According to the latest research results, massage helps heal
insomnia, strengthen the immune system, prevent premenstrual syndrome, and so
etc., and the like. Perhaps that is why many clinics have already included in the massage
list of standard therapeutic procedures.

Tip: No one may you
force to abandon the so-called massage that makes you a favorite
(A favorite), but it is necessary to find time for this, a professional massage. here is
just a few reasons why this should be done.

Goodbye pain!

No matter how trite it sounds, but
massage is particularly effective in the treatment of back pain and lower back. Scientists Health Center for Health Studies, in Seattle,
Washington, discovered that the effectiveness of massage is superior to other
wellness treatments such as manual therapy and andMassagegloukalyvanie.

The reason for this phenomenon remains unknown, but several studies
We have shown that massage reduces levels of stress hormones in the body -
cortisol, and increases good mood hormones - serotonin and
dopamine. These favorable changes had a positive effect on heart rate,
lower blood pressure and to block the pain receptors of the nervous system.
Massage also improves blood flow to the muscles, which contributes to their recovery
and maintain muscle tone.

"Moreover, massage reduces painful
sensation in migraine, clan battles, and even cancer, and blunts
the sensitivity of the organism in fibromyalgia, "- says Tiffany Field Candidate of Sciences, Director of Research
Institute of Touch Research Institute at the Medical Institute of Miami.

"Positive changes
after just a few sessions of massage saved almost the whole year ", -
adds PhD Partap Khalsa,
manualshchiku physician and medical director of the program of the National Center for Complementary and aliernativnoy Medicine (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine)
at the National
Institutes of Health (National Institutes of Health). This agency
It is engaged in the financing of major in the field of manual therapy research and

Hello, good night's sleep!

Fluctuations in several types
brainwaves cause relaxation or stress the body. According to the results
study conducted Touch Research Institute,
massage increases delta waves - waves that are responsible for a deep sound sleep. "Therefore
Many fall asleep on the massage table », - Field explains.

With the return, the intellect!

During the Touch Research Institute study on
examining the relationship between sleep and massage, also found that 15-minute massage
It helps to improve concentration and overall mental activity. "By
According to the patients, after the massage they felt an unusual burst of energy as
after jogging », - Field says. The analyzes also show that the activity of brain waves,
massage that stimulates, enhances brain power.

Here you cold!

Massage helps prevent
colds and infections, as it promotes the development in
body natural "killer cells", the first series of defense of the immune system.
"We know that cortisol destroys natural" killer cells », - Field says. - In this way,
since massage decreases cortisol levels, it strengthens the immune cells
system. " Massage strengthens the immune system, even in people with a weakened brand
immune system, such as in patients with breast cancer.

Go away, sorrow!

Lowering cortisol and
increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine mean reducing stress, anxiety
and depression. "We know that when the right side of the increased activity of the frontal
we share a brain depressed and anxious, and at the left side of the activity -
We feel a sense of causeless joy and happiness, - continued Field. - According to our
observed that massage reduces the activity of the right frontal lobe and
It increases the activity left. " Feeling good after a massage - one
of the reasons that many clinics offer patients undergo a course of massage,
nervous before an important operation, and cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy.

Fuck off, PMS!

A small study
24 being the strongest women with premenstrual syndrome showed that
Massage reduces PMS symptoms such as pain, swelling, frequent changes
mood. Combine massage with proven tools for treating PMS,
for example, fitness (tiles and dark chocolate).

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