Application Karmolisis

In recent years, the most relevant and effective way to treat and prevent influenza and colds is stimulation of unmune protection units of the human body. Medicinal preparations of vegetable origin among medicines endowed with such properties. After all, they are most safe for both adults and children.

Today, our site will introduce its readers with drops for internal use called Carmolis, having an interesting composition. They are officially recommended by Rospotrebnadzor for the prevention of ARVI and influenza during periods of surge of these diseases. There is a carmolis and many other beneficial properties.

The story of the carmalis and its composition

Carmolis, Medicinal Grass, Immunity, Prevention of Diseases

Long history of the carmolis begins with the sixteenth century. It is connected with monks who managed to get a drug, helping to treat many diseases. Long ago on Mount Karmel settled monks, together with the Crusaders who came to the promised land. Over the cave they built a monastery. According to legends, Ilya Prophet once lived in those places. The monks of these began to call the carmelites (by the name of the mountain). The vegetation was wonderful and unique here. From the healing plants, Carmelites learned to produce essential oils, ten of which became the basis for creating «Carmole oil». In the nineteenth century, the recipe of a wonderful drug has spread and beyond the mountains of Karmel. Then essential oils were very widely used to treat. But in the twentieth century, many plant remedies were ousted by synthesized achievements of the chemical industry. It is gratifying that in our days, the phytopreparations seem to have a second life. Many vintage recipes are reborn. The recipe for carmelite monks is based on the creation of the drug Carmolis. It is produced in different forms: in the form of spray, lollipops, rubbing fluids. Today we will talk more about drops - transparent liquid having the smell of essential oils. Drop data from 80, 40 and 20 ml in bottle of dark glass are fusing. A special plastic dropper is installed in the bottle of the bottle.

Drops Carmolis are produced at the plants of Austria and Switzerland. Plants for production are grown in the territory of environmentally friendly mountain valleys on special plantations. At each stage of the production process, quality control is undergoing.

The active substances of the carmalis are levomentol (derived from peppermint) and «Carmole oil», Consisting of the following essential oils: carnation flowers, Chinese, two types of lavender, nutmeg, cytronella (Melissa), Salfa, Lemon, Anisa, Thyme Herbs. As auxiliary components, water purified and ethanol.

Natural means of the carmolis line began to be widely used in medical practice after a variety of clinical studies conducted in Europe and Russia. Outstanding doctors led the approbation of drugs in clinics.

Pharmacological properties

Carmolis, Medicinal Grass, Immunity, Prevention of Diseases

Indications to use may be:

  • AVI warning I Influenza;
  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract, one of the symptoms of which is cough or runny nose (chronic tonsillitis or pharyngitis, Jet lymphadenitis, vasomotor or subatrofic rhinitis);
  • nausea, flatulence, pain and gravity in the area of ​​the stomach;
  • rheumatism, arthralgia, neuritis of the sciatic nerve, Malgia;
  • irritability, feeling of internal stress, increased nervous excitability;
  • headache, Migraine, sleep disorders;
  • gingivitis, periodontitis (for coating rinsing);
  • With skin heaters caused by insect bite.

Are there any contraindications and side effects in the drug?

The manufacturer indicates the following states at which the carmolis is not recommended:

  1. Bronchospasm.
  2. Increased sensitivity to those components that are part of.
  3. Liver diseases, heavy liver or renal failure.
  4. Obstruction of biliary tract, cholecystitis.
  5. Ulcerative processes in the digestive tract.
  6. Heart failure.
  7. Epilepsy, alcoholism.
  8. Brain disease.
  9. CHMT (crank-brain injury).
  10. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Periods.
  11. Children's age (up to 18 years), this concerns reception inside, is associated with the presence of alcohol in the drug.

In some patients, medicine may cause allergic reactions.

How to apply drops Carmold?

Carmolis, Medicinal Grass, Immunity, Prevention of Diseases

Inside the medicine is used for 10-20 droplets, stirring them in a glass of warm water (or tea). You can drip the drug on a piece of sugar to five times a day.

To prevent influenza and the ages, drip at 10-20 drops into a glass of warm water and drink, do it twice a day. If already fell ill, then the number of receptions is four or five.

For inhalations take a liter of very hot water, crush there from 25 to 30 drops and after stirring breathe a healing ferry under a towel for a while. If you are enough 200 ml of inhalation solution, then drip in it up to 20 drops.

To prepare solutions for rinsing, take 100 ml of hot water and 10 droplets of the phytopreparation. At the beginning of the rinsing disease, repeat every two hours, then the number of procedures can be reduced.

If the patient shams a wet or dry cough, then you can use the medicine yet and externally. For this «Carmolis» apply to the chest area and inter-opaque area, thoroughly rub. Then these areas cover with a towel and lie down in bed.

If you want to calm down or eliminate nausea, gravity in the stomach, then take a glass of warm water, swell there from 10 to 20 drops, stir and drink. So you can do three or four times a day. Another option of admission - drip medicine on lump sugar.

With Ishias, Arthralgia, Lyumbago, Malgia, the drug can be triggered by the sections, and then the painful area is covered with a warming bandage or covered with a blanket.

Worried and delivers unpleasant feeling headache? Then rub the medicine in the forehead and temples area.

With skin itching after insect bites, it is enough to lubricate sore plots per day.

special instructions

If you rubbed patients with this tool, then after all the way well wash your hands.

Avoid getting a carmalis in the eyes so that they do not happen. If still the medicine fell into the eyes, they immediately rinse them with water.

The drug contains alcohol, so in the treatment of carmolis it is necessary to refrain the classes requiring a rapid response and increased attention (work with large moving mechanisms, production machines, car driving).

Remember that children instead of drops give lollipops.

MirSees recommends having in his home first aid kit Phytopreparat Carmolis. It can be useful in the period when the frequency of incidence of colds and flu is increasing. Yes, and with other diseases, he can help. And for children, carmolis is suitable in the form of lollipops with honey or vitamin C.

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