Kvartsevanie rooms and premises


  • The action of UV quartz lamp
  • Kvartsevanie rooms and non-residential premises

  • The action of UV quartz lamp

    Using ultraviolet germicidalRadiation is an effective preventive sanitary and epidemic control means to suppress the activity of microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. It is one of the means to ensure the reduction of the spread of infectious diseases, and complements the mandatory compliance with the sanitary rules and regulations on the production and maintenance of the premises.

    The antimicrobial effect of ultravioletradiation of a quartz lamp, is shown in photochemical lesions in the cell nucleus DNA of microorganisms that leads to the death of the microbial cell in the first or subsequent generations.

    When Kvartsevanie premises with particular careProtect from light quartz lamp eyes. Wear special protective glasses. Also, you can not touch the glass quartz tube lamps. If you still touched, the lamp should be wiped with an alcohol solution with a soft, lint-free cloth.

    Kvartsevanie rooms and non-residential premises

    Kvartsevanie rooms and premisesKvartsevanie dwelling is justified ifthe house is a large number of people or family members often suffer from colds. In such cases, the quartz lamp will secure a space for all the loved ones.

    The order room kvartsevaniya regulatedcertain rules. First, we should free up room on all living things, including flowers. When you turn on and turn off the lamps need to wear goggles and try as little as possible in the room.

    After turning on a quartz lamp is not recommendedleaving room for more than 30 minutes. After every 30 minutes of continuous operation, the irradiator must be turned off for 15 minutes to complete cooling of the lamp.

    When using quartz lamps have throughevery 30 minutes (plus 15 minutes break) to move the irradiator in different places of the room, to ensure the best disinfection. And in the case of quartz lamps powerful medium size room may be decontaminated at once.

    In continuous operation of the irradiator can be feltcharacteristic odor of ozone. Ozone, as well as ultraviolet light destroys bacteria. In this case, before you come back, it is recommended to ventilate the room.

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