As would be so thirsty, as if to drink ...


  • As would be so thirsty, as if to drink ...Hangover, along with a runny nose and spots, remains one of the most pressing issues and unresolved problems of medicine - because it concerns almost everyone.

    To head was in place

    So far, we have to resort to folk remedies. The main one is known not to drink. However, the known and the other wisdom: if evil can not be prevented, then you need to try to relax and have fun. So move on to the second tier of the struggle for a fresh morning should be attentive to the fact that the drink, the next day to head was in place. The most secure in this respect are considered vodka drinks and light lager beer. The latter seems to apply to beer produced "not here."

    White wine and gin are almost as good, butcause doubts of experts. Beer - both ordinary and dark, up to the "Guinness" - occupies the third line of the hit parade morning tormentors. On the fourth line - close company scotch / whiskey / brandy - drink related and equally causing heavy regret in the morning.

    prohibitive zone

    One way or another, all of the above can still beviewed with some measure of seriousness. Then begins the prohibitive zone, drinks from which we recommend not to abuse with all urgency. This rum and bourbon. At the level of bourbon passes line marking the eight (!) Times more terrible hangover than after, for example, gin. There are only two unmentioned hero riotous parties. And do not say that about these drinks is not the Ministry of Health has warned. So, it is: red wine and, finally, the dream of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch: port.

    The third tier front - morning. For advise to be careful how something funny during the New Year celebrations.

    Bovine eyes and lemon armpits

    hangover problem is common throughout the world. And every country has national methods for its solution. For example, in Singapore, said that the first vehicle - a herbal soup, boiled with a teaspoon of tincture of ginseng. In Inner Mongolia fought with a hangover more beautiful way: after a stormy night advised to drink a glass of juice with spices, which sailed pickled bull's eye.

    In fact, a means of combating a hangover offersand medicine. But they are all boring, not holidays. In Russia, the New Year continues more than one day. So offer to drink a lot of water to fight dehydration, possibly effective but not interested.

    But somebody Guy Nicholls, a copywriter by trade,from Wiltshire (Wiltshire), England believes that the best antidote - Grate the lemon halves armpits. Lemons should be thoroughly rubbed smooth movements in a clockwise direction, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, or smooth movements counter-clockwise, if you are in the South. In Wiltshire, maybe in the morning, and people will be able to understand what hemisphere is, but clearly does not apply to Russia this method. Therefore, we looked for the source of this method. According site, rubbing lemon invented in Puerto Rico, where it should make a smooth movement of the hands in the armpit, where you overturned glasses at night.

    However, folk remedies, usually notquite perfect. "I can not explain how it can work," - said Dr. Fred Freitag (Fred Freitag) from headache clinics in Chicago Diamond (Diamond Headache Clinic) told Associated Press. Sam Freitag advises toast with honey. In a lot of honey fructose, which boosts metabolism, which may alleviate the condition. However, in the morning all good and we can offer the means does not require somehow strained. You can do as the people of Haiti, where voodoo cult fans stuck 13 pins with black heads into the cork of the bottle, which, in their view, was superfluous yesterday.

    How to make a good morning?

    Let us return to a more accessible way. Coffee. Not worth it. Yes, coffee will wake you up, but you need it? To perceive suffering a clear mind - a dubious pleasure. Moreover, coffee - diuretic and outputs water from the body. After the liquid booze and so lacking.

    In many cultures, instead of specific advicethere are certain principles that should help make a good morning. The Italians are advised to have all white - rice, pasta, dairy products. And no tomatoes! They contain acid and only worsen the matter.

    Foreigners, as a special gimmick, note method, which in Russia is known to every child - brine. In the world it is considered that the effect of the brine ironic and inexplicable.

    Finally, remember that all the same for every pleasure will have to pay, including their health. Good luck and remember - as the New Year meet, so spend it.

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