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    Word of brineMeanwhile, actually facilitates brinethe state suffered from an excess of alcohol and its conversion products. Among these, some (e.g., acetaldehyde) greatly exceed alcohol toxicity. Excess alcohol dehydrates the body, violates the acid-alkaline balance in the blood decreases the level of potassium and magnesium ... and there is no need to describe the state of health of the sufferer ...

    "Of what, what does, what does ..."

    As the brine? We have made it salt - sodium ions help water retained in the body. Vegetables and fruits have enriched its potassium and magnesium ions, and the rapid penetration into the body alkaline compounds targeting just helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance. (By the way, the sour taste of the brine must not be confused: the famous hygienist K.S.Petrovsky stressed that "no matter how the taste sour fruits and vegetables, they still cause the orientation of alkaline food.")

    And that is not all. It is known that alcohol in our body breaks down a particular enzyme - alcohol dehydrogenase. Sufficiently high level of facilitates and accelerates the struggle with the consequences of immoderate meal. And it turns out, "inspire" the liver in the production of active enzyme helps the minimum amount of alcohol (there is something of homeopathy: "treating like with like" ...). And these tiny doses of the famous C2H5OH certainly present in the salt.

    "Another one asked for watermelon, other pickles"

    Some age-old recipes of pickles justformulated in a small amount of vodka - 100-150 g per 10 liters of brine cucumbers for preserving by this very elastic consistency for many months, and attractive color, as we can see, the specific medicinal properties! And well, if the brine is present in fructose - it increases the rate of oxidation of alcohol at the same time prevents the accumulation of ketone bodies that can cause cardiac complications. Most of fructose in watermelon, pome fruit and berries. So it will come in handy not only cucumber or cabbage pickle, and the liquid from under the salty watermelon or filling of pickled apples, especially if it is cooked with honey. Hence the "Another one asked for watermelon, other pickles" (IA Krylov).

    "Brush" of the last century

    All this was well known to many literarycharacters, and therefore - and the creators of popular books. "Here you see, Pyotr Andreyevich, what pogulivat. And the head of something heavy and eat something you do not want. Man drinking on what does not fit ... Drink-ka cucumber pickle with honey ... "- persuaded ward caring Savelich of" The Captain's Daughter. "

    Alexei Tolstoy in his "Chromesquire "recalls the same used for specific purposes" brush "- a mixture of cabbage, horseradish, grated radish and all the same cucumber brine. "Take the sum of meat dishes, not to mention an original dish called hangover. This dish consisted of cold cut into thin slices of lamb mixed with melkokroshennymi cucumber, cucumber pickle, vinegar and pepper. He ate a hangover. " Recipe 1880!

    And American David Outerbridge told aboutdrug from its own a bar in a small town distant Nebraska. They solve the problem by drinking a mixture of spirit polustakana sauerkraut juice, three teaspoons of olive oil and pepper, then a snack is a piece of smoked bacon ...

    Indeed, the brine - not only nationally, but also internationally recognized means!

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