Getting rid of mononucleosis or "herbal" medicine


  • A few words about infectious mononucleosis
  • Treatment of mononucleosis herbs

  • A few words about infectious mononucleosis

    Infectious mononucleosis (Synonyms: Filatov's disease, glandular fever monocytic angina Pfeiffer's disease, etc.) - is a disease caused by Epstein-Barr virus. Mononucleosis is characterized by fever, sore throat, enlarged liver and spleen.

    Source mononucleosis - a sick man. Transmission of the disease occurs through airborne droplets, but more often with saliva (eg kissing), the possibility of transmission by blood transfusion.

    Mononucleosis incubation period of 4 to 15 days(Usually about a week). Mononucleosis usually begins acutely. By the 2-4-th day of illness the fever reaches its highest manifestation. From the first days appear weakness, headache, pain in muscles and joints, a little later - the pain in the throat when swallowing. The body temperature of 38-40 ° C. Angina occurs in the first days of illness or joined later on the background of fever and other symptoms of the disease (5-7-day).

    Treatment of mononucleosis herbs

    Getting rid of mononucleosis or "herbal" medicineIn the treatment of mononucleosis for a speedy recovery, you can use a variety of medicinal plants. Effective following fees herbs that should be taken in equal parts:
    • clover flowers levzei root, birch buds, bumps alder, dandelion root, grass Saussure, herb wormwood;
    • grass succession, yarrow, chamomile flowers, calendula flowers, leaves mother and stepmother, Helichrysum flowers;
    • root or herb chicory, burdock root, elecampane root, grass edelweiss, laktuka grass, grass thistle, cornflower blossoms;
    • Rose hips, raspberry leaf, meadowsweet flowers, Bergenia root, leaf currant;
    • leaf fireweed, grass violet grass Chernogolovka, Scutellaria root, grass shizonepety, herb mint;
    • herb thyme, Marin root geranium herb, marshmallow root, shoots of wild rosemary, wintergreen grass, primrose root, grass thoroughwax;
    • leaf nettles, knotweed grass, herb mint, motherwort herb, herb oregano, yarrow;
    • Helichrysum flowers, nettle leaf, birch leaf, dandelion root, wormwood herb, grass succession;
    • chamomile flowers, calendula flowers, leaves mother and stepmother, elecampane root, marshmallow root, burdock root;
    • currant leaf, raspberry leaf, leaf fireweed, grass Chernogolovka, grass violet, peppermint grass, grass thoroughwax, nettle leaf.

    How to prepare herbal teas: Take any of the herbal, Peremel in a meat grinder or coffee grinder and otsypte two tablespoons of this mixture. It poured a liter of hot boiled water, put everything in a thermos (with herbs) and give it brew for the night. Take the infusion must be half an hour to 100-150 ml of food. "Medicine" can be sweetened with honey, jam or sugar. The course "herbal therapy" is 1.5 - 2 months.

    In the preparation of infusions for children, you mustaccount of their age. For a child under one year will require 1/2 - 1 teaspoon milled collection for children 1-3 years - 1 teaspoon for children 3-6 years old need to take 1 dessert spoon of collection, for older children (6-10 years) - 1 tablespoon spoon, and children from 10 years old - the same dose as adults, that is, 2 tablespoons spoon collection.

    To improve the effect of herbs, it is necessary to combine them with the medical treatment of mononucleosis and all medical prescriptions.

    Phytotherapy gives a positive result within 2-3 weeks after starting treatment, at the same time meaning the regular intake of herbs.

    As much as possible you need to gargle and brothsinfusions of herbs during treatment. In particular, it recommended plants such as sage, eucalyptus, calendula. It is also useful to make the rinse water-alcohol solution of propolis extract of garlic, rose water, do inhalations with oils of lemon, fir, eucalyptus.

    Keep in mind that each herb has a contraindication, so before cooking is highly necessary to study the properties of all the components of the collection, after reading about them in Travnik.

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