The magic power of massage. Part 2


  • The shaking and vibration
  • Do no harm!
  • A good massage therapist - a ...
  • Yourself masseur

  • The shaking and vibration

    In this manner massage
    there is pressure on the muscles and nerves, which indirectly affects the whole
    body. Acting on muscle tissue, shaking excites her, and
    nerve tissue, on the contrary, inhibits, dulling sensitivity (therefore,
    often used in removing the inflammation of the sciatic nerve). So, wanting to
    reduce the excitability of a nerve, by making it go
    shaking shaking. The pulse of the patient at the same time slows down,
    increases the voltage of the walls of blood vessels, increases
    blood pressure. When you shake the chest increases capacity
    lung tissue. Technically, this technique is difficult to perform (it is important to be able to
    keep the rhythm), and use it only experienced masseurs. Concussion on
    pressure points called vibration. The rhythm of the vibrations often shake. because of
    strong impact on the body, this method of massage do not exceed 3

    Massage techniques with the help of vibration can be learned and himself,
    using a glass of water at the beginning of the table. With the right method
    vibration movement should come only the central pillar of water at
    wrong - ranging all the water from edge to edge. AT The magic power of massage. Part 2Lately
    reception masseurs vibrations can do with different mechanical
    devices. However, the more experienced massage therapist, the less likely it is these
    It uses instruments, believing that only through the hands of the power can be returned
    and the energy of a sick person.

    Do no harm!

    The first
    indications for massage are diseases of the musculoskeletal
    system. Remember the experience of circus actor Dikul, who brought back to life
    myself and many condemned and confined to bed Disabled. Massage
    It helps with many internal diseases, such as diseases of the
    gastrointestinal (excited peristatika), kidney
    (Tremors crushed stones), liver (vibration and shocks contribute
    the release of the gall bladder), heart (massage increases blood circulation,
    raises or lowers blood pressure).

    Massage helps with diseases
    nervous system. For athletes massage - the best dope! But there
    Contraindications. For example, it can not be done in many acute
    diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes, with suppuration, sepsis, blood clots,
    venous expansion of malignant tumors in febrile
    states, HIV infections, you have to be extremely careful about
    massage the elderly, blood vessels, which are not as flexible, and
    pregnant women.

    A good massage therapist - a ...

    It can be compared with the pianist. As a pianist, sensitively catch falsehood in
    keys, massage therapist through his hands "sees" everything in muscle pathology and
    bone tissues of the patient. This can be achieved only through practice. No
    theorist, even if he is an academic, not to do so competently and massage
    ably, as do his massage therapists with extensive experience. I remember making
    daily massages, at the final stage, I heard of a
    indignation masseuses - all down the drain! - I resented it,
    stroking my "collar zone." - Well, and what about you yesterday
    so nervous? The whole spine is "packed"! I'm as good a week
    broke up, cleaned, took power and here you are! ...

    masseuse to touch your body should give a false sense of
    softness and tenderness of their hands. Later, you should feel great
    muscular strength of these very hands. But choosing a specialist, should be
    remember that even the most experienced of them with years of hands and lose power, and
    flexibility and elasticity. Although in this case, it is better to give preference
    old masseuse, knowing anatomy than energetic, but still
    not quite competent to her colleague. Inexperienced masseuse even simple
    rubbing can cause dangerous penetration of bacteria in
    lymphatic vessels, not to mention how easy it is to transfer skin
    disease from one patient to another.

    And not indignant, if you
    We paid only 10-15 minutes instead of half an hour, as you would like. for topical
    massage is enough and 10 minutes for the general - for half an hour or even more. But
    massage to complete the program in the first session (especially if
    massages are done regularly, once a year or even rarer) - illiterate.

    Yourself masseur

    For mild ailments
    You can make yourself a massage. To do this, just need to know
    energy points on the body (Shiatsu School), which are associated with one or
    other internal organs.The magic power of massage. Part 2

    So, if you wake up in the morning and
    you have a headache (often the cause of a stagnation of venous blood)
    you need to call the influx of fresh blood. To do this several times
    to put pressure on the crown, on a point just above the frontal border
    hair growth. Then the thumb pad is easy to click on the point
    along the right carotid artery, descending from the lower jaw to the clavicle
    (Approximately four to five points) and also along the left artery. Repeat
    six or seven times.

    When back pain spread wide fingers
    hug her waist so that the thumbs were lying along the back
    lumbar vertebrae. Straighten your back, make a few
    (Ten to fifteen) presses the pads of your thumbs on these points.

    insomnia Napoleon gave good advice, which, as evidenced by
    story, slept only three hours. But it was enough for him
    energy recovery. "First of all, - he said - should be closed in
    brain all boxes with questions and problems of the past day and a fully
    disconnect. Secondly, waking up, immediately get up, and not vylezhivayas
    not stretching. "But supporters of shiatsu help yourself by Insomnia
    in the following way.

    Left thumb to press the top
    down at four points along the left carotid artery, right - along
    Right. Approximately three times on each side. Then three fingers
    slight pressure on points along the cervical vertebrae, down from top to bottom
    from the occipital region to the shoulder girdle. Then, stretching out his legs,
    maximum bend and straighten the toes, promoting
    blood circulation in the lower extremities. Repeat several times.

    massages and slimming. However, for greater efficiency, and to do
    they must be a specialist. But as shown by experiments, and the method shiatsu
    Classic massage is less effective than, for example, regular
    gymnastics. When local massage its value (destruction of fat
    cells) is negligible. These cells are very flexible and practically
    subject to destruction, as previously thought. Weight lost during a massage for the
    by boosting the metabolism, stimulate circulation, and more
    active detoxification, so the preference was given to the general
    massage, not just massage the abdomen and thighs.

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