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    Features national hangoverWhat is a hangover - no need to explain. In the words of Mikhail Zadornov, is a Russian national holiday, is celebrated in the morning. Only this holiday is usually sad - head breaks, the body refuses to obey, and the sounds and smells around irritate, oppress and drive in the gloom.

    How to behave during a hangover, and whetherhelp in this case, medicine - all this we talk to the narcologist, MD, PhD, chief physician of the clinic "AlkoMed" Nikolay Valerievich Cherednichenko.

    Hangover hangover discord

    - So, what is a hangover?

    - First of all I would say that there are twostate to be interconnected to share. Hangover in healthy people - a consequence of intoxication with ethyl alcohol and its breakdown products. The peculiar effects of excess alcohol in the body. Hangover at the same alcohol addicted people - a withdrawal syndrome, caused by lack of alcohol in the body.

    And then, and another state takes place is hard enough, but in the second case there is a pronounced need to improve their physical condition of alcohol intake.

    - What does the hangover in a healthy person?

    - The fact that the dose of alcohol, adopted the day before, exceeds all reasonable limits. However, the hangover is also a kind of alarm, especially when it happens regularly.

    Often repeated hangover indicatesthat man has no control over himself, in addition, to achieve the desired "condition" each time is required increasing dose. And this is a form of the disease symptoms are typical of the first stage of alcoholism.

    - What a hangover occurs in alcohol-dependent people?

    - Typically, patients do not stand up and takealcohol, pohmelyatsya. Formed a vicious circle: the hangover - opohmelenie - intoxication - a hangover. Often this ends carousel avidly. Pohmelyatsya people can sometimes months, especially during long holidays. It is a disease and it should be treated - output from the binge and get rid of alcohol addiction.


    How do you fight with a hangover? (Said 503 people)
    pohmelyatsya alcohol - 33%
    I try to sleep it off - 33%
    call doctor - 1%
    I drink all that is in the medicine cabinet - 5%
    being treated with brine - 2%
    I have my own secret recipe - 4%
    I do not have a hangover - 19%


    When not do without a doctor?

    - Can people on their own to overcome the hangover?

    - Healthy people - definitely. Unless, of course, these are isolated cases. They usually drink brine, take cold showers, sleep off - each has its own recipes. Some even take a small amount of alcohol - and it helps them.

    With the sick people more difficult. First of all, suffer from alcoholism often do not consider themselves sick and drink as healthy. A morning hangover condition explain the confluence of a number of circumstances - vodka singed, magnetic storm, little snacks, etc. Such people can not stop drinking on their own (with very few exceptions) and they need medical care.

    - In what other cases require medical attention?

    - Healthy people - in the event that allproven hangover measures have not helped. In addition, after 40 years, virtually every acquires bouquet of various chronic diseases - whether it's diabetes, coronary artery disease or hypertension. Hangover at the background of these diseases is fraught with very serious consequences - even death. In this case, the doctor will help completely unnecessary.

    Sick people need the help of experts inanyway. For them, the only way to get rid of the hangover - is to stop drinking. At the first stage of the disease it can be done with a minimum of medical exposure and very persistent effect, it is a pity that at this stage refers to us no more than 1% of patients.

    Unfortunately, people quickly overcomethe boundary between stage and beginning to celebrate the New Year, go to the binge for a week, and even on the whole of January. This is the more serious condition, and the treatment takes much longer.

    Brine is not a panacea

    - You talked about the recipes from a hangover. What can you advise?

    - In fact, any conventional recipes are notand there can not exist. Hangover - a very individual reaction and that helped one, the second with a sufficiently high degree of probability will not help. The same brine - yes, it contains magnesium and potassium salts, but he makes up for lost fluids. But it does not help everyone.

    The only thing to remember - whenhangover body is very sensitive to all kinds of external influences and stimuli. If it is possible - it is best to lie down. You must listen to your body - if you have an appetite, you can eat, no appetite - go hungry.

    Not long ago, British researchers examinedthe most popular recipes from a hangover, and came to the same conclusion that I have already announced - there really is not an effective means to overcome the hangover.

    - So what do you do?

    - It's very simple - do not get drunk to suchstate. And if such a situation is repeated, then it makes sense to seek help from a specialist. The sooner this is done, the greater the likelihood that developing alcohol dependence will be able to stop.

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