Treatment of lung emphysema

Oxygen is the most important «food» For human health. In order for the body to receive a sufficient amount of oxygen, the respiratory system should work without interruption. Broncho-pulmonary diseases are a serious obstacle to the full consumption of invaluable gas. One of these diseases - lung emphysema.

With this pathology, the Alveola is greatly expanded, as a result of which the pulmonary fabric acquires excessive airiness, and the walls of the Alveol themselves begin to collapse. From the disease most often suffer from representatives of strong sex - hardly 2 times more than women. In the risk group there are people aged 55 - 60 years with chronic lung diseases.

Causes of Lung Emphysema

Lung diseases, breathing, lungs, lung emphysema

Modern person is confronted daily with a number of factors, the action of which can turn into the development of emphysema of the lungs. We will specify the most obvious causes of the disease.

  1. Smoking. The systematic effects of tobacco smoke launches irreversible changes in Alveoloh. As soon as the patient was diagnosed with emphyms of the lungs, he needs to immediately refuse the harmful habit. As practice shows, this is a prerequisite in order to achieve visible improvement in well-being and stop destructive processes in lung tissue.
  2. Sometimes the cause of lung emphysema becomes disturbed by complex biological processes, one of which is the deficit of the substance of alpha-1-antitripsein. At the same time, smoking becomes the main provoking factor in the development of the disease.
  3. Bad ecology and dirty air.
  4. Frequent Colds. Inflammatory processes weaken local immunity, and the body is more difficult to resist the organism every time.
  5. Often, pathology meets in people who, because of their professional duties, are forced to regularly breathe air, contaminated dust particles, cement, harmful chemicals.

Symptomatic picture of the disease

Lung diseases, breathing, lungs, lung emphysema

The main steps to recovery are:

  1. Uncommitable smoking. This, besides, also the main preventive measure with a given disease.
  2. Respiratory gymnastics with which gas exchange processes in the lungs normalize gas exchange processes. The first positive results from classes are observed in 20 days.
  3. Reception of antibiotics. Use mainly drugs of the Anticholinergic Group (Atrovant, Berodal), Theophyllins (Theopic, Eufillin) and Beta-2 sympathomimetics (Salbutamol). Features and duration of the course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease. Most often for the effectiveness of the treatment of emphysema of the lungs, antibacterial drugs are taken in parallel with expectorant means.
  4. Aerionotherapy. The method is based on the patient inhalation of positively or negatively charged particles of atoms and gases molecules that are artificially created in aeronizers. The procedure has shown good results in the treatment of respiratory failure. Course treatment - 20 days.
  5. Exception of heavy physical exertion.
  6. The bulwery shape of the emphysema of the lungs is fixed mainly by the surgical operation (bullies cut out). Operational intervention is implemented by opening the chest (classic access) or a chest bunch (endoscopic method). Removal of pathological bubbles - effective prevention of the development of pneumothorax (a serious complication, in which gases or air accumulate in the pulmonary pleural region).

Folk Medicine in the Treatment of Disease

Lung diseases, breathing, lungs, lung emphysema

Our site believes that with all the severity of emphysema, the use of recipes of traditional medicine does not hurt, as the experience of centuries serves good supporting therapy in the complex treatment of pathology.

Vegetable remedies have proven well, which have an expectorant effect, block inflammatory processes in the pulmonary fabric, while improving its trophy (nutrition). What can be worn at home?

  1. Boil potatoes B «Mundire» and raise it with couples.
  2. 3 st. L. Flowers of sowing buckwheat filled 0.5 l of hard boiling water and insist for 2 hours in the thermos, after which it is strain. Drink an anti-inflammatory agent of 0.5 glasses 3-4 times a day.
  3. Create a mixture of 2 pieces of birch leaves, 1 pieces of juniper fruits and 1 part of the dandelion root. Brew 1 st. L. Gathering in 1 glasses of boiling water, let him break and strain. Drink a quarter of a glass in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening 1 hour after meals.
  4. 1 C. L. Potato flowers Pour 1 cup boiling water. The remedy must be insisted for 1-2 hours, then strain and take half an hour before the meal of 0.5 glasses 3 times a day. Course treatment - 1 month. This is effective «medicine» With a strong breath.
  5. Mix «approximately» Equal part of the root of nine, eucalyptus leaves, mint leaves and chasty grass. 1 Art. L. Gathering brew in 1 glass of boiling water, give the remedy for 30 - 40 minutes and straighten. Take a drink on a quarter cup after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tool helps to cope with shortness of breath.

Prevention of lung emphysema

Lung diseases, breathing, lungs, lung emphysema

To protect the most important organ of the respiratory system, try:

  • Forever get rid of tobacco dependence - resolutely refuse smoking;
  • If possible, adjust oneself from negative production factors or at least minimize their indulgent influence - protect your lungs from dust, poisonous acids and alkalis, products decomposition of bioorganic fuel;
  • In a timely manner, seek professional medical care for the disease of the respiratory system;
  • Do not neglect the annual diagnostic study of the chest organs (fluorography).

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