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  • The use of tears?
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  • It is clear that a healthy child will grow andwithout massage. On the other hand, if a developing organism is feasible to receive the load, it will have a more developed muscles, stronger bones, a trained cardiovascular system, nervous system is well balanced and the endocrine system.

    Previously, tune and adjust functiondigestive system. "Structure determines function" - say osteopaths. Therefore competent massage and gymnastics for children not interfere. But those kids who pediatrician, neurologist or orthopedist put some diagnosis, massage is more than others. With many problems early age, a good massage can help, sometimes even better than medication.

    But this raises the question of qualification of the masseur. As parents, the first time faced with a baby massage, to evaluate the work of the expert? How to understand that the procedure will be for the benefit of their child and there is no harm?

    The use of tears?

    Do massage is needed? There are the most affordable and the most important criterionevaluation of the masseur. It should not be "screaming" when the baby comes in a scream of pain and anxiety. Before you argue with that statement, take any book on baby massage. One of the contraindications for massage treatments or continue - this incessant cry of a child. No wonder about a good or a good pediatrician Children masseur say: "Kids love it!" And the kids love a man who loves them and treats them with respect. And certainly not gives them pain.

    I heard from a child with an extensive masseusepractitioners working in this field for two decades, the following sentence: "I am so tired of these children's screams," In response, I advised her not to hurt children. She was surprised, because there is a baby massage strange stereotype: if the therapist does not "sweat", it is likely that he faked. I assure you, there is no direct connection number of kilojoules spent masseur and benefits of the procedure.

    Mum of one little girl I recounted a dialogue with their friends. She was asked: "Well, you do massage?" "Yes" - corresponds to the girls mother. "Oret?" "No." "Then it's not a massage!"

    At the root of misconception.

    Unfortunately, I often hear from parents of kids that they have or have attempted to massage it on "'singing'" technique. How do you think that kid would say, if I could say, or what he would do if he could fend for themselves. It turns out that the child is doing "OK", Taking advantage of his helplessness. What is the result? When the baby cries, his muscles are not relaxed. If you stretch the muscle tension that inevitably arise mikronadryvy muscle fibers. Later on these areas will be scars.

    The osteopathy is one of the basic principles - isrespect for the body and its tissues. We will open you another osteopathic big secret: the thinner and softer impact, the stronger the effect. The fact that the body is protected and locked from any aggressive impact of any disrespectful invasion.

    This is quite natural, and bad when it is not. If the body is not protected, then he has broken. Accordingly, all the forces "screaming massage" designed to combat the organism, and therefore wasted. Only the gentle, competent point effects massage can bring the child benefit.

    Psychological trauma

    Brutal violence, which is "screaming massage" It affects not only the tissues, particularly hard it hurts the child's psyche. In the subconscious of the baby will be written in bold: "I am helpless, strangers can come with me and do what they want. Mom does not care about my cries for help or she is not able to help". It is unlikely that such a child, when he grows up, will tell their parents about their problems and ask them to help in any matter.

    Masseur should respect the identity of the child. Even in the womb of my mother the baby has its own temperament, its character, unique to his habits. Women, nurtured not the first pregnancy, the behavior of the baby in the stomach may say, for example: "The first was a philosopher, and this rascal!" Kids in my mother's tummy feel good my mothermood, experiencing with her stress, deal with her physical education (kids in athletes who continue employment, are born with well-developed muscles). Already in this period is the formation of personality. Violence against the person is inadmissible.

    The main component of baby massage - this is love. Without this component of what is called a massage - a fiction.

    Massage without tears

    • Do massage is needed?What should be done so that the child did not cry? It is necessary to take into account their interests. What did he ask you? Maybe he wants to eat, and maybe he had a stomach ache or headache? Have you tried to do fitness, when you have the stomach twists? Imagine you want to leave the gym and the instructor says to you: "We still work out, it's useful!" In the end, the baby may simply not beappropriate mood. First, you need to solve the most pressing problems of interest to the young patient, and then to engage in physical exercise and massage. Of course, this requires more effort, but in another way it is impossible.
    • At what age can and should do massage? Age restrictions for a massage there. What is important, as always, an individual approach. The impact can vary by tens of times, depending on age, gender, constitution (hypersthenics - normostenik - astenik), other individual characteristics, and, finally, the child being in the moment. The criterion of correctness - positive reaction to the baby.
    • How to choose the exercises? From the first days of life the gentle stroking of the head to the tips of the fingers and toes, as if to straighten out the body of a baby, bring a lot of benefits. Imagine what a powerful wave of nerve impulses go from the skin receptors sensitive centers of the brain. Let each of the millions of these pulses will be charged with love. This massage may well make Mom and Dad.

    There are many books on massage and physical educationfor children up to a year. Most of them overlap. Choose the one that more you like it. My wish: do not take formal lessons, go to them creatively. Do not insist on exercises that do not like a child, even if it is written that at this age, he should do it.

    Focus on what turns out better orcome up with a simplified version of the exercise, which is not. No need to strive to do for one lesson the whole complex of exercises. Take your favorite exercise to its logical conclusion, ie. E. To fatigue. The fact that he was tired, the child will tell you, or simply will no longer carry out this exercise.

    • Another important principle of baby massage: nedostaratsya better than to overdo it. For example, carrying out the recommendation of a neurologist, parents or insufficiently qualified massage therapist can be overzealous in dealing with hypertonic and loosen the muscles that hold the arch of the foot and ankle. Result - plano-valgus foot. Even in the quest for the ideal should be able to stop in time.
    • How to treat and dynamic gymnasticsbaby yoga? I am convinced that, as an adult is more suitable one sport or another suitable, and the kids can bring more benefits to some one kind of physical education and less to approach the other. For example, the dynamic exercises are not suitable for children with the increased flexibility of the connective tissue and joints giperlabilnostyu. At the same time it is well suited to young gymnasts with a high tone. Trust their kids only to trusted professionals and be careful with the self-employed. Do not do what is not fully assured. And those goals that want to achieve specialists baby yoga, it is possible to achieve humane and environmentally friendly means of osteopathy.
    • Do all children shown swimming? No. There are children who do not like to swim and dive. For starters, try to reduce the intensity and complexity of the activities, to add elements of the game. If does not help, and it may be worthwhile to engage in land sports.

    The most important thing to remember what it's all done. The worst case - when the exercise ventured to surprise friends and acquaintances. Sport should bring joy to all the participants to have fun in the process, and then the result will be a child's health - both physical and mental.

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