Urticaria: acute and chronic


  • Hives
  • Acute and chronic forms of urticaria

  • Hives

    Urticaria is called burning plants are not known
    accidentally. This is an allergic reaction, symptoms of which are inflammation of the skin
    in the form of blisters with severe itching.

    Urticaria usually affects only the skin, at least - mucous
    shell. Blisters hives look like specks towering above the skin,
    pinkish-red or white. After some time, these formations
    begin to merge together, forming strange shapes. For large outbreaks
    lesions may be violations of the gastrointestinal tract, vomiting,
    temperature increase. Hold the skin inflammation long - disappear
    in 2-3 hours.

    Urticaria: acute and chronic
    Urticaria - is a type of allergic reaction
    organism. Due to the increased permeability of vascular walls, which are caused by
    the influence of some kind of substance, there is a characteristic swelling of the skin.
    Cause similar reaction substances included on the skin from the outside, for example, bites
    insects), or it is a consequence of other factors - chemical,
    physical impact. urticaria often related to internal diseases
    organs: liver, kidney, gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction
    thyroid gland. Eruptions also
    It occurs due to violations of exchange
    substances, chronic infectious diseases, such as inflammation
    appendages (adnexitis).

    Most doctors are faced with is food intolerance
    certain foods - seafood, citrus, chocolate and berries. Hives
    rarely arises in physical contact with any material - wool, fur,
    by inhalation of household dust, pollen. There are cooling and heat
    urticaria, for example, by exposure to hot or cold water exit
    warm room on a cold street. Solar Urticaria - body reaction
    the sunlight, which is more common in women with impaired function
    liver. From solar urticaria suffer the open areas of the body, and there is
    this spring and summer. It is often said about the so-called nervous urticaria,
    accompanied by severe itching when in nervous excitement, stress, a person
    itchy, greatly damaging the skin.

    Severe urticaria - angioedema. Swelling of the skin enough
    big, captures the mucous membranes, affects the mouth, throat, eyelids,
    it becomes difficult to breathe, it may be swelling of the throat.

    Acute and chronic forms of urticaria

    Urticaria can occur both in acute form and flow
    chronic. Acute urticaria rash appears in a small area
    the body is usually not grasping the mucous membranes. The blisters and itching may disappear
    During the day without leaving traces. Chronic urticaria can torment from
    several weeks to several months. It occurs occasionally, it may be
    It caused by repeated attacks of even the slightest influence on the body. chronic
    called flash urticaria lasts more than 6 months. agonizing itching
    even hives foodborne leads to excessive nervous
    excitation constant discomfort, insomnia.

    If you notice such signs must be installed
    , the cause of urticaria further to avoid contact with possible
    allergen. Causes of chronic urticaria is not always possible to install. Often
    happens that rashes occur because the reception of certain substances
    food, but even at the termination of their reception is not always signs
    hives disappear. Stress, stress can induce the disease and prevent a full recovery.

    Acute urticaria usually responds well to eliminate a
    using laxatives, calcium gluconate, antihistamines
    drugs. When the disease because
    nerve disorders shows sedatives, diet with
    except for possible activation factors urticaria. In all cases it is possible
    use externally antipruritic ointments, creams.

    The new word in the treatment of urticaria - autolimfotsitoterapiya. This
    sixfold treatment method involves keeping the skin immune cells,
    are extracted from the patient's blood. Autolimfotsitoterapiya with allergic
    urticaria gives 98% effect.

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