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    Manual medicine (chiropractic) - isscientific direction and scope of medical practice, which is a system of manual treatment techniques that can be used quite effectively to get rid of diseases of the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments, internal organs, bones of the skull, brain and spinal cord membranes and cranial nerves .

    this method of particular value is that it allows us to solve many of the problems that other medication or even surgical means can not be disinfected.

    Skin and subcutaneous myofascial manipulation - Used to eliminate abnormalchanges in the skin, subcutaneous fat layer, muscles, ligaments and fascia. Hands chiropractor, exploring the soft tissues show seals and bands due to sticking of tissue, and eliminate them. The result of manipulation seen the disappearance of local pain, restoring the symmetry of body parts, modulated posture.

    What is chiropracticArthro-vertebral manipulation. Another aim of manual therapy - restorationjoint function - requires a different technique of manual treatment. Chiropractor uses a soft manual therapy that recalls elements of massage, but the impact is a more intense and focused. All operations manual therapist agrees with the patient, therefore, possible to achieve the desired result without frightening jerks. If necessary, manual therapist uses traction and a more assertive techniques (punch, push traction).

    Results arthro-vertebral manipulation: recovery storage device, eliminating the compression of the nerve roots, eliminating muscle spasm, joint contractures.

    Craniosacral massage therapy. A separate area of ​​manual actionsis the head. Acting on the muscles and joints of the skull, a chiropractor improves blood flow not only in the superficial tissues, but also, thanks to the reflex connections in the brain. The result of cranio-sacral manipulation - the disappearance of headaches and dizziness, improve memory and thinking, reduction of elevated intracranial pressure.

    Visceral manipulation. Manual therapy is able to regulateheart and lungs, gall bladder and intestines, genital and urinary organs. Manual technique involves the diagnosis, whereby manual therapist defines the pathology of an organ for the local increase or decrease in muscle tone. Visceral manipulation is used in the omission of internal organs, adhesions, dyskinesia. The result of manual therapy is to restore the function of internal organs.

    When will manual therapy

    • Pathological changes of the spine. The experience and the "golden" hands of a chiropractor to help without surgery to treat herniated discs, low back pain, scoliosis, dorsopathies (sciatica, pain syndromes), persistent intercostal neuralgia.
    • Diseases of muscles and joints. Chiropractic helps with osteoarthritis, post-traumatic contracture (by limiting the mobility of the joint), Frozen shoulder (in inflammation of periarticular tissues)Get rid of the pain and spasms in the limbs.
    • Diseases of the central and peripheral nervoussystem. Chiropractic helps non-drug treatment of neuritis of the trigeminal nerve, headaches, dizziness, providing psychotherapeutic influence, it helps to relieve stress.
    • Diseases of internal organs(Gastrointestinal, endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, immune system). Chiropractor lymphostasis and eliminates venous congestion in okoloorgannyh spaces.
    • Injuries. Manual therapy - a unique method of recovery of the body after car accidents, domestic accidents and surgical interventions.

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