Women's Health. What could be more expensive?


  • Note to women

  • Note to women

    Female body - a complex system in which toThroughout a woman's life are certain changes occur. Home from a physiological point of view, the function of women - is a reproduction - fertility.

    The first menstruation in girls appearat about age 12 - 15 years. With their appearance, begin to actively grow and mature external and internal sex organs under the influence of hormones secreted by the endocrine glands. The main endocrine gland is the pituitary gland located in the brain. At this age, the ovaries of young women begin to produce sex hormones - estrogens. Vaginal mucosa becomes folded, are beginning to appear in mucous discharge a small amount. When changing their color, texture, smell you need to see a gynecologist. In some women, the girls have chronic genital tract infections that are transmitted through everyday objects (towels, sheets, clothing, etc.). In the early stages of their easy cure for chronic - it is quite difficult! External and internal sex organs grow, reach the size corresponding to adulthood. The difference between the functioning of male and female reproductive systems after their formation are in the nature of the process: male reproductive system is constant in women as it is cyclical. The length of the menstrual cycle, women in the normal ranges from 21 to 35 days. Menstruation duration - from 3 to 7 days. Steady menstrual cycle suggests that she is ready to fulfill the reproductive function. To begin menstruating need a critical mass of the body (about 50 kilograms), and a certain percentage of body fat. Girls who are fond of a strict diet, risk their health, but rather the ability to have a healthy baby in the future. Menstruation usually painless or mildly painful. Pain can be caused by the general immaturity of the organism, the small size of the genitals, lack of hormonal, psychological characteristics, concomitant inflammatory process, strong muscle contractions of the uterus wall.

    Women's Health. What could be more expensive?
    With increased blood loss, and high nervousexercise, malnutrition, hypovitaminosis there is a gradual loss of iron. She may become pale, it may appear under-eye circles, marked weakness and fatigue. All these are signs of anemia, occasionally appearing in almost all women. In this case, you need to take a multivitamin with a high content of iron.

    Hygiene measures during menstruation is notdifferent from the hygiene procedures in ordinary days. The daily routine should not be changed. Before menstruation premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may occur in some women. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - a change in the psychophysical condition of the girl on the eve of menstruation. Generally, premenstrual syndrome involves a change in mood, irritability appearance.

    Menstruation - the main indicator of the reproductivewomen function. For the health care must be taken! She must keep a calendar of menstrual cycle, mark it especially menstruation, its duration, the profusion of blood loss. This subsequently helps calendars gynecologist diagnosed when handling. If you have problems with the reproductive function and the appearance of diseases, help a woman can only be a qualified gynecologist!

    Visit the gynecologist is necessary every six months for routine inspection.

    By 45 - 55 years, all women differently,comes the climax. But it could be sooner. Menopause - a slow decay of the menstrual function. For 1-2 years there is a slow cessation of menstruation. She begins to attack less and less, and one day comes to an end.

    The ability to continue to race, be healthykid enjoy his successes and small victories - this is the most precious thing a woman could give nature! For their health should be carefully monitored. Since ancient times, a woman who, for whatever reason, can not have offspring, not so attractive to men. Every man eventually wants to become a father. Many families break up because of infertility. And to this disaster did not touch you, it is best to visit the doctor once again!

    Republican Center of Human Reproduction and family planning. Phone number in Moscow (495) 942-51-54

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