi-finished products and various chemical seasonings. It is necessary to forget about various diets that can be one-sided and, helping to keep the figure of a woman, will harm her health. It is necessary to eat fully and not less than 4-5 times a day, paying for a welcoming time, not a snacking on the go and in Sukhinky. Drink fresh juices from vegetables and fruits, do not drink canned and acute food.

As for the day mode, it is necessary to know that at least a third of the day the woman should spend in a dream. It is necessary to make a night leisure most comfortable and calm. Before bedtime, it is necessary to walk in the fresh air, it is desirable not in those places where many cars, and where there are a lot of green plantings.

Myths about the calculation of sex baby before conception

Plan the sex of the child only with artificial fertilization
It is no secret that in most cases, parents, and especially future dads, want the first child to be a boy. And after the birth of the son dream of a daughter. That only do not come up with future parents to «calculate» The floor of the future child. Some sit on a special diet, which allegedly ensures the birth of a child of the required sex, others calculate the day of ovulation, performing sexual act before it or after the child's welcome sex. All these methods do not work at all, although those who promote them give a little bit of 100% guarantee.

In fact, the planning of the floor of the future child - the process is quite serious and has a scientific basis. Plan a child's floor and be 100% confident in the birth of a girl or a boy can be only in one single case - with artificial fertilization, when the sex of the child is laid in the test tube.

Many men sincerely think so far that the sex of the child is completely dependent on the woman. This is the most dormant delusion of all misconceptions. Science has long been proven that the sex of the child depends exclusively from the man, from that spermatozoa with which chromosome is fertilized by an egg.

Under all of the foregoing, our site will make a line. In order to give birth to a full-fledged and healthy child, it is necessary to decide in advance for yourself that for you more expensive - your former life, complete unhealthy addiction, or the health of the future person, which is now completely depends on your decision. We do not think that you can take an incorrect decision and cross your life and the future of your child.

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