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  • Gallstone disease is characterized by the presence ofgallbladder or biliary tract calculi (stones). Their occurrence depends on the stagnation of bile, infection, metabolic disorders, high cholesterol, obesity, etc. Since the main component of gallstones -.. Cholesterol, it is first necessary to deal with hypercholesterolemia, avoid overeating.

    Rules meal

    The diet consists of the following rules:

    • Reduce caloric diet from fat and carbohydrate (sugar, sweets, jams, etc.)
    • Weight loss has a beneficial effect on the course of gallstone disease.
    • Once a week to arrange fasting days (apple, watermelon, salad, cottage cheese, juice diet, a diet of dried fruits).
    • Limit the introduction of dietary cholesterol by avoiding foods rich in them (egg yolk, brain, liver, mutton and beef tallow fatty meats and fish, lard, butter, etc.).
    • Reduce blood cholesterolcontribute pectins, natural fiber, magnesium salt. Magnesium salts and rich in dietary fiber wheat bran, oats, buckwheat, vegetables, fruits. The increase in dietary fiber diet stimulates biliary excretion, increases the motor function of the gall bladder and colon, prevents constipation, and helps the absorption and excretion from the body of toxic substances produced during digestion. Regular consumption of dietary fiber is a means of preventing obesity and diabetes.
    • Limit bread, cereal meals, as theycontribute to a shift in the bile acid side reactions and loss of bile cholesterol. Oshchelachivanija promote bile alkaline mineral water "Borjomi", "Polyana Kvasova" and plant foods (vegetables, fruit).
    • The positive effect has the use of olive oil with salads, as well as products containing increased amounts of B vitamins, vitamins C, A (retinol), choline; methionine.
    • Consume sufficient liquid is needed to reduce the concentration of bile.

    The diet should be physiologically fullprotein content - 100 - g, a small restriction of fat - 80 - 85 g (30% of the plant) and overweight - reduced carbohydrate content up to 250 g; salt - 8 - 10 g, free liquid - 1,2 - 2,0 liters. Mass daily diet - no more than 3 kg. Avoid very cold and very hot food (food temperature - 15 ° C and above 62 ° C), large amounts of food intake.

    Cooking methods: decoction, baking, occasionally - quenching iripuskanie - for cooking of the products low-fat consistency, with a high moisture content (vegetables, fish); Cooking with subsequent roasting in the oven. Flour and saute the vegetables.

    Featured products


    • Vegetables: various vegetables raw, boiled and baked form; salads of raw vegetables and fruits; side dishes; non-acidic sauerkraut; bow after boiling; mashed green peas.
    • Snacks: fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil; fruit salads; vinaigrettes, caviar squash; jellied fish after boiling, soaked low-fat herring, gefilte fish, seafood salads (squid, seaweed, scallops, mussels), boiled fish and meat; doctoral, dairy, dietary sausage, lean ham.
    • Spice: parsley and dill, red pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla; white sauce with the addition of a small amount of sour cream without frying flour; dairy, vegetables, sweet fruit sauce. Flour not passaged.
    • Fruit: a variety of fruits and berries (except sour) - raw and dishes, lemon, black currant (if tolerated); jams, jam sweet ripe fruits and berries; dried fruit, fruit drinks, jelly, jelly, mousses.
    • Desserts and sweets: marmalade, non-chocolate candy, candy, jam, jam, sweet and ripe fruit, honey. Sugar is partly replaced xylitol (sorbitol). However, it should severely limit desserts. At normal body weight is recommended that no more than 50 - 60 g sugar per day, including the sugar contained in the confections. For older people, this rate is 30 - 50 g When tendency to corpulence eliminate sugar completely.
    • Beverages: tea, coffee with milk; fruit, berry and vegetable juices. Very useful to constantly consume vitamin decoctions and infusions of rose hips and bran. Wheat bran is very rich in B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, which is needed in this disease.
    • Broth bran. Bran grind on a coffee grinder, pour boiling water, boil for 10 minutes and infuse for several hours (up to days). Broth drain, introduce sugar or xylitol, sorbitol, lemon juice. Instead of sugar, you can add honey.

    For the normal functioning of the organsdigestion required natural dietary fiber. A lot of fiber in wheat bran, less - in Hercules, nuts, vegetables, fruits. The systematic use of these products - a good means of prevention and treatment of constipation, gallbladder disease, obesity, diabetes.

    Wheat bran can be used in bulkform or prepare meals from them. Preparation of wheat bran: 2 - 3 tablespoons of steamed boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. Divide into four portions and eat during the day, adding to soups, borscht, porridge or drinking water.

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