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  • Treatment of heat (thermotherapy)Ever since ancient times people used the external heat to maintain their livelihoods.

    By learning to make fire, sitting in the primitive fire and wrapped in the skin of a mammoth, people quickly realized that the heat is health, and in many cases life itself!

    The healing properties of thermal effectscaused by processes of heat exchange and thermoregulation occurring in the human body. Exposure to heat or cold at different parts of the human body causes a reaction of the body. As a result of thermotherapy disappear or significantly reduced pain syndromes, normal secretory and motor functions of the organs, reduces the activity of inflammatory processes, improves trophic organs and tissues. The basis of the clinical effects of heat exposure is a normalizing effect of physical therapy on metabolism, redox processes, mobilization of the body's defenses.

    It is important to know that therapeutic possibilities of thermal effects are great, but, like every active method of influence on the body, it requires a qualified and cautious approach.

    It is important to remember that uncontrolled self with heat treatments can lead to serious complications in the course of the disease.

    methods thermotherapy

    Currently, there are many ways to get a thermal effect, which will positively affect the health and general well-being.

    Conventionally healing heat sources can be divided into two types, and the overall impact of the impact on certain areas of the body.

    Also heat sources differ in the range and depth of the thermal effects of warming.

    The sources of thermal effects on the whole body include:

    • Sun or its substitute, solarium
    • Warm baths and showers
    • The bath and sauna

    The most common sources of local effects of heat:

    • banks
    • Wraps
    • Water heaters
    • Electric radiators
    • Quartz lamps
    • Wet termokopressy
    • Dry bonding process

    Of course, each method has thermotherapyits advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will talk about one of the most popular, modern and effective methods of thermotherapy using a live heat dry termokopressov SOLEX®.

    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) the bonding SOLEX® the most efficient, affordable and safe method of thermotherapy

    Innovative product of the Moscow Company "DELTA-TERM" salt thermocompression SOLEX®, Appeared on the market for health products relatively recently and immediately gained the trust of consumers simplicity and ease of use, independent of external energy sources and reliability.

    The operation of the bonding SOLEX® heat is a catalytic reaction process specially prepared saline solution inside the termokopressa SOLEX®. This principle of operation is used in salt (salt, catalytic) warmers - predecessor thermocompression SOLEX®, Which for many years to help people, both in medical and domestic purposes.

    Reusable self-heating bonding process SOLEX® are sealed polymer bag,filled with saline. The salt solution has a specific density that allows startup to receive a predetermined warmer temperature in the range from + 51 ° C to 53 ° C. Start the process of self-heating bonding process SOLEX® just. It is enough to slightly bend the special stick-activator, floating in the saline inside the bonding SOLEX®. The solution crystallized inside the package, going from a liquid to a solid. The temperature of the bonding SOLEX® for 10-15 seconds, it is + 52 ± 1 ° C. the bonding SOLEX® It gives formed during crystallization heat and gradually cools down. cooling rate depends on the size of the bonding SOLEX® and conditions of the thermotherapy treatment.

    the bonding SOLEX® It can be used repeatedly. For the preparation of the bonding SOLEX® for reuse is necessary to translate the contents of the package from the solid to the liquid state. This is achieved by boiling in ordinary water for 10-15 minutes by placing the bonding SOLEX® a special cloth bag, which is included in the kit.

    Cycles launches and recoveries phase-change material is not limited. Experimentally validated 6,000 cycles launches and recoveries.

    The unique features of the bonding process SOLEX® They are:

    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) The spectrum of thermal radiation similar to the spectrum of human radiation. thermal radiation wavelength of the bonding SOLEX® - 15-20 microns. The length of the human thermal radiation is in the same range. This coincidence increases the therapeutic options warmers and allows us to consider the resulting heat is alive optimally beneficial for the human body.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) Long-term thermal effects. the bonding SOLEX® It retains heat for up to 4 hours, which allows for full physical therapy. The duration of heat exposure is dependent on the size of the bonding SOLEX® and ambient temperature, the larger the bonding and higher ambient temperature, the longer the thermal effect.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) Fast achieve a therapeutically significant temperature. the bonding SOLEX® begins to generate heat immediately after the activation process and after 10-15 seconds, the entire surface of the bonding process is heated to the optimum temperature of + 52 ° C
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) Absolute safety and gippoallergennost products. All materials used in the manufacture of the bonding SOLEX®They have permission to use as amedical not contain harmful to the environment and the body substances. Warmer package of manufacturing technology allows you to make the edges smooth and safe products.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) Comfortable texture surface of the product. To increase comfort when using the bonding SOLEX®, Specialists of the Company "DELTA-TERM" wasdeveloped a special texture of the outer surface of phase-change material of the package. Etched surface for tactile sensations reminiscent of the texture of human hands.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) Ergonomic shape warmers. The form of the bonding SOLEX® designed to fit the anatomical featuresthe body of adults and children that allows you to maximize the contact area and the warmer surface of the body. This enhances the therapeutic effect of the bonding SOLEX®.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) High reliability of the product. Production tests confirmed the high reliability and long service life of the bonding SOLEX®. More than 6,000 teplochasov or 250 days of continuous operation! 6000 launch and recovery cycles, or more than 8 years of twice-daily use!
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) The low cost of the resulting heat. Price warming gels, ointments and special devices for home physiotherapy compared with the cost of the bonding SOLEX® much higher. This ointments and gels tend to run out, and instruments and apparatus require a connection to a power source and is not always electrically safe. the bonding SOLEX® - Is the source of "eternal heat", which is always at hand!
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) The optimal range of the bonding SOLEX®, Comfortable size. The range includes 6 hot-water bottles of different sizes and shapes that allow to quickly find the size of products for optimal effects on the body, in both children and adults.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) The wide range of indications. the bonding SOLEX® can be used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, such as colds, flu, pneumonia, diseases of the spine and joints, conditions after injuries and operations.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) thermocompression SOLEX® clinically tested and have a clear medical indications. All indications for the bonding SOLEX® tested clinically. the bonding SOLEX® Health Ministry of Russia registered as medical devices.
    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy) The ability to use the bonding SOLEX®As a source of cold. the bonding SOLEX® for a long time can not only to store heat but also cold accumulating. It's enough to put the bonding SOLEX® in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes. This will allow the bonding SOLEX® as the package body at a cooling thermal shock, trauma, to prevent swelling and bleeding stops.

    the bonding SOLEX® - It is fast, reliable and effective method of thermotherapy many diseases and their prevention. Use the bonding SOLEX® house in the country, on the street and in the hospital, wherever you need instant live heat SOLEX®!

    Where to buy the bonding SOLEX®

    Get the bonding SOLEX® and many healthy products in the online store developer and producer, "Delta-Term", with the guarantee and delivery as well as from partner companies.

    Treatment of heat (thermotherapy)

    There are contraindications. Before applying for therapeutic purposes, consult with a specialist.

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