7 myths about painkillers


Sooner or later, everyone has to take painspecial preparations. Some they do not need one-time and long time course. How to decide to take painkillers or not? Do I need to run every time a doctor for trivial analginum? What is the probability of occurrence depending on painkillers, if taken without a prescription?

Myth 1. If I stopped to help the former dosing or discontinuation of the drug after me "smashing" I'm an addict.

Getting used to the substance is not characterized onlythese symptoms. Anyone can become insensitive to a certain dose of the drug or to meet with some degree of dependence, as well as coffee drinkers can not live without a morning cup of strong coffee. But this does not mean painful addiction.

What is addiction?

7 myths about painkillersMany people incorrectly use the term"Dependence", denoting their physical addiction to the substance. Western drug treatment adapted interpretation of the term for ordinary people, "Dependency - is a chronic disease that occurs due to compulsive drug use, harm, or causing dysfunction of any kind; in this case the person does not cease to use the substance despite recognize and obvious harm. "

Other doctors added that the drug causessubjugate most of his life: to spend time, effort, money and other resources to get a new dose. In other physical dependence symptoms. It can be as part of drug addiction and self-part of human behavior. But it is not an obsession to get a new batch of drugs and does not prevent a person to live normally.

If after stopping treatment you show signs of withdrawal, it does not mean that you are a drug addict. It's just a signal that you are too abruptly discontinued and you need a doctor's advice on how to give up the drug gently and painlessly.

Myth # 2: If you long to take pain medication, be sure to become addicted

Most patients discharged analgesic for a long time, do not occur with the dependence, while taking drugs according to the indicated dosage.

If you start taking them more often thanprescribed, or increase the dose to seek prescriptions for powerful drugs to different doctors without telling them that are already taking a drug alert: this behavior may indicate addiction. As mentioned before, you start to become a drug addict, if the "relationship" with the substance causes problems in life, but you continue to take it and do not seek help.

Identify dependence on painkillers easy. It is easier to diagnose a drug addiction when a person indulges in "club" drugs like marijuana or cocaine. If the loved one takes prescription medication, relieving pain, you probably will not ever know whether he really experiencing more severe pain than before, and whether the dosage of the former it does not help really really. Symptoms of severe pain and addiction are similar in part: in both cases, in the brain there is something that makes a person look for a new dose.

Of course, strong painkillers - drugs unsafe. That is why you should never take them without a prescription.

Myth 3. Since the majority does not acquire depending on the painkillers, I can take them calmly

Even if it is a banal Analgin oribuprofen, uncontrolled intake of painkillers, especially regular, highly undesirable. There is nothing wrong or shameful to get to the doctor and clarify any analgesic, in what dosage, how often you need to take for headaches, muscle or other "everyday" pain. The more that any substance in certain doses potentially fraught relationship.

Especially dangerous opioids, which can not be takenisolation. They can only be used in the complex therapy, which may include how certain medications, and psychological support.

Some doctors prescribing the drug, capablecause dependence, offer patients a trial period, to see the reaction of the organism. And just making sure security agents, the doctor will prescribe long-term treatment.

If you have been listening to friends and relatives that"Now it is very good analgesic," ask your doctor if you can take it. Unfortunately, more often than not only do we not seek medical opinion, but do not read the instructions and the more we do not pay attention to the contraindications in the paragraph "with caution ..." and on the list of side effects. Earning strange symptoms, we wonder where they came from, and go to the reception of the complaint, which is unlikely to hear the name of "safe" painkiller, which until recently we ate handfuls.

Myth 4: It is better to bear the pain than to take risks and take painkillers that can be addictive

7 myths about painkillersThe pain does not need to suffer. It does not just cause unnecessary suffering, but also inevitably affect the rest of your life, making you irritable person, which try to avoid the surrounding. Pain signals a fault and should cause you to go to the doctor.

Of course, the cause of the pain and the need to findeliminated. But while the diagnosis is carried out until the doctor picks up the treatment until the disease starts to leave, you need painkillers. Are you afraid of addiction? Tell the doctor about his fear. Some patients stop taking painkillers for fear of becoming addicted. However, the pain they
forced to endure, it can ruin lives stronger physical addiction to the drug.

You do not need extreme positions - as a panicdrugs, and neglect of recipes and guidelines for their reception. If you do not have medical education and you do not understand why you assigned it such a drug and it is in the dosage, trust specialist. And at the same time ask them to explain the mechanism of the active ingredient.

Myth 5. The most important task of anesthetic - to relieve pain

Pain relief is important, but it's not all that makes the painkiller.

When a doctor prescribes a pain medication, it seeks not only to drown the pain, but also to restore the patient's functionality. Functionality - a person's ability to be independent of disease and pain, to continue a normal life, to communicate and enjoy each day.

In other words, pain not simply removepain. They return to normal life. If taking pain does not change anything in the person's life, but to reduce the pain, this treatment is a strange and unlikely it is assigned a doctor. specialist task - to return the patient what he lost from the onset of the disease.

Myth 6. I am a strong man, and I will not be addicted to drugs

7 myths about painkillersDependence has no relation to the forcewill, it is not a moral category, when you decide what is good or bad, and choose what to do. Dependency - is a chronic disease, and some people are genetically disposed to it more than others.

The risk factor in the development of dependence -heredity. If your family has a history of alcoholism, drug addiction or a game, or you know yourself as a man carried away or quickly lose control, you need to be extremely careful with potent drugs.

It is a small number of people takingpainkillers, go to the pharmacy with a prescription, even if you are going to buy OTC drugs. We sincerely believe that if the drug can be bought freely, it is safe. But this is a mistake. There is no safe drug.

Myth 7. If I have a relationship develops, the doctor will prescribe me kontrlechenie

No doctor wants the patient appeareddrug dependence. Moreover, the physician may not be qualified to treat addiction. Unfortunately, the dependencies are only narrow specialists - psychotherapists and drug treatment.

Therefore it is not pinned to the doctor, who appointsYou analgesic, unrealistic expectations. Take your medications exactly according to the recipe. If you think that the drug stopped to help, do not increase the dose, and immediately go to the reception and talk about everything that bothers you.

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