Prevention mononucleosis what doctors advise


  • Simple rules of prevention
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  • All of us are concerned about how to avoid the disease,how to prevent this scourge in our home and our loved ones. Here you will find a competent and useful advice of doctors, based on their many years of experience in medical practice.

    The focus is on preventionmononucleosis. Of course, the disease may appear suddenly, in spite of the heroic to follow all recommendations. But the execution of tips contained in this article, will bring surprises to a minimum.

    Simple rules of prevention

    Mononucleosis - an infection caused by a virusEpstein - Barr virus; it usually occurs in the weak form and extends for several weeks without any treatment. However pleasant it is small, because the symptoms include fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, malaise, headache and muscle pain, nausea and pain in the throat. Worst of all, the highest risk group - teenagers and young people - probably the least inclined to maintain bed rest is needed in this disease. Although in most cases the disease ends safely, severe complications of the central nervous system, lungs, liver, spleen, and others.

    Prevention Mononucleosis is very simple. That's what doctors recommend, especially teenagers.

     Prevention mononucleosis what doctors adviseNot Kiss. Nowhere in the world does not take place "antipotseluynye" campaign for the prevention of mononucleosis, and they are very helpful to. The exchange of saliva - the most effective way of transmitting the virus, so it causes the disease is often called or kissing. So it makes sense not to expose once again the lips.

    Do not eat or drink a stranger from a foreign dishes. It is unpleasant to think, but when you chew one treat for two with a carrier of the virus, there is a risk to swallow his saliva infectious. If someone is ill mononucleosis, it is best to avoid food and utensils.

    Think about the worst. Mononucleosis can hurt you more when you do not. Unclear? According to the symptoms it is very similar to strep throat, hepatitis, and even HIV infection. You can assume that you have mononucleosis, and especially do not worry, but in fact much more serious disease, and if not immediately begin the right treatment, get rid of it will be extremely difficult. " To this did not happen at the first appearance of symptoms confirm the diagnosis by a doctor.

    Avoid sudden movements. If mononucleosis spleen often increases, and there is a risk of its rupture. Therefore, you need as little as possible to strain it, even if the feeling is not bad. Take care of yourself until the doctor says that your spleen is fine. Avoid contact sports and heavy lifting.

    Hello, immunity

    We recover from mononucleosis produces strong immunity, and re-infection is extremely unlikely. It is unlikely that you get sick the second time mononucleosis. Since he already had, the body is protected.

    Moreover, you can get immunity, evenwithout knowing it. Almost all suffer from the disease and recover. In most cases, this occurs in infancy, when the symptoms are usually almost invisible. The kid just sore neck - that's the whole mononucleosis.

    Although the chances of acquired immunity are high,it is better not to risk it. In developed countries, the infection affects mainly adolescents and the elderly. In these age groups the most severe symptoms.

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